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  1. Clay's blog for this Sunday's show is already up! Sorry I don't know how to copy a link on this iTouch.
  2. Anyone interested in an Alaskan Cruise? I would like to go on a 7 day return Alaska cruise, leaving and returning to Seattle. It is Holland line, the Oosterdam, leaving on May 6. I would be joining goldarngirl and her husband but I need a room mate and would prefer to share with a Clay fan. Is anyone out there interested? Please let me know ASAP. Much appreciated. The cruise is the second one on this page. Holland Cruise Ship
  3. Happy New Year FCA ers Unfortunately I am not feeling well today, although the new blog did help lift my spirits. I will presently toddle back to bed with a cup of tea and my iTouch with its audio books. I am listening to the audio book of The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. In this book fans of the circus call it Cirque du Reves, the Circus of Dreams, and themselves Reveurs. They follow this magical circus, some whereever it goes in the world, others just within comfortable travelling distance. When I heard this, I smiled, realizing how the words could so easily be applied to Clay fans. Just substitute Clay for the circus.
  4. Just before going to bed I checked in at CV and found all kinds of excitement and OMG's. No wonder, there is a link for the whole song and it is beautiful. Definitely, to my ears, an older sound 50's and 60's. Bring Back my Love to You I've listened to it 8 times already. I do hope as a Canadian I can buy it on the 20th. I want this on my iPod, now.
  5. And then there is his response to Adam's comment "you guys aren't known for your wrenching ability" "no but to our lubing ability...Oooh!" Now there is a very different and ballsy Clay! If not, then another instance of a comment coming out of his mouth totally by-passing his brain.
  6. I just finished watching the 3 episodes on Masterpiece Theatre called Zen, based on the detective novels by Michael Dibdin. They take place in Rome and are very well done. Rufus Sewell plays Zen...mmm..very attractive. They are available on PBS Seattle in their video section until August 31st.You should have no trouble seeing them as you live in the US but for Canadians you need a programme to connect to the internet that disguises your IP address.
  7. I have really enjoyed the BBC's Being Human, the American version, not so much. I will definitely watch the 4th season to find out how they will proceed given the shocking ending of the 3rd season.
  8. So glad that FCA is back. Thanks for your work in restoring the board, Couchie. So, Clay on our TV's this summer. I really enjoy DDD and I hope that the new season will be on the Canadian Showcase channel in June also. As for tweets and tweeting it is quite possible that some people make up tweets just to show the tweeting world how important they are.
  9. No, you are definitely not alone. You have lots of company in this club. MMM I wonder how many phones will be held up in the next concert and how many pairs of binoculars.
  10. How cool that you are traveling all the way to San Francisco! Here are some charts: http://www.ticketmaster.com/seatingchart/360463/33871 and http://www.thewarfieldtheatre.com/seating.php Thank you. I found my seats and I am happy. I'm actually not travelling all the way from Singapore. I get home to B.C. on the 8th and then fly down to S.F. I will have been travelling in SE Asia for a month.
  11. Hi All...Lotus checking in from Singapore where I am just not able to keep up with the boards. I have been able to download videos and it does seem as tho his concerts are getting better and funnier. I wish I could carry a sign when I finally get to see him in San Francisco that says " I never would have found you or travelled thousands of miles to see you if it hadn't been for the videos on youtube" Does anyone know where I can find a chart of the reserved floor seating at the Warfield that shows seat and row numbers? I'd like to know where my seats are. Thanks.
  12. I wonder if anyone here can give me suggestions/recommendations for places to stay that are relatively near the Warfield in San Francisco. I posted this in the concert thread but wondered how many would see it there. I am wanting to spend 5 nights in San Francisco to do some sight seeing and have just spent way to long looking on the internet. I am now just feeling exhausted, having not found anything. Any help would be much appreciated.
  13. I wonder if anyone here can give me suggestions/recommendations for places to stay that are relatively near the Warfield in San Francisco. I also posted this on the main page because I wondered how many would see it here. I am wanting to spend 5 nights in San Francisco to do some sight seeing and have just spent way to long looking on the internet. I am now just feeling exhausted, having not found anything. Any help would be much appreciated.
  14. Kim your cat made me think of tho your cat sounds quite gentle in comparison.
  15. Me too every time I read a post exhorting me to vote and often. keepingfaith Thanks for the information on the Essential Clay Aiken on iTunes. On that page I noticed some podcasts and downloaded them. Clay Aiken 5 I had not heard before. In it he talks at length about his reaction to seeing the devastation left by the tsunami. Yesterday I decided to go through all the CD's I have burnt of Clack. There was a time when I had to have every bit of Clack I could find and of course had to burn CD after CD as my computer filled up. Now I don't need to do that. One can put so much more information on a DVD and thank Heavens there are vaults. What I did keep were all the photographs and someday I hope to get around to organizing them. I did feel a little sad as I consigned those CD's to the waste paper basket. Sad remembering the way I used to feel when I was so in love that I went to sleep every night and woke every morning thinking of Clay. It is so exhilarating being in the throes of infatuation and I miss that feeling, though I am glad that I experienced it. Tonight I watched part of the Concert for George. Every so often I take out that DVD and treat myself to the music of George Harrison. He wrote beautiful songs, songs which can take me back 30,40,almost 50 years and bring back such memories.
  16. It seems so few compared to you all. 1 David Foster Star search 1 SRHP 2 CITH 4 Spamalot 1 Gala 1 Raleigh Taping 2 Timeless tour And since I shall be in SE Asia probably only 1 TandT Still it is a lot for me who became a fan in 2006 and has never become obsessed like this before. Ah Honeycrisp apples..just the right combination of sweet, tart, crunchy and juicy. What a treat. It has taken way too long to write this as my 2 little grand daughters are here and we have had breaks for shreddies, cheddar bunnies and blueberries. Of to a local Fall Fair in a few minutes.
  17. Couch Tomato or anyone familiar with the Regency. Do you know how many rows are in the pit? I was so excited :nana: to get tickets in row B thinking that it was the second row. And then I read on CV of someone getting tickets in the pit....sigh.
  18. You're joking. Right? Perhaps Clay has friends that might actually go for a walk with him. Lots of folks have walking buddies. keepingfaith Thanks for posting the link to those pics.
  19. As a former lab technologist who was called in too many nights to do blood tests for overdoses/suicide attempts/"cries for help", I can tell you that, yes, take enough aspirin and it will kill you but that just works for aspirin...too much acetaminophen will just cause severe liver damage.
  20. keepingfaith Thank you for posting that information about Elton John and Leon Russell. Could you do me and possibly others here a favour and let us know when that album is available. I love "A song for you". Did he sing that in Mad Dogs and Englishmen? Your post prompted me to get over to iTunes and download it. KarenEh I was sad to read of your dog's condition. I have always thought that in that photo you have of him as your avatar he looks so handsome and debonair. FYI for those who have pledged for tickets for the San Francisco concert. I just called Escott Jones at the station and asked where generally those tickets might be. He told me that usually pledge tickets are mid range. That is to say not in the front rows but not in the nose bleeds either.
  21. Beer-filled pretzel pockets? Huh! I just found this link to an interview I hadn't seen before from a New Zealand site Time has been good to Clay Aiken You just can see how at ease he is with "being the person I have always been but wasn't willing to be". I found myself playing and replaying that look at the beginning of "Can't Take my Eyes off you" at 1.03
  22. I started watching the concert until I realized I'd be spending most of my morning on my computer. You computer/video savvy people...if I can watch this on my TV thru my laptop will the picture be too pixelly? Would it be better if I d/l the avi files?
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