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  1. Just wanted to stop in and say hello to everyone. I too loved Clay's performance. We are a lucky group to have him. I got my Vote in as soon as I read Clay's blog request. Hopefully it helps. Thanks for the dropdeadgorgeous pics.
  2. This picture just takes my breath away. It's sooooooooooo the Clay I love.
  3. Thanks. I hope everyone gives it a hit. I am hoping Clay gets lots of Canadian attention so they will want him back again and then again.
  4. I don't remember the trim on the Thanksgiving Day Parade Coat, nor the NYC coat. this is maybe a new one? I could be wrong though. Where the heck is he that he would need to wear such a coat?? He is so cute ,though. eta: and did he get his hair darkened and cut? muskifest, I love your avi!
  5. :twinklewhore: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Ummm, there are a few more of us coming than just them, you know! See ya there. Hope you all have a great time!
  7. Great pics bottlecap. I like the little guy's attitude! :thbighug-1: Yes I am getting excited about the Gala! Actually, nervous about grabbing a ticket! Will probably be harder to come by this time, but we will see! If I do not get a gala ticket, I will go grab a new monitor for sure as if I am stuck home I will need to see Clay clearly. . And you are right, draging this prehistoric huge one I have here to the techno dump will be a pain. You people would laugh out loud if you saw the monitor I am using now. Of course the darn thing does work so it is hard to justify buying another one! (besides, I am too cheap)
  8. Many positive supportive thoughts for all of you in tackling caregiving and the extra responsibilities and stresses those roles bring with them. You are all so inspiring. I know I will soon have to face some of the same things with my mother but am not sure I can fulfill them as well as you people. God Bless! (and of course when my time comes to be "cared" for - I will probably be the patient from hell!) Good for you! Have been thinking eventually I will have to bite the bullet and invest in one too. Glad you like it.
  9. Love it! Wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!! Clay is so right! We in democratic countries should be counting our blessings often. Hope things are well with him and family.
  10. Hi everyone. Well I can see I have missed a lot today so thought I'd run over here - as I imagine you people were a tad calmer to be around today - so I'll go back and read your posts and catch up. I just read Clay's blog laughing at how much his opinion matters. Yes, he is so influential. I just gotta love him. I was laughing this morning about how he managed to steal all the buzz. He must have caused quite a ruckus if he is blogging about it already.
  11. I'd like to ask Clay question but will ask it here instead. What the heck does he shove into those pants pockets?!?! goodness, always looks like he is carrying half his possessions in there.
  12. Wanted to stop in before church and visiting to wish everyone A VERY BLESSED AND HAPPY EASTER TO ALL!!
  13. gbmifam - CONGRATS ! ! ! on your new arrival. A sweet, strapping baby boy. How wonderful. Enjoy every minute.