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  1. I will be attending the gala. Anybody else? Maybe we can meet up at the hotel and get to know one another. Angie
  2. I'm not moving either! I'll take care of flight changes and hotel reservations tomorrow. I have to coordinate with the two other friends who are traveling with me. I'm sure everybody will incur a penalty for changing their itinerary. Are you going to the Gala?
  3. sanebc

    Gala 2011

    I will be attending. Can't wait to see familiar faces and friends from all over the U.S.
  4. I am planning on going to both shows. Angie I will be going to both shows. (Sorry if this is a double post. I'm not familiar with this message board.)
  5. This is the first time I'm voting. Yeah! While No. 2 has some good memories, I prefer No. 1.
  6. My three sisters and I are going. We have booked our flight and bought the tickets to David Foster and Friends back in January. My one sister found out that Charice will be there on May 9 with DF so we decided to go (we were scheduled to go to LV last December but canceled at the last minute) and see her. I can't believe how lucky we are to have Clay as well.
  7. Good luck in getting your ticket. I had problems last year so I called my experience "The Agony and the Ecstasy". LOL. It had a happy ending. I wish the same for you (just the ecstasy, not the agony).
  8. Thanks Angie. It's a loooong story but I was banned at the Clayboard....hee!


  9. I've been wondering about you. I used to see yur posts on the CB. Glad I found you.

    Angie (sanebc)

  10. This could be my very first post. Another Clay fan sent me a picture of Clay with other artists and President Bush. She said he performed for the President last night. If this is true, it shows that he's still busy performing with very little time for gossips. I don't really know how to copy and post the picture here.