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  1. OK, this "ALMOST" borders on stalking: AI2- 2003 - St Louis (1) Independent- 2004 - Kansas City and St Louis (2) First Gala in Kansas City 2004 - (1) Not a Tour- 2004 - Charlotte - Indianapolis - Springfield - Wichita - Raleigh (2) - (6) JNT- 2004 - Chicago - (1) Book signing - Chicago - (1) JBT- 2005 - Indianapolis - Interlochen - Merrillville (3) JNT-2005 - Chicago - Kansas City - Iowa - Nashville (M&G) - (4) JNT-2006 Merrilville - Waukegan (Iced in and had to cancel) - (1) SRHP-2007 - Frisco - Houston - Tulsa - Tampa - West Palm Beach - Orlando - (6) JNT-2007 - Kalamazoo - South Bend - St Louis - (3) Spamalot- 3 shows May of 2008 - (3) TT- 2010 - Jacksonville - Clearwater - Melbourne - Hammond - (4) TNT- 2010 - Chicago in 9 Days!!! (1) Total is 37. That is not enough to get me on any list is it? Have not bought any tickets for 2011....yet. Trying to figure out how to get as many shows as possible and be able to splain it to hubby.
  2. Thanks shortyjill. I have too many CDs and downloads that I get confused.
  3. Anytime Clay Aiken sings the word "baby" I just melt. I am a horrible Clay Fan. I know I have BUIHTD, but I can't find it in my Itunes and I can't remember where it came from. Was it a bonus from somewhere. I have it because I have heard it and I need to hear it again.
  4. Me too 1dyjocelyn and a meet and greet! I'm just happy to finally see him on my TV!! jmh, I love these little guys and it is just how I feel.
  5. I just found out that KTVI in St Louis is airing the PBS special on October 20th at 9 PM!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a first showing, and I finally get to see IML!! I am pumped and .
  6. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! It's finally here. Have a great time all of you lucky people that are in Raleigh. Show Clay the love and bring back lots and lots of Clack. I hope the NIP raises more money than imaginable this year.
  7. luckiest, great recap! That bolded line CMSU!! What a great, successful night last night was. It's just like old times, the man opens his mouth and women ovulate. He has me forever and ever and then some. Thanks for all of the pics, videos and recaps. I love being in this fandom!
  8. Haven't posted in awhile. Welcome to the new peeps. Favorite things Clay sings...from ALAWH this one stops me dead in my tracks- When you're with me I breathe easy. You are my need right now love me. :hubbahubba: I love in GOG when he sings Ah know, Ah know- love it, love it, love it. The Real Me- I go into a fit when he sings- Shadows of shattered dreams, they've followed me, they've haunted me. GAH! Every song has certain phrases that I love and cannot wait to hear. EIDN is Well, well so sexay.
  9. I haven't had time to read here in awhile. I have been pre-occupied with a certain sexy singer man who can sing and dance and act and be funny sometimes all at the same time. I love the feel of this board, the opinions, the funny and all of the stories. I have been so impressed with OMWH since the moment I got it in my hot little hands. The thing about this album for me is that at first listen, I felt that it was a very sound, mature, eclectic, piece of work. There is not one song that I can say that I don't like. Even when I try to skip to another song, I don't. Each song has something special in it that I can't wait to hear. I think Clay is proud of this album. I think he got to do what he wanted for the most part. And I absolutely love it. I haven't had an album that I can listen to the whole thing in years. I have no doubts that Clay will turn up again with something up his sleeve. I hate that he doesn't get critical acclaim....those people are deaf. But I love what I hear. I think Clay is so full of ambition and talent that he will always be able to entertain. He loves singing and that will always be a part of his life. I want it all for him and I want it to be easier than it has been, but I have no doubt that he will keep being Clay and find a way to be heard. I cannot wait for him to tour this music. He will absolutely KILL on these songs!
  10. Why would they? I'm right there with you. It has been a blast. I am still in my PJ's since 5:00 this morning when I first went to Slovenia. And to tell you how much I lurve the snippets....I am a real dumbass when it comes to technical stuff. No monkey, I am talking REAL dumbass. Anyway, I finally figured out how to actually burn a CD!!!!!! Please hold your applause, it's only taken my 5 years to do this. I have them on repeat and cannot walk away. Hubby's eyes have rolled out of his head a few times today, but I just told him to move on, there's nothing to see here. I love all the excitement on the boards! I think Clay finally got what he wanted in spades, and I can't wait to get the full gift!
  11. I am ecstatic with the snippets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Slovenia...who would a thunk it? I love Slovenia. I love the eclectic feel to these songs. The lyrics are poignant..especially....get outta mah bed! I am so thrilled with what Clay, Jaymes and Kipper have put together here. I can't wait to get my hands on it.
  12. couchtomato, I guess what I mean is I hope he gets some National promo, not just the internet fans. I love that they are including ads for his CD in the Playbill. I agree that we are miles ahead than with ATDW, but I haven't seen any real national promo that would include a national awareness. I am excited about Kipper and he couldn't have come cheap, so that is a great thing that is different this time around. I hope we get a PR this week that will be picked up nationally. I would love to see some radio spots. I wonder too if because of Spamalot, there will be more promo the week the CD drops? This time around is so much better, it has a different feel to it than the depressing, nothing we had last time. Anyway, what will be will be and I can't wait to get that CD in my hands.
  13. I lurve the CD cover's artsy. With NYC in the background, it says it all to me. I love the pensive look on his face. The pic on the floor is just a tease, that man is no innocent. So far, I am liking what I hear of the new CD, but I cannot wait until we can finally get the final cuts with Clay's voice. I really, really hope that RCA can get off of their collective asses and do some promo this time around. I refuse to worry about it, but Clay deserves to have his CD heard by more than NJU. He just looks so happy in the videos and pics, I will not get to see him until May 1st for the first time in Spamalot.....can.not.wait!
  14. Thankful4Clay and Muski, thanks for the err......enlarged boots! I love that man's feet. Upon looking mumbly82timesmumbly at the soft, powder blue, hooded attire that Clay seems to be donning, I do believe my eye sees it as a hooded bathrobe. Yes, that's right, with nothin underneath. I don't see a sweatshirt at all. Do you think I need my eyes checked?
  15. That bottom lip always gets me. Chest hairs.....OMG, I remember the days when we prayed for only 1 T shirt. Love the new boots, want a closeup, don't know how to do it. Love the crowd pics, the man is a STAH! How did we get so lucky?