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  1. yalcFan

    I wanna Dance!!

    << i think that's so cute Reality shows have that affect. I was watching a commercial for Your Mama Don't Dance and it reminded me of just how silly my mom looked dancing . . . . (while secretly giving me the urge to do my own silly two step)
  2. yalcFan

    Prime Time Television

    the office 10 items or less
  3. yalcFan

    TV Chat room

    Does anyone else really love the office. I think that show is sooo effin funny.
  4. yalcFan

    Bo Bice

    I really like Bo Bice and was rooting for him. But what happened since his loss in AI??? I've heard maybe 2 songs from him....I think he deserve more than that.
  5. yalcFan

    Kelly Clarkson

    as much as i love Love LOVE Kelly I have NOT been to see her live. Heard its worth it though.
  6. yalcFan

    Heath Ledger

    This makes me so sad. I still can't believe it. Why is it always the good ones? His family will be in my prayers.
  7. yalcFan

    Movies, old and new

    I hadn't been to the movies in a long time and when i finally went back I saw Juno...and it was soooo worth it. can't wait until the DVD comes out
  8. yalcFan

    this or that

    pink all stars or vans.