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  1. So far, the plan is for me to go to Chatauqua and Lancaster with my daughter, although I'm hoping to also get some friends to go to the Lancaster show since it's fairly close. I also plan on going to the NYC show, depending on if I can get tickets.
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  3. Right now I have tickets for Sept 19th but I'm going to check my school schedule to see when I am off and then try to get more tickets. Unfortunately, I was still processing the news while others were smart enough to get tickets to the last show so I'm hoping some fans bought extras or wind up upgrading or something and sell a couple of those later.
  4. I guess I should check in here, huh. I've been reading the message boards ever since the end of AI because I had to find out as much as I could about Clay. Why the need? I had no idea, because although I'd been a big fan of others before, never to this extent. There really is something special about Clay, besides his amazing voice, and I have stopped trying to figure out what it is and just go with it. I'm a Clay addict with no desire to ever give him up. He has brought so mch happiness into my life, and so many life changes and experiences that I will never be able to thank him enough.
  5. Don't be jinxing my Burn Notice. I love that show. And I haven't seen the ad with Vincent D'Onofrio but I so enjoy him. I wish it would just be him and Eames on CI, because even though I liked Chris Noth on SATC and the original Law and Order, I just don't enjoy him so much on CI. Love me some Goren and Eames. I like a lot of those quirky shows on USA, like Monk, and shows like The Closer. Also can't wait until Damages comes back. Thank God for Tivo.
  6. Since not much going on in Clayland, at least that we know of, I've been checking out the rest of this board so I wanted to chip in here. Just read the last page so far, but I was shocked by the season finale of CSI too. I actually thought there were a lot of good season finales this year, even though I'm not happy about some of the results. I had just started to like Amber on House and then they kill her off. Really sucks and Wilson is my favorite character on that show. Liked the ER ending, sad that they made that sweet guy on Bones as the killer, though thankful he didn't eat anyone.
  7. That story made me cry. I truly wish that all people reacted in the same way as those children, but unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are still very ignorant or intolerant. Currently I work with DD adults in residential settings and I take them out into the community. Thankfully, most people have been very accepting of them. But I am also currently a returning student so that I can become an elementary school teacher, so when I read this at the OFC, I had to check it out. I'll post link to one of the articles on this incident, but the gist of it is that a teacher humiliated a