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  1. Wow, I was just coincidentally watching all the sharknado movies before hearing the news, heck i'm watching a sharknado movie now. I was wondering about the cameos in the 5th movie and it turns out clay was gonna be one of them. I sorta can't wait to see it now! I sorta like this board now and it would be my home board right now. I was searching for a home board for yes, prob since 2005 and i now found it.
  2. I am so sorry about this. Update on the tour special upload, I prob won't be able to do it (upload the file) now. Since my internet upload speed is a huge pain as it turns out and the internet keeps going on and off. I miss my old home when the internet was pretty speedy. The file is annoyingly huge and it's making me so frustrated as heck. I'll try to do it when i have time, I'm so busy writing and illustrating a lot of stuff lately. I'll share the illustrations when i make them which would be a while since i'm a slow writer. ------- As for kathy griffith, not a fan of her, will never be a fan of her at all. She just fricken annoys me a lot. I agree with some of ya'll comments that it was crappy.
  3. I'm actually trying to upload the tour special, should i upload the full special or just the clay parts of the special? Cause I can edit it.
  4. I think it is a vault only thing as of now, There used to be public download sites (there's where i got the special from) in 2006/2007 but they all closed down, and if i can recall correctly only the Raleigh homecoming is on you tube. I'd upload the full thing on yt, but the account that I use for clay aiken stuff (mostly montages) is inaccessible due to me not migrating the account to google nearly 7 years ago, basically locking me out. Thanks! I feel creative again, after i stopped drawing and painting for years, I restarted it and it kinda feels good.
  5. That's actually the parts that I sorta have a positive opinion on mostly due to how iconic and well know they are. Infact many of the clay segments were my favorite parts of the show. Have a nice vacation! Sorry for posting to much! I'm just need some people to talk too.
  6. This so much! And yeah i sorta wish i was a editor of the special i could have done a better job with editing clips (since there were a lot a missplaced footage and scattared footage) and you are right about idol manufacturing drama a lot. That's pretty much the truth about idol especially in later seasons where people who had a recording career or contracts were auditioning left and right and even making it to the top 10. I think that when i knew the magic was gone.
  7. Watching the American idol 2 tour special on my old decade old computer. Now i understood why the fan segments were hated. There's just so much that could have been done. They could have showed clay's BAF founding in Raleigh, the behind the scenes of clay's TITN music video, more of rube's visit to b'ham and a few other idol related stuff. The fan segments (I sorta liked them at first as a teen cause i thought they were cute) sorta actually dragged it down a bit. In fact there is a lot of Clay stuff that could have been shown instead of the fan segments. And also rewatching it also made me miss rickey a lot. ETA: that scene with the teen claymate and ruben fan fighting should have been left on the cutting room floor, unnecessary as heck to include that scene. Very unnecessary, it contributed nothing but to cause mess.
  8. That awkward time that I whined about people not accepting fanfiction, and then I suddenly started to grow a huge dislike for Real People fanfictions around 2010. Getting older makes me thinks things a bit. My pet peeves are fanfics that exaggerate clay's southern accent. It's sorta annoying to read "muh, Aum" and other phrases all over.
  9. Hey Just dropping by to say hello. I'm 25 years old now and doing a bit better than i was a few years ago. Anyway I just wanted to drop by.
  10. Just checking in with everybody. I hate RL sometimes, makes me so busy these days. Update on me is that I turned 22 last Sunday and got a new camera phone as a gift. *I hope i did not break the rules with this post*
  11. http://books.google.com/books?id=TSUEAAAAMBAJ&pg=PT45&dq=clay+aiken&as_brr=1&ei=5NubS-W6LpH2NI_9rccH&cd=11#v=onepage&q=clay%20aiken&f=false I just wanted to show this cute vintage article from 2005. I wish I had thier shirts. It's about 3 fangirls. Google books is my fave place. I found so many old and rare photos of Other performers (the old school ones because not that many photos of clay are rare due to the internet age) and articles that i thought were lost in time.
  12. Thanks, I wish I could go to the concert but my parents said no to me. Better luck next time. And everyone who can go enjoy. And about the no Clack, there would already be some considering that It would air at some point. So i can wait for the show.
  13. He was blond, I think I read it somewhere that he was blond.
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