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  1. I'm not sure where things stand now. I know the CV dinner is running into problems. As of today, the FCA list hasn't reached 20, so I'd like to add myself and artquest.. If there are changes, maybe this info could be updated. Starting to get excited here!!
  2. I just realized that my roomie nicegurrrrl is not on the list. My fault....I was still heavily medicated when I signed up. Please add her to the list. Thanks.
  3. Well, my attendance at this whole weekend is literally on one wing and a prayer, but I'd love to come back here again. The food and company were great, so count me in!!
  4. Hello strangers!! merrieeee made a comment about a Clay picture I just posted at CV, and it made me realize I've been completely remiss in posting any of them over here. Life is a bit crazy at the moment. My DH is starting to get prepared for a 3rd deployment in Iraq. He has to leave ON Christmas Day. They sure know how to rub salt in the wound. Clay sort of dipped down just as I was taking this picture, so he was nearly out of the frame, but his expression was so gorgeous, I just had to "rescue" it. I'll try to do better about bringing pictures over here. Hope everyone is doing well!!
  5. FINALLY one of my pictures made it into the contest. I was starting to get a complex. I loved that picture from Houston and I've been asked for permission to use it for various projects more than all but one of the pictures I've taken. I swear I nearly dropped the camera when he looked at me like that. 2nd row self Not for stubble-haters I guess, but I had to give it some love. I'm sure it's destined for defeat, but thanks for including it.
  6. These pictures make me realize how truly lucky I am as a fan. That's because I was there when both these pictures were taken. He looked so absolutely gorgeous in that suit when he appeared on Leno. And the stubble was just killer. If you had used the picture where he sort of ran his finger OVER the stubble, I would have been a goner. Plus, he was SO CUTE in the interview discussing how he was forever defeated by twisty ties and how he "Thought I was gonna DAAAAAH" when he got sick in Europe. Thanks to my fabulous friend artquest we got a special backstage tour and to nibble in the green room (no Clay, alas) before the show. BUT........ I was also in Las Vegas for the Billboard Awards. This picture was taken on the Red Carpet, before some of the tackiness of the show itself that he later said he hated was revealed. He looked AMAZING in that trendy black not-a-tux that he was wearing....I mean AMAZING!!! He looked so happy being photographed with Kelly and his Mom. He was thrilled to be sitting next to Beyonce and have his picture taken with her. Ryan S. used Clay to open the show and he was SO CUTE!!! He was the first to leap to his feet to applaud when Sting gave his truly wonderful 5 words to live by speech (Music Is It's Own Reward)!! Lordy, we were so excited that night....we may have enjoyed it more than Clay did by the time the night was over, but he looked just luminescent in that black ensemble. self... So, tough as it is, I have to give #1 some love.
  7. My life is not my own these days. I sure miss you guys!! I have to give #2 some love. I was there at that AMA's and thought he looked just amazing. His hair was not quite as"vibrant" as it appears in this version of the picture. Lots of friends there with me that day, and it was so much fun.
  8. I'm definitely still in. Wow!! Look at all the names on the list!! How great to see old friends and meet new ones!! Thank you so much for persevering, Lori. Hey, I'm Irish, so it sounds good to me!!
  9. Is it night? Day? I have no idea. I am welded to my work computer and will never be able to break free. I have enough work for about a year (only it all needs to be done immediately). So today my boss strolls in and asks me if I have much to work on right now because he wants to put another couple of giant projects on my plate!!! HELP!!!! Someone get me out of here!!! This past weekend the CH decided to revisit the Pala cellcert. It was fun to follow-along in the thread, although my connection to their stream seems to be broken. They lifted their ban on image files for the evening, so I went to my files to post a couple of pictures. I had great seats at Pala and took 4 SD cards worth of pictures. So how many had I edited? About 8. I am deeply ashamed. So I edited this one in FCA's honor, because he's so darn CUTE!!!! My motto is....when things are a picture. It only took me 2 years to edit 9 pictures from that show. Maybe I should try to speed it up a little.
  10. justclay12 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I'm so glad I got to meet you in NY and share food and floor space!!! Have fun with your new toy. Here's a flower for your birthday!! And on that note, I'm off to bed. It's been an exhausting week!!!
  11. Well, I'm pretty sure this isn't it, but it vaguely fits the description, and he was so CUTE!!! LOVED that show in Ft. Myers. The last show added to the tour, and IMHO the most fun. Help!!!! Someone throw me a life preserver....I am DROWNING at work! I'm having too many days where I have to drop everything I'm working on to fix someone else's emergency. AAAACCCCCKKKKK!!! So frustrating!! My world has gone crazy!! When I dragged home from work on Tuesday night I had a message telling me how to pre-register for my hospital procedure the next morning. WTH?? WHAT hospital procedure? Naturally, no one was available to answer me until after I was supposed to have checked in Wednesday morning. They were quite nonchalant about it. Not only was I scheduled for 2 procedures that should have taken several days of preparation so I didn't bleed to death, I was supposed to have had a DIFFERENT procedure the week before. At a hospital that is not normally associated with my insurance, with a doctor I never heard of!!! Did my insurance sign off on this??? Who knows??? One would think they might want to.....oh maybe CALL me to set up these appointments or at least let me know about them ahead of time??? I'm still trying to get some answers. I need a mental health break.
  12. Ooooooooo.....IRELAND!!! So beautiful! I'd love to go back some day with my DH. He's never been. cha cha trusty, your pictures are beautiful!! And you got some sun!! I was there in October and saw a fair amount of fog and rain. And cold. It was very cold. But, so beautiful. I'll definitely check out your pictures. I, on the other hand will need to live to be at least 100 years old to finish editing all the pictures I've taken. I'll just keep sneaking them in here: Hmmm....I think I'm supposed to be working. Shhhhhhhh.
  13. I just stopped at home briefly to find my hooded jacket and socks. I'm going to the Greek Theatre tonight to see Prairie Home Companion ***waves at ldyj It should be a great show...the guests tonight are Martin Sheen (who loves to do the skits and has been there the last 3 years), k.d. lang & Sheryl Crow. I sure wish it was Clay, though. That was such a wonderful night. I'm leaving in a minute to take the Metro to meet my DH for the final leg of the drive. He'd never make it here and back in time. I have been so buried at work the last few weeks it's just not funny. I thought that today would be my first day "out from under", but noooooooooooooo. It looks like they are going to majorly revise the NIH protocol that we JUST started on Wednesday, which will mean major work for me. Plus, I checked on a study that seemed to be "stuck" in the approval pipeline. They told me that we may have to submit it to a different review board, which means I would have to start ALL OVER. Weeks and weeks of work down the drain. They had to hide all the sharp objects from me!!! So, I came home and edited another pic of Clay before looking for my shoes and socks. That made me feel much better. He's very purdy, and purdy is a very good thing. OK. I'm going to go have fun with my DH and try to forget about work until Monday!!
  14. Ah.....Red Bank, 2006. Clay couldn't even have the spotlights on when he was talking to the audience, but he was amazing. I mean, just amazing. And FUNNEEEEEE!!! And yummy....we can't ever forget that....very yummy: No, I have not finished cleaning out my bathroom cabinets. What would YOU choose to spend your time on???
  15. Oh Karen, thanks for the pictures!! The lighting at Red Bank was verra, verra nice. Wish I'd been a bit closer in 2006, and that venue didn't work for me in 2007. Want to go for 2009 Clay? I ate the best pizza I've ever had in my entire life in Red Bank. Yum. We're doing some home clean-up and repairs today and I just can't do it for long. I'm sneaking in to work on a picture now and then. You all are going to be seeing "new" Las Vegas pictures for a long, long time. Hope you can live with it. He was fighting some major "wonky eye" that night. I think that singing with his "new" not-quite-healed jaw may have been stressing him out just a little. He still looked pretty darn gorgeous to me!!