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  1. LOVE 💕 the new banner! He’s done so many different things. He’s a multitalented man for sure.
  2. Sending good thoughts to you and your DH, ldyjocelyn. And you are right about the clack!
  3. Thanks!! Anxious to hear about the last show. Hate to see it end--was fun to see all of the recaps, pics and excitement. I especially loved learning that CLO had been trying to get him for some time. I have a feeling he is pretty choosy and has turned down other offers. Hope we see him again soon, but guessing he will want to be home in Raleigh and enjoy summer with Parker and the rest of his family,
  4. Love reading all of the recaps about the show. Thrilled that the NJUs love him. Not surprised that the audience LOVES him. Bet he is having a blast.
  5. Hi Sisterbear!! Nice to see you here. Have been thinking of Clay these past few days (and of his family).
  6. Such a lovely lady. I remember her appearance on Martha Stewart. I think it was her first trip to NYC. It’s a difficult time for Clay and the family—but, also a time to celebrate a wonderful and loving life.
  7. Love the new banner.❤️❤️❤️❤️
  8. I love cheese. I love Christmas! And I especially love❤️ Clay!! So glad you could go. Are you still in the “Clay fog”? (I would be.) Did you see him at the stage door?
  9. I saw pictures on a Broadway site, but I don’t remember seeing these. Scroll down for some thud worthy pictures. Lots of them with Clay in the dark suit. https://www.broadwayworld.com/article/Photo-Coverage-Ruben-Studdard-and-Clay-Aiken-Take-Their-Opening-Night-Bows-in-RUBEN-AND-CLAYS-CHRISTMAS-SHOW-20181212
  10. Just gorgeous!!!! I’d read most of the reviews and agree—not bad. I decided not to read the one that everyone said was pretty bad. Don’t want anything to bring me down from this high I’ve been on !
  11. I was so taken by the beauty of his voice that I didn’t notice the snazzy pants when he was on the view! Did notice the cool black sweater/jacket though. I’m still on a high. DH must wonder why I am in such a good mood!!! 😂😂😂😂
  12. Thanks so much for the pictures and recaps. What a night it must have been! If I was this excited from afar, I cannot even imagine how exciting is was for those who were there!! I woke up again in the middle of the night (about 3:30) and read some recaps. Just like the old days when he’d be on tour and I be reading in the middle of the night. Great to see him at the stage door—yes, memories of Spamalot! (Wonder if Ruben also was there for stage door.)
  13. I was so excited to read about the TOUR that I couldn’t sleep. And I am so excited that the show opens tonight that I have been up since 3:30!! Hope Clay and Ruben slept better than that . Cannot wait for some red reports tonight!! Anyone going is sure to have a blast.
  14. Thanks so much!! I was able to set up the audio and then go to the video and sync it to the audio. He does sound good!! Looking forward to some reports from those who were there.
  15. It actually made me angry to read that mess! Ruben did not soundly beat Clay. Clay and Ruben are so much more famous than those mentioned in last year's show (never heard of them) and they've both had big careers-especially Clay. Clay was extremely well received on Broadway. The idiot that wrote it is a Grinch for sure and has been living under a rock. He's also not aware of the great chemistry they have.
  16. Indeed! Just gorgeous. 💕💕💕 Love the new banner as well. Fun to have so many thud worthy pictures the last few days. Just like old times. So happy for Clay and for us.
  17. It just came up on my Yahoo news under entertainment. So glad they are promoting this!!! Wish so much that I could go. Most of all I’m just happy for Clay and Ruben and hope it is a sell out!!!
  18. Looks like lots of stage makeup—maybe for the Clay and Ruben show. Always love that crooked smile-one side goes up and the other goes down. He looks like he has a big secret. Wonder if this is the picture that will be used to announce the show! Bet he is just bursting to tell.
  19. THUD!! That’s the one! I must have that people magazine stashed somewhere in the depths of our basement. I have my Clay tote bag that I got when I joined the fan club and those special magazines and concert programs are in it. I may have to visit it!! But, in the mean time I will just come here and feast my eyes on that picture. I knew you’d know which one I meant. That “All is Well” hair is also a favorite as is the song itself. I use my iPhone for an alarm and it plays All is Well every morning. Seems like a good message to begin each day.
  20. The funny thing is that when “Tried and True” got delivered to my mailbox (Amazon order), I had a house full of company so I knew I wouldn’t get a chance to really hear it until they left. We had ordered pizza and I immediately offered to drive in to town to get it so I could listen on the way in. I took my time and sat outside the pizza place while Unchained Melody was playing. I was in sheer heaven. So, I listened to both of those albums for the first time while driving—lucky that I was able to stay on the road. Oh, God. And that reminds me of the time I went to Walmart and got the People magazine with the center spread of him—I opened it up and left it on the passenger seat so I could keep looking at it. Talk about a distracted driver!!! Does anyone know which one I mean. It’s the one with the crinkly shirt. One of his best pictures ever.
  21. I didn’t go to any release parties. Lived in RI at the time and not sure if there were any. Wasn’t even on any boards back then, but I think I read at CB so I knew when he’d be on my TV, etc. I do remember rushing to the store after school to pick up MOAM (which I had reserved). The ride home from the store was only about 15 minutes and I wanted to hear more of the CD while I was driving, so I took a real detour and went a long way out of my way. I wasn’t as familiar with this route and almost missed a stop sign. It would have been awfully embarrassing if I’d had a fender bender! How would I have ever explained what I was doing over in the next town on my way home from school!! I think “Touch” was playing when I came to that stop sign, so it has always been kind of special and when I play it I think of the first time I heard of it. I know Clay hates that song, but I love it. I love everything he has ever sung.
  22. Twilight—Congratulations on your award—so deserving —just thrilled for you!!!
  23. What is the eHP? For all of you who are going—have a wonderful time and show him the love!