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  1. Thank you everyone! Joining weight watchers was the best decision I've ever made..I'm actually more used to my phone so I can probably Make it back here more often now
  2. hello FCA! I dont get to hop in here very often anymore..I dont have a computer so I focus on one clay website and stick there... so im gonna update myself, if your on cv sorry for the repeat I lost 21 lbs on WW as of this week, I had my first date last Saturday night which I totally set up to high standards for and ended up letdown..im in my own apartment, have a brand new niece born last month and one due in august I think thats all...hey I can catch up on this thread...only 6 pages off to read!
  3. hi guys! I havent been here in awhile i dont think, I dont remember..the reason is IVE MOVED! (if you arent on cv..if you are on cv I apologize that you have to read about it again lol)up the road about 10 minutes from my parents I got my own little studio apartment...my very first time being all by myself, It is small..but its mine, it has a couch, loveseat, coffee table, bed...tv all came furnished so I didnt have to bring anything except my stuff....I have a fireplace that Im not very good at using, but have been doing ok so far, no kitchen, but it has a hot plate, microwave, toaster, and wok which I better not use lest I burn the place down....its small, but its amazing how it looks like to seperate rooms without walls..the living room and the bedroom I mean, I am so happy and content, its wonderful having my own place..my own space..and Im 26 years old, it was time to not live with my parents anymore, sleeping on their couch was a big incentive to move...I hadnt planned to just because Im a private caregiver, and not contract so my job situation is iffy..I dont expect anything to happen to my lady, but you just never know..and the landlady I rent from (whose house it is) is very understanding..and just great! she's been very kind and helpful... clay looks fabulous! I dont have my computer yet, I use my blackberry but its to much of a chore to go all around...so I pretty much stay logged into cv.
  4. my favorite quotable movies are usually the silly movies..like Elf, I love quoting Elf lol its not deep, but it cracks me up hehe oh and this is my favorite from music and lyrics oh and from madagascar I dont have any deep quotes lol but I love movies!
  5. nope, I never worry about him...he has 100 percent of the information, I have maybe 15 percent of the information lol its needless to worry...people switch labels all the time, people take years off between projects, we have been really lucky that Clay has been pretty much doing something constantly, yeah he has taken a month or more here and there but he usually pops up somewhere (which is why I never get when people say he needs to not disapear...lots of people dissapear for much longer than clay ever has) people sell little one album...and a ton the next album..the music industry is so fickle and such a pattern of up's and down's..clay is smart, clay is sexy (I know that doesnt have anything to do with talent, but it seemed like it was supposed to come after Clay is smart lol) he is talented and he is good..and he will be fine, more than fine...in the time of a downward spiral in the recording industry Clay has so much he can fall back on, I used to worry that he would go away and I would lose not just him, but all this..and I no longer worry about that...once i gave up that worry and angst my fandom was so much more fun! did I mention Im getting a car?! a very used very old car, but mine nonetheless Im very excited! car to me means independence
  6. thanks...I was pm'd at the OFC to start the thread apparently because of my kind heart..and the huge amount of time I have on my hands lol but I have been helped out so much in the clay fandom, that its my turn to help someone else...Im going to do what I can and try to buy a little extra of anything when I can so I can help someone who needs it...now that I have a job I wanna help
  7. books! I love books..my and fromclaygary are book buddies lol she gives me suggestions of stuff to read anyone else is welcome to do so... currently Im reading the janet evanovich stephanie plumb books..I think im the last person in the world to read them lol very good..but im not obsessed with them like my mom and sister..yeesh! havent been able to bring myself to download books, or listen to them on tape..something special about holding a book in my hand and turning the pages.
  8. I read that one to, but that person hasnt been a fan for awhile....since before September as far as i know, so I have no idea why such people rejoin...makes no sense whatsoever to me.
  9. Wow, considering that you just started a new job, I feel honored that you even found the time to notice! Thanks! And congratulations on the new beginning for you! haha Im such a baby..I got up at 7 every morning, and this job isnt difficult but for some reason I am so tired...can barely keep my eyes open, I dont understand why.
  10. Oh, this is great--I take it you are home in Oregon. Is this a live-in situation? yes I got home on Saturday afternoon..my phone got stolen on the train and I had to get another one, so I didnt have contact with anyone for the 15 hours on the train, which is fine probably for most people but Im an addicted texter so it was difficult...I started shaking then I interviewed on Monday and started today. its taking care of only one person...not live in, I wont do live in again it was to hard for me to seperate work from home..being a person unable to say no too...it was hard for me..but Im home with my family and working, and I get paid privately so its good...im happy.
  11. I got a job! whoohoo! I interviewed with a family yesterday, and they called me today and told me they pretty much decided right after I left..so apparently they made me sweat until they called me today
  12. below the plus sign, there is an arrow down and if you click on it it says "write a note" in order to tag people you have to write their name yourself, I dont think you can just click on them, that would sure make it easier cause I cant think of names all the time lol If I have you on facebook and you send me a gift I generally dont accept them, so dont take it personally...its to much work, go through different pages and I dont have that kind of focus lol one time I put on my status that I cleared all my gifts so not to take it personally...Im not sure how many FCA friends I have, I think 3 maybe? if you want to find me you can pm me for my name and add me, just tell me your screename and that your from here cause I like to know that I know the person at least through clay or real life.
  13. I love facebook! and now I have the alerts come to my phone, so its never very far away..I sit there and update facebook when im sitting waiting for something lol like standing in line at the store or something.
  14. I love TAR this season, I like Luke and his mom a lot...actually there are a lot of them I like this season.
  15. clayzycoffin: go here, you can try different hairstyles on a picture of yourself..it actually looks rather realistic lol Try a hairstyle I went there before I realized I would be to angry with myself if I cut my hair..it grows so slowly and it took me years to get it where it is.. Im home now, went and saw "he's just not that into you last night" it was cute.
  16. well I have 2 invites from the northern california clay fans to stay with them if/when I come back, so Ill definitely come back some time to see the city! then we'll meet
  17. its getting there...now Im stuffy and runny nose lol so at least thats better then pain
  18. hehe people said that they shouldnt offer what they cant deliver, and now people are upset that they didnt offer anything..I have to admit that its gone from bizarre to mildly entertaining..anyone wanna take bets at how many at the OFC who said they werent rejoining actually dont rejoin? anywhoo..I reupped..in fact I think I accidently did it twice im not the brightest bulb.. cant wait for my travel mug and my lanyard with my surprise I get the train home today..cant wait, got a job interview with a family that needs a caregiver on Monday
  19. I like blockbuster online better, the lists are easier for me to navigate to update my que (sp?) and if you dont want to wait for the mail you can go in the sotre..
  20. True. But ask couchie -- Facebook is fun, it's free, and it's a great timewaster! LOL. oh my goodness, I am a facebook addict! lol my sister says Im on it way to much..its probably true, but Im on the clayboards way more. last night a clay fan friend took me to the cheesecake factory in san francisco, and I ate way to much, but had a nice time..it was really high up and we were outside so could see all the tall buildings..Ill tell you what, Portland has tall buildings but honestly I dont make it to Portlland much and I dont make it to the tall building areas even less so it was interesting lol salem's buildings are not tall lol
  21. In a week it will have been a year since I have seen spamalot..this clay aiken fan stuff has given me some of the most fun I've ever had in my life, it caused me to meet my best friend 5 years ago, as well as many other people around the country, he has given me laughter and fun and music..he let me get on his stage and tell my Christmas story..he caused me to travel to new York city and experience a show on Broadway..I couldn't imagine walking away from any of this..I've had so much fun the last 5 years I hope it never ends:) Scuse my schmoopiness..don't know what got into me,that's so unlike me HAHA
  22. I definitely agree..best oscars in years, I havent enjoyed the oscars in awhile, but last night was so well done..the writing was funny (cept the comedy part, not funny at all, and usually thats my favorite part...where they were showing the comedies of 2008..fell short to me) and the way they did the best actors and actresses was just beautiful, everyone got praise..well done.
  23. did the smart ladies leave when I came? should I be offended I never said that clay didnt say the fans requested to much and got him blacklisted, I believe he believes that..I just dont think its that simple.. stubborness, I think clay should be stubborn when it is about his career...but I think he is a smart stubborn..if that makes sense. stubborn: I became a vegetarian 11 years ago because my mom said I couldnt do it..clay is an AMATEUR!
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