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  1. Well, you just answered a question I was going to ask -- if I want an mp3 of Moon River, whose should I get? I guess I now know! Mind you, we haven't heard Scarlett's yet. :tapfoot: Hers should be good because she was also back aways and fairly central. Her camcorder has a totally different sound than the rest. Spot and I have identical camcorders, so sound should be similar except she was up close, so she should have awesome vid and I was further back and central, so mine won't be the best vid but should have the better sound..... I think. Toni7babe got some awesome vid but she uses a digital camera, so the sound can never be as good as from a camcorder.
  2. Good to know cuz I CAN'T HEAR THEM but everybody in the hotel room thought Moon River sounded really good! If nothing else, I've provided Goldarngirl with a good audio track for a Gala Montage DVD, lol. :thumbup: Cuz of some strange magnetic hold he still has over me? And a bunch of crazy assed friends? I love his voice (cracks aside, lol) but I don't love all of his song choices...and some song choices I really don't like, lol...but then again I've always been that way. I always do a lot of ffwding and repeating of songs I do love on CDs. I AM the picky bitch after all, lol. But I'm not going anywhere. I will say that OMWH has the highest proportion of songs on it that I really DO like of any album by any artist that I've ever owned. So THERE. Well, that's not my bug at least, lol. I'm just waiting for Justclay or Nickikiwi to yell at me that they caught my bug. I had myself pretty heavily medicated all weekend to keep from coughing on people, so I wouldn't share my germs and had waaaaaaaaaay over the recommended dose in me during the gala, so I wouldn't cough on the clack, lol. I had nothing much in my lungs though...just an annoying throat tickle. Oddly enough, my nose hasn't been that blocked up but my ears are still plugged SOLID. My doc is at the walk-in clinic tonight, so gonna go there tonight.
  3. Description: 2009 "National Inclusion Project" Gala Auction Part 5 BFM You can use the following link to retrieve your file: http://www.sendspace.com/file/lbh817 Description: 2009 "National Inclusion Project" Gala Faye introducing her singer son You can use the following link to retrieve your file: http://www.sendspace.com/file/sklpm9 And that's pretty much it for me. I have a bit of Clay's banter before Moon River but I was changing tapes for most of it. I only filmed when Clay was on stage (except for Faye introducing him)
  4. OK. Here's where the little girl (who was a peasant at one of the Spamalot shows I was at) decided to stand up right in front of me! Lots of earthquakes as I tried to shoot around her. I had to go into the fuzzy digital zoom range for a lot of it. I had to physically move to the right to get around her head to zoom back enough to get the framed records thingie they were auctioning into the viewfinder. I remember at one point when she half turned around, that I tried to wave her down with my left hand but she was oblivious. I also remember trying to look under the viewfinder to see what I could see with my "naked eye" so to speak and was actually surprised that I was getting as much as I was cuz frankly I couldn't see squat...and neither could the others at my table! Description: 2009 NIP Gala Auction Part 4 Platinum Record raffle & day with Clay You can use the following link to retrieve your file: http://www.sendspace.com/file/lbrjn4
  5. Description: 2009 NIP Gala Auction Part 3 dinner for 10, BOTW shirt You can use the following link to retrieve your file: http://www.sendspace.com/file/7fvgvm
  6. Tribeca is my new best friend. :thumbup: Last year he did EIDN, so I was hoping that a band would mean at least one upbeat/fun song. While WDC would not be appropriate for a Gala, Ashes would. He looked reeeeeeeeally good... at least from half-way back the room and in the photos that they had laid out on the tables for the silver/gold table people to pick up. I haven't read anywhere else. I can't say that he sounded his best on the first couple of songs but I don't for a minute believe that his voice is 'shot'. He just hasn't been using it because he's had to rest it from the jaw surgery and just hasn't been singing enough lately his voice to be "in concert form" so to speak. In the past he's relied on never warming up and just showing up and singing. As he gets older, he may have to revise that philosophy. This wasn't something that he could warm up for though.
  7. I think my auction stuff turned out better than the song stuff. Think I was fading by the end, lol. Description: 2009 NIP Gala Auction Part 2 TV Raffle, Spam Poster, Sean, Spam bear You can use the following link to retrieve your file: http://www.sendspace.com/file/2nb7b2 I should get another hug cuz I had to put up with Justclay's bitching about me bitching all weekend.
  8. Thanks for the feel better messages. As long as I stay on the ground, I should be OK, lol. I tried the old "plug the nose and blow" approach...not too hard though and I've reversed the clogging back to what it was all weekend. In other words, the left ear is back to being able to hear somewhat again. It wasn't too painful treenuts...basically just uncomfortable. I kept opening and closing my jaw and massaging in front of my ears during all of the flights in an effort to keep something moving through. I basically just wanted to avoid blowing an eardrum, lol. Description: 2009 NIP Gala auction Part 1 jewellery raffle, guitar, David Foster show, fugly jacket You can use the following link to retrieve your file: http://www.sendspace.com/file/r81pwp
  9. Description: 2009 NIP Gala surprise short mid-dinner speech by Clay You can use the following link to retrieve your file: http://www.sendspace.com/file/s0gneq ETA: this one just finished: Description: 2009 NIP Gala Clay and Diane present Founders Award You can use the following link to retrieve your file: http://www.sendspace.com/file/j9tf9e
  10. Yup. Yup. I really wasn't expecting the same level of banter that we got at the bearded Clay gala. His mind would have been elsewhere during part of the preparation stages. Have they even had the funeral yet? I doubt he had that much time to practise. His voice was kinda rusty and not warmed up (until Moonriver). I'm sure that it'll be fine come tour time.
  11. I can't hear demmit and it's driving me nuts! My whole head is one big sinusey, swollen, blocked up mess. There's a reason that they say to not fly with a cold/plugged ears/ear infection. I wasn't going to miss the gala but I'm paying for it now. Ugh. I've called in sick and have croaked at the Supply Teacher, so she's good for tomorrow. :thumbup: I'll work away at capping clips. I'm gonna go through and get large wmvs for everything first on Windows Movie Maker on the this old fast laptop cuz I know I don't have to preview them for blips. I'll make sendspaces. Just gonna start at the beginning of the tape. If I get done, then I'll go for MPEGs on the bigger laptop tomorrow but those I gotta preview for blips. Apologies right now for the camcorder going in and out of focus and for the "earthquakes" during the standing up and sitting down portions. The clack does skip around, lol. Sawry. The camcorder struggled a lot with focusing for some reason. Worst I've had since Detroit NAJNT. You'll see the focusing on the heads issue in the first clip with the one lady who was directly in front of me who was really tall. I was never really comfie cuz I had to keep the camcorder propped pretty high to shoot over her head. I have no explanation for the rest of the "in and out of focus" problems. The camcorder just seemed confused. :shrug Every time it went out of focus and refused to come back, I had to zoom out or move the camera around (more earthquakes) to confince it to come back into focus. Part-way through, there's a girl (who was a peasant at one of the Spam shows I went to) who stood up to stand beside her Mom, right in front of our table and directly in front of me. A lot of people were not happy that she decided to stand up in front of us and mom let her do it. I shot around her as best I could. I'm sure Scarlett got much better from where she was. She was the same distance back but had a clear hole to shoot through and looked quite securely anchored on the back of her chair.
  12. YW. Not a camcorder that I've used before. I wasn't as close as some, so I ventured into digital zoom territory and it kept going out of focus. I found that when I included the guitar player, it stayed in focus better. I've been sick, so it was a tad shakey/wavery. Not my bestest work. I know... Excuses, excuses, lol. But the sound's good on mine. I see that I accidentally posted the same link twice last night instead of posting 2 different ones. Here's the one I missed but it's already vaulted at CV, so guess I got it right there: Description: 2009 Gala banter and My Eyes Adored You You can use the following link to retrieve your file: http://www.sendspace.com/file/79ok07 Scarlett was at the next table over from me and I glanced over at her a few times and she got EVERYTHING (except when she was changing tapes). I only did when Clay was on stage. I spoke with Scarlett after and we both saw our tapes running out prior to Moonriver and changed tapes during his pre-Moonriver banter. I almost changed when Faye was talking. Should have. Ah wells... In the end, it would have fit cuz there was 5 min left and Moonriver wasn't that long. I'd better refrain from commenting too much on the singing performances cuz I'm tired, sick and kinda feeling crappy right now and as Justclay kept pointing out all weekedn, I'm even more of a picky bitch when I'm sick than I normally am, lol. I couldn't hear that well due to an ear infection and swollen ear canals, so I wasn't in the "blown away" camp but I'll just say, my feelings align fairly closely to Muski's, lol. What I could hear, I though that he sounded a little rough/rusty in the first couple of songs and like he was straining. Obviously, he hasn't been singing that much and he's rusty (presumably to rest the jaw). By the time he got to Moonriver, his voice was warmed up and it sounded MUCH better. Loved Moonriver. Verra nice. I'll be honest. I would have loved to hear him do one more song and rock out on Ashes or something, seeing he had a band instead of just a piano. I was glad to not be at the very back but do wish that I could have been closer cuz from what I could tell from the pictures of the silver/gold table people with Clay, he was looking really gooooooooood. BTW, I thought that he looked younger in some of the pictures. I'll try to cap some more tomorrow. I've called in sick for tomorrow cuz my voice is totally shot (got worse from the airplane air...first flight from Raleigh to Charlotte had REALLY bad air) and second from Charlotte to Buffalo...well, my ears crackled a squeaked and almost cleared out cuz we climbed up really high. I could hear out of my right ear for the first time in 4 days! It was great...while it lasted. Was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad coming down and now my left ear plugged solid, so can't hear well out of either one. I'm feeling kinda "foggy" and it ain't the Aiken foggy. Yeah, yeah....poor me. Thanks to Fromclaygary for organizing the breakfast. Scarlett, I should have asked what room you were in. I missed a clack party apparently, lol?
  13. Description: 2009 Gala banter and ALAWH You can use the following link to retrieve your file: http://www.sendspace.com/file/tn9tnp Description: 2009 Gala banter and ALAWH You can use the following link to retrieve your file: http://www.sendspace.com/file/tn9tnp
  14. Not my best work cuz was running out of tape and quickly changed before this, so kinda shakey. Description: 2009 NIP Gala Moonriver You can use the following link to retrieve your file: http://www.sendspace.com/file/9o863u
  15. One day, Clay fed fried fish to the dogs . Unfortunately, he tripped over the cat and hit his head on the new swing set in his backyard, head throbbing so and reached out towards Parker , who was toddling towards him, while carrying his favourite toy....watergun! Parker was aiming it at the snake Jaymes accidentally let in while picking up Parker's toys in the swimming pool and then Parker recognized Clive and bit his ankle, then needed shots to ward off evil snake venom. Jaymes said, "How in the hell are we going to get rid of the body paint we used?" Raleigh started digging on Clive's bald found it empty, just what I would have suspected from such a big ass "head". Durham bounded over and bit Clive's nose and peed quickly on his body painted head! Raleigh barked at a falling leaf that landed on the porch roof. This distracted everyone at Decca Records just as Clay laughed and kicked Clive's hairy butt all the way back to RCA. "Time to play!" Clay giggled hysterically, since Clive deserved pee and paint. Clay stepped on a banana peel body painted onto the dance floor, slipped and slide off into a Claymate Zany's arms! When suddenly he girly-squealed and waved at Jaymes, who laughed and hugged Reed, who walked off wearing pumps and a lacey teddy with a picture of Clay tattoed on his tight, nicely rounded biceps! Clay couldn't believe his eyes, when suddenly he saw his Mom drooling. Clay squealed, ""Mommmmmmmm, please, don't make me take a picture of you licking Reed's ice cream cone. Let me handle that myself. Oh!" Clay hit his thigh with his very hard head. "Ow! Ow! Ow!", he cried as the lump grew BIGGER and BIGGER until he couldn't stand the pain. When suddenly Raleigh started to bark. The doorbell rang. Still holding his hotdog in his hands, Clay hobbled over to the nearest sympathetic person and laid his head on Reed's very sympathetic lap. Reed's response was immediate and obvious but only Clay has the way to make him drop the tutu from his mouth and onto Clay's large, hard wood. Meanwhile, Jaymes answered Parker's screams for somebody to answer Mr. UPS shorts, who was holding a really heavy package addressed to canfly, who was Ruben Studdard. "Wait! I'm, not Ruben!" UPS man apologized. "MY package!" canfly yelled greedily, grabbing Clay's large, hard, frozen Breyer's Peach Ice-cream covered, package. Giggling with glee, Clay jumped up and dropped his hotdog! "I'll get Ruben on the phone. Ice-cream partay!!!!". "I'll go buy a chocolate cake and some pickles", said Jaymes, handing Clay a dollar and tucking it safely in his waistband. "You coming?" "Almost. Keep trying". Jaymes rolled her thumb over his belt buckle and shouted, "It's fake!" Reed's jaw dropped. "The dollar doo-doo-head!" The next day, Clay awoke to someone sniffing at his sticky chin, covered with melted gooey and sticky, but very fragrant chocolate icing and peanut butter oreos. After thoroughly licking Clay's chin, Raleigh bolted towards Reed, who was wiping off his tutu, before pirouetting perfectly around the room and suddenly ripped the oreo bag, dumping the crumbs all over Clay's waterbed. The dogs jumped up on the bed, vacuuming with their noses and tongues, sucking, accidentally puncturing the blown up toy doll, which Clay had recently purchased. Clay wasn't happy with the frisky kitten that appeared from behind the fugly fringed ottoman he had just covered to match his new outfit. However, fringed paisy was not his idea. Faye insisted and you know Clay couldn't say exactly what he thought. "It's ghastly". Clay decided to make his mother wear it first so she would know how painful fringe could be. "Yes...it's true", Clay said to let people see paisley and stripes can set-u free. Faye's embarrassment however made Parker uncomfortable. He had taste and hoped that one day Daddy would learn to choose fabrics wisely. Unfortunately, so far mismatched stripes were his usual choice. Sad...yet complex. "SOCKS" cried Clay, "Must be striped!!!" Reed strongly disagreed before moving away to join the French Foreign Legion. Consoling Clay, Rick Holmes said "Ni!" That made Clay laugh so hard, hurt his knees when he tripped his mouth hit Parker's rocking chair. "Ow! Ow! Ow!" This is one confusing messed up sentence, lol:
  16. Just back from my whirlwind Thankgiving weekend with Nickikiwi. Happy Thanksgiving! Personally, Nicki and I had Wendys at Niagara Falls, lol. YYG has 2 rooms for our group and we only have 1 per bed for Friday night and 3 in each room for Saturday night. We have room. That and I have to cancel my booking at the Sheridan cuz YYG found a deal last week for the Marriott. We decided to go with being in the same building. Went to save it and then was questioning whether it was JNT or JNT2.
  17. I just saw that. Too freakin' funny: This is freakin' hilarious: KISS, lmao???? He only has 3 friends, lol. Does Raleigh have a page?
  18. I want Decca Dude back, lol. (CF hates being almost the only fan in clayland that doesn't like that picture...except for the crotch part, lol. I want to like it because I know that I'm supposed to like it but I just can't ) But the banner is put together nicely and the crotch part is nice and the letter is cool. I'll try to have a quick peek. Gotta go do a couple of washes and pack for Sat, Sun and Monday in Toronto with Nickikiwi. Weird way to spend a Thanksgiving Weekend but it's OK. We don't do Thankgiving much at my house anyhow. Really. All I was getting was the tribute picture on the main page.
  19. Just quoting cuz I wubs this picture and I can tell it ain't gonna win and I wanted to see it again! :panic: :panic: Good to know cuz I ordered 3 or 4 tops to try from Sears and I'd better go with something lightweight! I would be open to the VHS tapes, simply because there may be things on there that we don't have in the vaults? OR perhaps they might be a better version, if those vids in the vaults were captured off VHS too. Yikes! Don't throw them out jmh!!! Could you bring them to the gala or are you flying? I'm glad GDG spoke up cuz then we can watch em at cluncheons, lol. :04: Can you tell us some of the mags? You could always put some on ebay and donate whatever you make to NIP.
  20. Just me cuz I still can't stand his hair in number 1 and something about his eyes has always looked strange in that picture, so I'm likely the only person here who doesn't like that picture, lol. (but the jeans and the shirt and jacket are nice) I loved the other top 3 pictures and #2 is absolutely one of my all time favourite pictures of Clay.
  21. #2 all of the way! Just saw the results.
  22. Love both very much. That was tough. Went with #2. Tomorrow's will be a snap for me. One picture I love and one I don't.
  23. Thanks merrieeee, but It looks like my friend found one as well. Just a suggestion, if someone has an extra ticket they can contact Aron Hall. That's how I found mine. When I didn't have much success at the boards I called The Project and he said he knew of someone who had a ticket to sell and he sent them my contact info. They got in touch with me. ...and now I get to meet ldyj and canfly and others... :ura: Thanks merrieeee, but It looks like my friend found one as well. Just a suggestion, if someone has an extra ticket they can contact Aron Hall. That's how I found mine. When I didn't have much success at the boards I called The Project and he said he knew of someone who had a ticket to sell and he sent them my contact info. They got in touch with me. ...and now I get to meet ldyj and canfly and others... :ura: I'm sharing a room with Idyj so we will probably meet too!
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