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  1. Hi everyone, sorry I haven't made it back since I wandered in and made a nuisance of myself, but I'm on the road (heading to Maine tomorrow night) and haven't been keeping up much. Then I checked in today and saw.....**drum roll**....the marquee of Joseph of Technicolor. And I said to myself, "Self, we are very happy about this role and his rapport with castmasts and the prestige of this theatre and the complimentary remarks from the director and everything like that but...but...but.... WHAT the HELL is that on the boy's head??!!?" But Self replied, "just roll with it, Karma, just roll with it." So I am.
  2. Hi H2o...we do, and we did! I wish everyone could attend, too. (FTR, I have been fortunate enough to attend about half of the Galas over the years. So I know how it feels to be home awaiting Clack, too.) I hate ticket stress, too. I was shaking by the time I finally got seats in my cart yesterday, especially after the pop ups and watching the ones I was trying for become "Unavailable"!. But really, after seeing pictures of the venue, I think all the seats will be great, it's such an intimate house @ 700. Took me a minute. (I can be slow that way.) But oh my. See you there (not sure if we've met before!) Congrats on your ticket! Funny thing, I've had this very same dream. *cue twilight zone music* It's a good dream. But I think I need to actually play the lottery. One more thing, for those going to the gala, I discovered this morning that the Courtyard by Marriot (a block and half away from the other Marriot) in Charlotte has double queen rooms (instead of double/double) and my AAA rate is cheaper than the NIP rate. The Courtyard may not be as fancy, but if you're a penny pincher, you might wanna check it out. Ok, that's my 2 posts for the year...heh. Thanks everyone for making me feel so warm and fuzzy. (Can I really use this many emoticons?)
  3. As luckiest said, I was referring to the ticket frenzy pop-ups. Thanks for the nice welcome (and also for mentioning the Maine luck..."elsewhere" no one could apparently read my special invisible ink <snerk>) I like posting where people actually talk to each other, what a novel concept!
  4. What she said! ^ (Edit, of course I'm at the top of the next page, cuz I tried to use an UP arrow...lol) Dang, what was with weird pop-ups and what not!? But yay for good balcony seats near the stage. **waves to everybody** I'm going to hang out here more often if that's ok.
  5. I'm there, too! **waves** I got nuttin' to come up, thank heavens Shineinnc was searching for us, too. We'll be on the other side of the room though...Orch Table 3! Yay for (semi) painless ticket sales.
  6. Can we crash the party again? (Figured it might be nice to ask first this time!) Will be only 3 of us this time...me, Mr. Karma and Shineinnc. Look forward to seeing everyone!
  7. Stepping out from behind the foliage to say I couldn't agree more with the first part (been thinking it all day!) ...and to the 2nd part (been thinking that for about 6 years.)
  8. I'm guilty of lurking here again, but I had to jump in and say that I FLOVE the banner. Kudos to the creatrix. (Yes, that's a word...now.) As I said, I've been lurking. So...Bits and pieces (hope you don't mind): Craziness is an art form. Some of the results are quite pleasing, others...well, not so much. But I've always been proud to be differently normal. Don't like the term "Claymate" (makes me think of bare breasts and bunny ears) but I totally get that others have embraced it or are indifferent or hate it more than I do. <Fake French Accent> Viva la difference! </FFA> I prefer celebrating Clay to bitching about him. Btw, merrieeee, pretty sure there's already a BACA (different name, same concept) but I think they're all private bitchers so the rest can't get in. Too bad. Thanks tribeca for the YouTube link. I love that video and it's been a long time since I watched it. Good times, good times. *waves to friends*
  9. I got an interesting perspective on this that hadn't occurred to me...from my DH. I just had him watch RHW tonight and without saying anything other than it was the last song of the evening and got an emotional response, I asked him to watch and then tell me what he thought. First thing he said was, that the performance was so real, so authentic. That you could tell it was motivated by something real for Clay, it was not about entertainment. (My DH is a sensitive dude.) Then when I started to suggest my guess at a reason Jaymes chose it, DH interrupted (rather enthusiastically) offering his perspective. He said that he thought that Clay was "flipping it" --that he was singing it not as the subject but the object, or in other words, that he was sorta singing it for us...from us --as though we were singing it to him. Sorta illustrating that he knows that's how those of us standing by him feel. That we're always right here, waiting for him. Truth be told, initially I didn't quite get this perspective, but the more I let it percolate, the more I kinda see it. I found it an interesting take from a male perspective in any case. (FTR, my hubby is a casual fan. Has only been to one concert -Asheville- but he does watch Clack, appreciates Clay's talent and his heart). Anyhow, just thought I'd share that in case it resonated with anyone. </karma trying to jump in again> *waves back to Cotton*
  10. Aw thanks guys, I was coming over here, really I was. I have to catch up now but just wanted quickly to say that I lurved spending time with FCAers and if no one minds (or even if ya do haha!) I think I'm gonna be over here a bit more. *waves and goes back to read recaps*
  11. That was quite the tale, I was exhausted just reading it! Glad things all worked out....except for the slight tilt. :thbighug-1: I got nuthin' left to say about that smart, hawt, smart, beautimonious, smart, funneeee, smart man on AYSTAFG tonight. It's all been said. I am so glad he changed the tag line, because there was no shame in when he quit given the circumstances, and to have to "embarrass himself" because he dropped out would have been so wrong! What he said was just perfect. Just like this night!
  12. Yes, muski, one and the same. :headbangerf: (FTR, some hysterical emoticons here-- I'm gonna have fun!) Thanks for the welcoming words, everyone. And now, just as I am looking around and settling in, DH is dragging me to MD for the weekend. Sooooo, I'll be back Sunday--don't miss me too much. Ooooo, I got my e-tix for Spam, spam, spam, spam today. Wooohooo! Uh oh, getting glared at now. Pfft. Bye!!!
  13. Oops, was I supposed to post here first? I'm always ass backwards. Hehe. Caro told me this board would be a good fit for me, so if you don't like me, you know who to blame! Welcome to the boards, ausdon! While I'm just joining here too, I know a lot of these folks in real life, and they're class acts...(and a little crazy!) --all in all good peoples. Now that you've delurked, hope you have a blast! (That was better than talking about me, I think.) :F_05BL17blowkiss: P.S. How come I'm the only one that has that extra info under my avatar? The Boardname, Home board stuff...I don't wanna stand out! (much)
  14. **sneaks in..looks around furtively** A little birdie told me that this was where lots of groovy people were hanging out. **waves to Caro** Turns out it's true! Who knew? (Apparently not me!) Hi everyone, I'll try not to annoy y'all too much. Psssst! <small voice>Clay answered meeeeeee tooooo! </sv> Oh, and this? LOVE this. Bwah! **sneaks out again**