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  1. I used to be a big fan of Bill Mahrer when he was on Politically Incorrect, and I still agree with a lot of stuff he says, but I hate when he does those kind of monologues. I don't like his delivery, don't like him laughing at the material. Now I think I'd still like his group debates, even if I didn't agree with him because they are unscripted and because he makes you think. I saw him defend that racist who owned the Clippers, not for being a racist, but because he was kind of set up while he was in his own home. Of course, then the guy went on another show and publicly said stupid stuff so it's hard to feel sorry for him. But I did get what he was saying, that we should be able to say whatever we want in our homes without having to worry about being taped unless you're a criminal and then I think you're fair game.
  2. I read the NE article over at CV. Could have been worse but it's still trash. Don't understand why these mags/tv shows of this type are still around, but I'm also shocked that people watch FOX news, and I use that term loosely. I don't know if Clay will win in November or not, but his running reminds me a lot of when Obama and Bill Clinton ran. No one would have expected them to win in the beginning, but they have, as Clay does, that undefinable thing that draws people to them. For the pathetic, it's an unreasonable hatred, but for many it's something that is inspiring. They have a connection with people and they draw people to them because you can feel that they understand and care. And they all bring a message of hope and quiet strength. They all are also incredibly smart and damned fine to look at. I'll be interested to see how this all plays out, but at the least, I think Clay will make Ellmers work for a win. I'm excited and inspired by Clay's run. I've always voted in Presidential elections, but I mainly focused on who was running for president. Now I've been paying more attention to local elections and the midterms, and I'm determined to be more informed, and to vote in the midterm election. I couldn't vote in the primaries because I'm moving back to WV, at least temporarily, and they just had their primary, and MD doesn't have theirs until next month. But I am determined to get more involved now. I may even volunteer to drive democrats to the polls in November. I can't give all the credit to Clay since I've done a lot of evolving over the years, but he sure has been a major part of my evolution. I love and respect that man so much.
  3. Right now, I do think Clay is limiting his singing to those one-off type events like the other day, because he wants to be seriously considered. However, I have a feeling that it's not going to be the last time he ever sings. Obviously, if he wins, he won't be able to tour, but if anyone can figure out how to combine all his loves, Clay will be the one. I'll never think that we made Clay uncomfortable and that he likes what he is doing now better. Don't think he likes it less either. He is a man of many passions. I do think the fame bothered him more than it does as a politician because I don't think he felt he earned it. He's got a great voice, although I don't think he thinks it's any more special than anyone else's (he's wrong by the way), but singing is natural to him and something he loves to do anyway. I think when something comes easy for us, we tend to downplay it. Plus, even though he has made an impact on so many lives, including mine, I still don't think he gets that. I think of feel like he thinks it's the same as getting thanks and praise for something as common to him as having good manners. He was going to do it anyway so it's weird to get praised for it. I hope that makes sense to someone besides me.
  4. Oh wouldn't that be nice. I think my blood pressure just raised a few points. Just love how people who aren't part of Clay's team have all kinds of ideas on what they are doing wrong. I don't care if you are in politics or if you have marketing experience or if you are just some arm chair quarterback, you don't know jackshit about what is going on in Clay's district or with his campaign so I really don't give a damn what you would or wouldn't do. Sorry, had to vent. I did read though that he has on slightly different clothes on and longer hair so this was filmed at a different time than the long video he did. It wasn't exciting, and it didn't show off his intelligence, but it did inspire confidence and a trust in him. And it wasn't like a lot of those cheesy ones that I fast forward through because they come off like they are trying to sell me something. In my opinion, even though I have no knowledge of political marketing, I think Clay has been running an excellent campaign. He's been using the media of today, like twitter and facebook, and also inspiring people who have met him to use them to spread the word. He's also getting out and actually meeting people on a personal level, which to me can't be discounted because it doesn't just stay with the person who are at those events. If they are inspired, then they are going to talk to their friends and family. And he thankfully has not started running ads months in advance. Most people like to wait to closer to the election to actually start thinking about the election. Nothing that I hate more than months and months of political ads. Plus when Clay has appeared on radio or tv, he has shown how articulate, intelligent, and well-versed on the issues. And when he isn't, he readily admits it or admits that it's a topic that doesn't have an easy answer. I know I appreciate that. He also appears more energized than his opponents.
  5. Oh, he looks so cute in those last two pics. I watched his part of the other video but it was late so I never watched her, but I already know who I'm rooting for so what's the point? He comes across the same way we've always known him to be, as smart and enthusiastic and like a ray of hope.
  6. I do agree about the sane part. It drives me crazy on some boards when they get into what Clay is doing wrong with whatever he's doing at the time. Now it's the political thing. Doesn't matter if they don't have the facts, they'll just go on assumptions and take it from there. Couchie, I'm definitely not a political junkie. Don't watch any of the political talk shows, unless you count The Daily Show and Colbert. I do pick up a lot of stuff from twitter and Facebook though. If it's a link about something I don't care about, I can pass. And if it has too many words, forget it. My ADD couldn't handle it. I like short summaries because a lot of times most of the articles are mainly filler anyway with all those pesky details. Just give me the freaking facts please, not a dissertation. However, I do want to learn more about my area and become a better informed voter. And in national politics I want to know who the nutcases are.
  7. I agree about still being able to enjoy Clay the singer and entertainer. And there is a hell of a lot of clack that I have yet to watch so lots of pleasant surprises are still waiting for me. I do want Clay to eventually go back to being primarily an entertainer, and work in his politics and social causes, but for now I'm just going with the flow and enjoying the respect and attention he has been getting. Unlike Couchie though, Clay has actually reawakened an interest in politics. I had really enjoyed a college class I had taken that was about the history of our democracy and the issues that our founding fathers had thought about. It really made me appreciate our founding fathers because they had thought of all these issues that are still so relevant. Then over the years, when Clay would bring up issues, it would make me more interested. And then when the tea party machine, along with the Koch brothers came along, I really got interested because I became afraid our country was being taken over by the crazy people or being bought by the rich, greedy bastards. Scared the crap out of me so I am definitely paying more attention now. ldyj, I think Clinton was a big influence on me too. I see that same charisma and intelligence that he has when I watch and listen to Clay. And then when we had both Hillary and Obama running in the same election, I got even more into the whole political thing. I admire both of them and would have been happy no matter who won, although I have to say that I became disappointed in Hillary's campaign after they started losing. I did get a chance to listen to her once though when she was at the campus I was going to. She had Chelsea with her and I was really impressed with her.
  8. What I notice when I look at all those pictures of Clay speaking in front of groups is how interested everyone appears to be. From kids to seniors, they all seem to be listening to every word. Clay's got "it", as we've always known. I said this on CV today, even though I rarely post there, is that Clay is a very diverse man. He answered one of my questions during one of his chats. It was about if he could only do one thing, politics, entertaining, or working for social causes, what would it be. He said all of them. He didn't want to make a choice. And knowing Clay, I'm sure he'll wind up figuring out a way to accomplish all 3, and maybe throw in something else on top of it. I don't think he will ever be satisfied just doing one thing his entire life because there is so much to him. I sure love that man.
  9. Hey Couchie! Clay looks so good in those casual clothes. He is one who can wear practically anything. Even in his pj bottoms with the mismatched sweatshirts he looked adorable. Can't say I was crazy about the Orville Redenbacher outfit though. No one can really put that look off. I wish I had read about Twop back in the day. I was slow to the whole internet thing and although I have been a big fan of others before, like Barbara Stanwyck, had never even thought about looking anyone up online. Then Clay came and everything changed. But even then I was a slow starter. Went to sites that had Clay in the name so that's how I came to CB, but at first I just thought it was a website and I found his videos and demos. Then I learned about message boards after I started clicking everything on there to find out more information. It's been quite a ride.
  10. Fear, I've been getting more interested in politics over the years. Mainly because I've been concerned by some of these crazy people who have been given a position of power, and because of all the money involved in politics. Think Citizen's United was one of the stupidest decisions the Supreme Court has made. So I am excited for this path that Clay is taking, but I was glad that he wasn't considering making this a permanent career change. As much as he is interested in politics, I really doubt that he would have gotten involved to this degree if politics wasn't such a mess right now, with NC being a particularly messy area thanks to gerrymandering and money. I have to disagree with Clay about John McCain, at least the McCain that has been around since he ran for president. That isn't the guy that I remember watching on The Daily Show. This one appears to have lost his mind. ldyj and merrieee, thank you both for keeping this board open. It was the first board where I ever felt accepted. I will make more of an effort to post here. Hugs back ldyj.
  11. ldyj said to come in and say hi so here I am. I read back a few pages and was beginning to worry that it was only ldyj and merrieee here. Glad to see some of my other friends still here. Wanted to let you know that I had taken some video on my phone at the DC event (and by the way, unfortunately that fat ass in the one pic is mine). Thanks to Nickikiwi, who righted them for me, it is in the vault at CV. Half of his speech is actually video of my lap because I was afraid to video but then I went for it. He really did look really good and pictures, as good as they are, do not do him justice. There is just such an aura about him. I really miss the singer/entertainer Clay, and hope that one day soon he will come back to us. But I can't complain because the person I've come to love, and who enchanted me to begin with, was more than just a singer. I saw right from the beginning that he was a whole lot more, so I'm just going to enjoy whatever facet of himself that he shows me and wait to see what he comes up with next. He is an endlessly fascinating man.
  12. Finally caught up. I've been working a lot of overtime, plus I'm one of those who have gotten addicted to twitter, especially because they are easier to read on my phone. When I'm working, I don't have my laptop out much. I read at CV that the ex of that hit man is actually a member of CV. No idea of who, but apparently she was smart enough to divorce the wacko. Love Clay's tweets and blogs. Think it's so funny that he is the one doing the blogs for CApp. I think it's easier for him to do it for CApp since he has a point to the blog and doesn't have to come up with stuff that he either can't or doesn't want to talk about. Although I was one who didn't care if Clay did twitter or not, I do think it is a better fit for him. He can address issues quicker and it's more spontaneous. He is really good at it.
  13. I also agree that Clay had just as much right to give his opinion as everyone else. I get so annoyed at the fans who say his taste in music is crap, or how the songs on TnT are moldy oldies, or other sings do such and such so why doesn't Clay. Then there are the ones who just have to either predict the end of Clay's career for every decision he has made that didn't go along with theirs or feel they are qualified to give Clay advise on his career. Since none of them have a singing career or manage a singer, I think they should let Clay and his team decide what they are going to do. And I can tell you what I'd do if I was around people who are negative or tell me what I should be doing, I'd stop talking to them for a few years. Worked wonders with my sisters. I have also, on occasion, let loose on someone when they've pissed me off. Sure makes me feel better. I just feel bad for Clay because he is so proud of TnT, as he should be, and then have to read fans say how horrible they think it is or how boring. He does have feelings too. And I also agree about how irritating it is when some of those fans throw that "we" around like they are talking about all of us instead of just themselves.
  14. Haven't read the comments calling him an ass and hope I don't but I do understand fans being disappointed, and stating their disappointment. I said as much myself because I don't understand taking just some of the songs from TnT, adding BBML to it, and repackaging it. Might as well get them separate, which is what many of us have done already. Or just put out an EP. The ones that I do have a problem with are the ones who say it's not going to sell, his career is over, etc. Basically the same ones who say it every time he does anything. Or the ones who say that nobody liked the songs on TnT because they didn't like them. Can't say that I would have picked some of the songs but he sounds wonderful on them. I was just hoping, after his blog, that there would be something on it that I didn't already have as a recorded version.
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