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  1. All the pre-sale info (the same content as the email) is now posted on the News page of the OFC. thanks... I did see it over there. Did ANY canadian get the email cuz this one didn't. OK... post-whoring over.
  2. Oh and after all of that... I forgot to get wooden dowling for the toy building tomorrow at school. I had a chunk of it and a wooden wheel in my hands on Friday when rushing out the door to go get tires put on the "new" truck and...and that's the last I thought of it until about 6:30 tonight when I posted somewhere that I couldn't try for tickets cuz we were building toys tomorrow and I'd have a bunch of six year olds and a parent in the room and...and... and... no clue where the dowling and the wheel ended up. I've determined that I might be able to improvise and sharpen pencils on both ends and hotglue gun those into the holes in the wheels....cuz I ain't got enough dowling to go around. I need a new brain.
  3. No shit! I felt like a chicken running around with my head cut off, except it hurts, so apparently it's still attached? After all of THAT.... Scarlett thought she was sitting with somebody and turned out the somebody was actually sitting with somebody else, so now.... I'm .... sitting with Scarlett... as long as the ticketbastard gods shine down upon her! I think I'm gonna go run full tilt at a brickwall now OK? Nytol! Oh and thanks bottlecap!
  4. And somebody explain to Clay why somebody would want to throw tickets back, lol. He doesn't get it.
  5. I just did post in HDD. I wish they'd allowed up to 3 tickets because groups of 4 can always split into pairs but groups of 3, leaves one person left out!!! Has Laughn found somebody? Justclay thought maybe not? So... I just clicked to look, so go to Appearances and then it should appear under Events?
  6. I'm getting fruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuustrated here. Does anybody know of anybody who is still flying "solo" so to speak for the March 12th show? Justclay thought that Thankful4clay was still alone but she just partnered up with Muski. Any other singles out there? I'm still 3rd wheel and would really like to know somebody that I'll be sitting beside. BTW: that was me who PMd the question re: groups of 3. Clay actually answered. He has no control over the 2 tickets apiece and says I'll have to make new friends with whomever I end up beside. Problem is I can't try for tickets at 10am tomorrow cuz I'll be in the classroom! I've been kind of out of touch. Where do we go on OFC to get the codes?
  7. I miss Scarlett. Are they farming? It seems almost everyone has a farm on FB. Not me. I already have enough addictions. It is addictive!!! She's into more than Farmville. She's really into Zoo World with me and another app that I don't play that she's trying to talk me into playing called Castle Age. Right now the Valentines gifts and collections have everybody stuck to the feed for Farmville gift links. I did get to see that twice. I still like Leonard Cohens version version better but she certainly can sing. I missed the whales that everybody though were so cool though cuz I was...well...playing on FB while I was watching, lol. The Oh Canada arrangement was awful. So sad about the luger. Sounds like they are shortening the tracks. ETA: Re: Nelly... it didn't seem very "olympic-like"
  8. I found it... but wasn't sure HOW to post. I need a ticket but I really would like to be able to sit with somebody. Not sure if the opportunity to take clack will happen or not and I'd have no intention of doing the whole thing because this is a unique experience that I'd like to enjoy but....I'd still like to have somebody to sit with!!! I can't try for tickets on Tuesday when they go on sale. I'll be in class and we're doing a special activity and I have a parent coming in, so just can't. Is there anybody here who has NOT partnered up with anybody, who can buddy up with me??? I need somebody to try for a ticket for me. I can even give you my login at OFC to do it if somebody wants to go, needs a partner but isn't an OFC member. Tribeca has nicely offered to get me a ticket, so I'm not totally stuck...but she's not going and I'd really like to have somebody to sit with!!!
  9. Cross your fingers and pray to the weather gods, OK? merrieee! Take good care of the equipment, K?
  10. I was only half-listening but it didn't impress me at all. It was a very strange arrangement. Bleah.
  11. Now explain why the twitterer didn't list the 3 songs!!! Surely she must know how important details like that are! :rant Scarlett is stuck on her Zoo on Facebook, so she asked to to post this: It's iffy as to whether she will be able to make it but at least her camcorder is already there! Any merrieee reports yet? I'll have to pry myself off of the zoo tomorrow!
  12. I have momentarily escaped the Zoo and the Farm and Paradise Island, where I've been playing with Scarlett to say... EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! :04: That is all!
  13. Awww... cute. Is that a current picture or an old one? I knew Relay but what the heck is all of this wrapper stuff? I's confuzzled. Very bold. Kewl. Kitty reminds me of my kitty! Cuz the link took me to your facebook page, I asked to be your friend. Speaking of facebook. Imma gonna kill Sparky cuz she got me started on Farmville. Anybody playing Farmville or Island Paradise here? I need neighbours, lol.
  14. That seems so weird to me because Thanksgiving is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before Halloween for us, so it's always straight from Halloween to Christmas in Canadian stores. Nickikiwi was down on the long thanksgiving weekend and that was before the Gala, so a long distance holiday, lol.
  15. Well, I'd buy Clay in Union Square more than Clay in the Dominican Republic, lol.
  16. Clay likes Vodka sauce, lol? Congrats Cindy. What course were you taking? I knew you were going to school but that was all I knew.
  17. Whatchewdo in the helicopter again? Can I come? You drunk, lol? Check that the little slidey thingie is slide all of the way open to leave a hole, so you can't erase nuttins and then stick some tape on it ya clutz. Oh and howzabout ya render Hollywood JNT 2 while you're at it huh? Oh and is this like your camcorder but an older version without high-def? camcorder on ebay Same camcorder...different auction
  18. Clay is singing to me as I'm working on Report Cards at school!
  19. I think that a couple of them are actually the same, except for how I cropped them. You can freeze youtubes at only 1 second intervals.
  20. I madee sum mores.... If I'm messing up any dial-uppers, let me know and I can do thumbnails...
  21. These have likely been posted before but ah wells if they have... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkIbTuV86fM Unchained Melody performed by Clay Aiken when he made a surprise appearance at the David Foster & Friends Concert in San Jose California on Nov 6, 2009. Video courtesy of rob91902 And audio courtesy of kjmmom. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvqQIHjVFXo By Yollie950: Moon River from Breakfast at Tiffany's and ending of Unchained Melody from Davide Foster & Friends in San Jose, CA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8wktQQhtXQ Yollie950 close up snippet YYG and I did a couple of screencaps of the last vid: Not sure who did this one: I tried one by playing vid full-screen size:
  22. Having never transported a pdf before or gotten anything like this printed up, I'm assuming I'd need a memory stick vs burning to a CD? I don't know whether it's a worthwhile endeavor or NOT but Rolling Stone has a list of artists of the decade up (and lord knows how some got on that list) AND there's a spot for filling in Album of the decade and song of the decade. No idea how we'd ever come to a consensus as to what song to nominate though, lol. I for sure want to nominate OMWH cuz it is an amazing CD and got so little publicity/recognition. http://surveys.wennermedia.com/se.ashx?s=04BD76CC7EE4913A ETA: I just had a thought. While I was thinking that an orginal song would be best, I started thinking... TITN/BOTW was the best selling single of the decade. I'm thinking BOTW because it would be the best known of any song by the general population.
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