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  1. SSSSSSQQQQUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Good grief, he looks tasty in that pic.
  2. Do tell, Clay4shore! I've always thought he was so sexy. Ansamsc, did you ever watch Forever Knight? I thought that was a great vampire show. I'm also a huge Buffy and Angel fan.
  3. Bottlecap, I love vamps too! My absolute fave sexy vamp is Chris Sarandon in Fright Night. I love the scene where he seduces Amy on the dance floor...Uh, the neck biting scene was all kinds of hawt too. Vamp off Vamp on
  4. Seriously? The WORST thing someone can do is give me a place to smut beefcake. Here's more The brothers from Prison Break. Yeah, wouldn't mind being part of that samich. Jamie Foxx is getting a lil sleazy but still good looking: Double the pleasure, double the fun! Cillian Murphy and Tom Welling Lastly, he maybe young, but i think he's ready. Lee Thompson Young Whew! I'm spent. That was lots of fun.
  5. Kandre you are going waaay back. I don't have many crushes from that period but I always thought Cary Grant was quite the dapper don. Also, back to the future: Daniel Dae Kim. Yowsa!
  6. Well, I was thisclose to posting my pics but it keeps telling me it won't accept my image extention. Sucks to be techno challenged. AHA! Thanks Ansa for fixing these. Blair Acey-poo Henry James Blunt - my new honey Peter Saarsgard Simon Baker And my oldest love, Steve harris
  7. Ebird, you kill me! Jake is at the top of my list too! And you picked one of the hawtest pics of him I've ever seen. Blast you! He is followed only by my #1 hubby - Steve Harris from The Practice and now Heist. Simon Baker (The Guardian and Something New), Blair Underwood (L.A.Law and Madea's Family Reunion), and Henry Simmons(NYPD Blue) round out my top five. Can we only do a top ten? Cuz I'm pretty sure I can get twenty. I'll post pics of the pretty later.
  8. So i finished the book. It was good, but it seems to me that Deavers went lighter. Nowhere near as dark as his previous stuff. Plus, there is a HUGE suprise at the end that had me tickled. But, I won't spoil you.
  9. Couchie, when did you become evil? How can I maintain my unintense image if you keep ratting me out!?? As usual Buzz, you bring the prettiest, clearest Clay pics around. Thanks!
  10. I'm back! I stayed the full four days and attended all the Toms River concerts. I had a really good time. Great, in fact. I had one foot out of the Clay fandom and I swear Clay knew it. When he sang That'll Be the Day I felt like he was talking to me: "Silly woman! You thought you could leave me??? Take this!" *sigh* I danced straight through the 50s and 60s. I'm not a big Elvis fan but Clay's renditions were impressive especially Suspicious Minds. And my precious Backups! There were great as usual. Jacob messed up his song a bit. Quiana slayed hers and the audience. Angela was very good. I also saw Kelly, Maroon 5 and Keith Urban. Kelly's sound was a bit distorted and her set short. Otherwise it was a very good show and I was suprised to see at least 3 of Clay's former band members. The drummer from Clay's last tour? I actually saw him walking around the fair and thought I was going mad. Seeing Clay related people and things everywhere. Keith Urban's set was flawless. And Maroon 5 had some kinks with their sound. Adam-the lead singer's mike seemed to drop in and out a few times and he couldn't seem to hear. HIs voice was off a bit. Also no large screens were available for the concerts. TomsRiver could have a really good annual event on its hands. They will need to pick up some more vendors to make it worth staying all day. Their staff was incredibly friendly. And they were all volunteer staff. I know people who get paid for those jobs and are nowhere near as nice. I will put a more detailed Clay recap in our recap section. Now, I'm off to catch up on all I missed. mwah!
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kandre!!!! Awww, what are you 27? Girl, you don't look a day over 25. May I age so well. Hope it's been a good day.
  12. Thanks for the recommendation MmeEmile. I'll pick one of Coben's books up. And WELCOME to the FCA message board.
  13. EEEEEEEEEEEEE!! The backups are back. Good, that makes me so happy. Also, I'm glad he went ahead and made his own comment on the charges. I wish then BAF the best of luck.
  14. In just a few short days I'll be watching the Pasty One perform live! I am getting so fangurly again. I just can't wait. I read Clay is not selling as well as he did last year (not that he's selling badly) but I want to get a good seat. But frickin TomsRiver is price gouging something horrid. To get a good seat they now want you to basically purchase the tix, a premium upgrade, general admission into TomsRiverfest AND a fast pass something or another. I'm going to be there the whole 4 days, so it is really racking up the charges. Bastards.