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  1. I'm glad that you did include the extra stuff because I was able to save it and post it for YYG who couldn't access the sendspace. I'm guessing it's busy right now, lol?
  2. Way cool guys!!! Cindy, There is one that I totally adore and was wondering if you'd done widescreen versions of any of the wallpapers? The months on the pdfs don't match the files that are outside of the folder, so it's either February on the pdf file or July on the other icons outside of the folder...in either case, it's the lavendar OMWH Virgin signing one with the :lub: guy in the middle. I don't think my printer would print up anything very good. If we were to get it printed up at Staples or somewhere like that, would we have to give them the pdf files or the jpegs that are outside of the folder?
  3. canfly172

    20 questions

    Person 1. Is this person Clay related, family, significant other, or character that Clay has at one time played? No
  4. a new post!!! Ring Of Fire, One day, Clay fed fried fish to the dogs . Unfortunately, he tripped over the cat and hit his head on the new swing set in his backyard, head throbbing so and reached out towards Parker , who was toddling towards him, while carrying his favourite toy....watergun! Parker was aiming it at the snake Jaymes accidentally let in while picking up Parker's toys in the swimming pool and then Parker recognized Clive and bit his ankle, then needed shots to ward off evil snake venom. Jaymes said, "How in the hell are we going to get rid of the body paint we used?" Raleigh started digging on Clive's bald found it empty, just what I would have suspected from such a big ass "head". Durham bounded over and bit Clive's nose and peed quickly on his body painted head! Raleigh barked at a falling leaf that landed on the porch roof. This distracted everyone at Decca Records just as Clay laughed and kicked Clive's hairy butt all the way back to RCA. "Time to play!" Clay giggled hysterically, since Clive deserved pee and paint. Clay stepped on a banana peel body painted onto the dance floor, slipped and slide off into a Claymate Zany's arms! When suddenly he girly-squealed and waved at Jaymes, who laughed and hugged Reed, who walked off wearing pumps and a lacey teddy with a picture of Clay tattoed on his tight, nicely rounded biceps! Clay couldn't believe his eyes, when suddenly he saw his Mom drooling. Clay squealed, ""Mommmmmmmm, please, don't make me take a picture of you licking Reed's ice cream cone. Let me handle that myself. Oh!" Clay hit his thigh with his very hard head. "Ow! Ow! Ow!", he cried as the lump grew BIGGER and BIGGER until he couldn't stand the pain. When suddenly Raleigh started to bark. The doorbell rang. Still holding his hotdog in his hands, Clay hobbled over to the nearest sympathetic person and laid his head on Reed's very sympathetic lap. Reed's response was immediate and obvious but only Clay has the way to make him drop the tutu from his mouth and onto Clay's large, hard wood. Meanwhile, Jaymes answered Parker's screams for somebody to answer Mr. UPS shorts, who was holding a really heavy package addressed to canfly, who was Ruben Studdard. "Wait! I'm, not Ruben!" UPS man apologized. "MY package!" canfly yelled greedily, grabbing Clay's large, hard, frozen Breyer's Peach Ice-cream covered, package. Giggling with glee, Clay jumped up and dropped his hotdog! "I'll get Ruben on the phone. Ice-cream partay!!!!". "I'll go buy a chocolate cake and some pickles", said Jaymes, handing Clay a dollar and tucking it safely in his waistband. "You coming?" "Almost. Keep trying". Jaymes rolled her thumb over his belt buckle and shouted, "It's fake!" Reed's jaw dropped. "The dollar doo-doo-head!" The next day, Clay awoke to someone sniffing at his sticky chin, covered with melted gooey and sticky, but very fragrant chocolate icing and peanut butter oreos. After thoroughly licking Clay's chin, Raleigh bolted towards Reed, who was wiping off his tutu, before pirouetting perfectly around the room and suddenly ripped the oreo bag, dumping the crumbs all over Clay's waterbed. The dogs jumped up on the bed, vacuuming with their noses and tongues, sucking, accidentally puncturing the blown up toy doll, which Clay had recently purchased. Clay wasn't happy with the frisky kitten that appeared from behind the fugly fringed ottoman he had just covered to match his new outfit. However, fringed paisy was not his idea. Faye insisted and you know Clay couldn't say exactly what he thought. "It's ghastly". Clay decided to make his mother wear it first so she would know how painful fringe could be. "Yes...it's true", Clay said to let people see paisley and stripes can set-u free. Faye's embarrassment however made Parker uncomfortable. He had taste and hoped that one day Daddy would learn to choose fabrics wisely. Unfortunately, so far mismatched stripes were his usual choice. Sad...yet complex. "SOCKS" cried Clay, "Must be striped!!!" Reed strongly disagreed before moving away to join the French Foreign Legion. Consoling Clay, Rick Holmes said "Ni!" That made Clay laugh so hard, hurt his knees when he tripped his mouth hit Parker's rocking chair. "Ow! Ow! Ow! Who the hell stuck that big wooden rocking horse in the middle of the livingroom?" "You know it was Jaymes", said Reed with a smirk. "I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!" Clay couldn't believe his bleeding ears. Reed started singing but it wasn't Ring Of Fire,
  5. Awwwwwww... JMH, so sorry for what she had to go through. My condolences and
  6. I went to see This Is It 2 times the weekend before last. I was going to go one more time. Went to the Toronto cluncheon on Saturday. Was too tired and busy on Sunday. That left Mon, tonight or Wed. I was tired last night and felt more like having a nap than going to a show and after picking up my truck from the gargage ($450 later) and getting groceries it was too late for a nap before the 6:45 start time. Looks like I'll be waiting for the DVD. Clay's wardrobe.
  7. In future, pass your mouse over the link before you click. Down on the bottom of your screen, left hand side, you should be able to see the path that you will be following in the bar. If it ends in something like mp3, avi, wmv, mpg then you know it's a media file and you should right click and save as. K, thanks. :thumbup: Or scarlett could scream at me above the links: RIGHT CLICK, SAVE AS on the link YA MORON! Oh and Scarlett hon? You're losin' it.
  8. Thanks for the hugs guys. Whew. District Review is over. We had the Director of Education and a couple of specialize Superintendents and a couple of others touring the school looking to see if we'd done all what they'd suggested. Director said Wow! We done good! :04: Gonna go try to have a nap, lol. Scarlett, Ya gotta warn a guy that it's a "right click and save as" link and not a link to a page with links. I accidentally was streaming for a couple of seconds there! I did that last time too! I'm used to a link taking me to a page where there will be a link to right click on. But thank you, lol. D/ling appropriately now...
  9. Visually, I prefer toni7babe because unfortunately spot had the teleprompter in her way all night. I mentioned Spot cuz she has the exact same camcorder that I do but the sound is usually better from people who weren't sitting as close. Half-way back and center where I was is usually good for audio. Toni's vids are good too! She didn't do everything though. A LOT of people including me had the damned teleprompter in the way a lot of the night. Wish Clay didn't stand behind it so much when he didn't need to be. I'll be truthful, I haven't watched a lot of the clack. My ears were plugged, so I just watched a little cuz the earbuds were hell and past week was nuts busy. District Review is tomorrow. Gotta finish a long range planner and a Daybook page for the inspection. I was at the school until almost 10pm on Wed and Thurs went to band practice until 10:30 and Fri I was at school until about 9:40 and yesterday was the Toronto cluncheon. I'm tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired and I don wanna do no more school shit! I gots a heady achey.
  10. Hintity, hint, hint, hint. Of what's up so far, they seem to be saying that that canfly chick's audio is good. Visually, Spot's is better cuz she was close.
  11. Love the new banner Cindilu2!!! I was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind, so quotarama coming up but first... I killed my screen saver yesterday. Not sure what happened but I was simultaneously burning DVDs and showing videos at the Toronto cluncheon while on battery power cuz there was no plug handy. It had just finished burning one DVD and then went into hiberation. When I got it home and plugged it in and opened it up and hit the power button, I could hear the video that had been playing before it went into hibernation hours before. It was playing in fits and spurts, even though the desktop wasn't even loaded yet and then the windows page with your name to click to log in came up and I clicked that and the programs that had been running when it went into hiberation were workng. The vid started playing again and Nero showed it was ready to burn #4 of 4 DVDs, so I burned the last DVD. Everything was hunky dorey, except I now have no screen saver. When I leave the laptop for more than 5 min, I just get a black screen instead of my screensaver slideshow. Everything works fine when I wiggle the mouse but no "floating pictures of NAJNT Clay" screensaver. I re-booted this morning. Didn't help. I looked at the screen saver settings under control panel and they still look the same to me and it's still showing the NAJNT images in the mini-sample screen on the control panel screen saver page. Ideas?
  12. We can only hope! Drives me NUTS! And here is the picture... I totally agree with sugrbugr's assessment about Jaymes as well... I'm curious... I'm assuming that it's hard for gay men to adopt but what about surrogate moms? I'd think that there would be lots of those women out there who would take $10,000 (or whatever the amount might be) from a gay man/couple or a single mom just as they would from a 'traditional' couple. Yes? No? Obviously, Rosie was able adopt 4 kids. Was that just because she had MONEY?
  13. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... Thanks for the birthday wishes guys!!! Was kind of a non-event other than for all of the online Birthday Wishes!!! Clay fans are the bestest! Well, I was late gettin' them then wasn't I, lol? Sorry, this is the first I got here today, so I didn't even see it at the bottom of the board. Is that a rhetorical question?
  14. Now ya tell me! My ulcerative colitus went away when they cut the whole damned thing out 10 years ago...whole large intestine is gandhi. I tried googling sprouted wheat but not quite sure I understand but I'm not a meat eater and I mostly live on wheat and milk products, lol. That's insane. What is sprouted wheat products? I was diagnosed with colitis quite a few years ago. I found a book with a diet for it and other things..... I went off sugar, dairy, and gluten. I slowly went back to sugar, but limit/substitute the dairy and gluten. Mine went away even tho my doc said diet had nothing to do with it and said I was probably just lactose intolerant. I use soy milk and yogurt, millet bread...... cereal is the most difficult to find..... one that taste decent..... as I want oat bran. Just as an FYI, colitus is not ulcerative colitus. At first I was like HUH? and then I went back and realized that what I thought was some sort of pizza was what you were calling natchos, lol. Not sure WHAT it is cuz it's not like natchos in a bag and it's like a big circle cut into pizza slices but yeah, it does have salsa beside it. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! At first I wasn't gonna save it cuz I thought, well it really doesn't look like candycorn but it IS cute, lol. Soooooooooooo... I finally tried candy corn. I bought a package of candycorn minibags along with a bunch of other candy for estimating and counting at school. I put the candy in ziplock baggies and have the kids estimate how many packages/candies and then count together and then they have to say if more or less than they thought. So aaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyhow, I took one bag out and threw it in my lunchpail. Just opened it and tried some tonight. No offence guys buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut... YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! I haven't seen it anywhere. So what is it? Half chocolate and have candycorn candy? Hersey hugs are chocolate and white chocolate swirled. Kinda like that? And I love the real candy corn. Chocolate should never try to be candy corn. So, we're leave the candycorn kisses hunt for next year, lol. I can feed it to the kids if it's really gross, lol. You going to the Toronto cluncheon this weekend? If they aren't sour, I'll take 'em. I love gumballs, lol. Beats the hell outta candycorn, lol.
  15. I have some comments on the ulcerative colitus stuff but too tired right now, lol. Found some stuffs at the CB for ya...
  16. Reed started singing Did I go somewhere, lol?
  17. couchie.... I have a very strong immune system and have not had a cold or the flu for years, knock on wood. Crossing my fingers that holds with the H1N1. I'm afraid of the flu shots cause almost everyone I know that has gotten them has gotten sick from them. We'll see... I may change my mind if this gets worse. First, Couchie, I'm not sure whether to go ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww or to laugh. I wish I had a strong immune system. Mine SUCKS. I'm still not over this bug that I started fighting the weekend before the weekend before the gala (so before the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend). My ears are just starting to clear out. Double ear infections are no fun. Left one finally popped/squeaked and I could finally hear out of it last night for the first time since my flight into Buffalo from Charlotte. I stll sound a bit froggy and have a bit of bronchitis. Has been 3 weeks since I first started fighting this thing. Everybody says, "You've been teaching little kids for years, you should be immune to everything" but I spent 15 yrs on Predisone and other anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics galore for ulcerative colitus and my immune system is crap because of it. It's somewhat better now than it was but I swear that last year, I went from one cold bug to the next all Fall and Winter with only like 2 weeks total in 3 or 4 months where I wasn't fighting some bug. I was on the "high-risk" for flu list when had the colitus and I was advised to get the shot every year. After 3 years straight of getting a huge-assed swelling on the injection site and then having a fever and mild flu symptoms for over a week every time I got the shot, I said "screw it". I quit getting the flu shots for like 10 years. Doc insisted that you can't get the flu from a flu shot. Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine, we'll try it again. Nope. Ended up with a fever and mild flu symptoms again and a sore injection site again. I haven't had the flu since I had colitus (which was hell), so not for almost 10yrs. We'll call those good odds and leave it at that. I'm just gonna take my chances and use the hand sanitizer pump by the door in the classroom at school. I wash my hands a LOT at school. Always have. Doesn't seem to help when little kids are snotting all over and coughing in your face all day, lol. (all sick in my class but ONE. Only had 12 kids Monday, 13 on Tuesday and 12 today and not always the same ones away. No flu though...just a bunch of different colds. My major worry is that a school 15 min from ours has had 2 confirmed H1N1 cases and our Principal's daughter goes to that school and we have kids out of area from that area. One of my kids from that area said her brother was home puking. Goodie. Guess it's on my doorstep. The custodian sprays the tables, doorknobs, microwave, etc... with virex every night, so that's something I guess. I'm going to try to be more careful with the taps in the staff bathroom and try to get into that turn off the taps with the paper towel routine that they have plastered on the sign beside the papertowel dispenser.
  18. Okaaaaaaaay... here they are. These were all taken by Nickikiwi on a Canon PowerShot SX6.S5 IS I tried to talk her into trying some vid seeing she was gonna be up close...but no cigar, lol.
  19. Nicki said she didn't care about the pix and that she knows who took 'em and that's all that matters to her. I'm having to upload them one at a time to PB cuz the bulk uploader won't load for me right now. I really liked the old uploader where you could pick some files to upload and get them going and go do something else and then come back when they were finished. There is a message on PB under the upload button that says: Does anybody know how to work that when you just want to upload 5 to 10 images and you don't want to wait 10 years for the bulk uploader to load? There's a novel idea!
  20. I'm sick of being sick myself. Nickikiwi JUST got home cuz she went back to NYC after the gala. She posted a few pix that she took at NNHB. I thought that they were really good. She hasn't tagged her pix, so not sure if I'm supposed to post them yet or not. I asked if she cared about the tags. I'll letcha know! Here's Shamrock's Smugmug. She posted the link at CV, so assuming it's OK: http://s122.photobucket.com/albums/o275/SH...202009/?start=0 Toni7babe's: https://toni7babe.smugmug.com/Music/Gala/99...687595927_3XDNe
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