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  1. I just watched this on the GMA website. I know some think he was being glib or whatever but I think we have to remember that this isn't a new revelation to Clay, his family or close friends. He's used to it. He's used to describing himself as a gay man to those that are important to him in his private life. I didn't expect him to cry or be upset or anything else. Like all things Clay, I imagine this was a well thought-out interview - what he would say and how he would say it. I thought he came across very, very well. He's articulate and caring as always. His concerns for his mother and grandmother and his repeated statements about not telling anyone they are wrong in their feelings and thoughts were quintessential Clay Aiken! At the same time he doesn't want anyone telling him he's wrong for feeling how he does. I've struggled with all of this - still am somewhat - but I honestly can't put words to my feelings. Just need to get used to it and move on. Seeing Clay with baby Parker and reading Jaymes' interview this morning at - I think for the first time in his entire life....Clay is at peace with himself. To me that makes all the rest of it just noise!
  2. Happy, happy, happy birthday ldyj - and may the coming year be a good one for you!
  3. jmh - your response WAS snippy and that's what set me off! It's always cause and effect and disagreeing with someone is fine as long as the disagreement is courteous. We've said many times that it's all about tone. I don't believe I was discourteous to you. And as I said before, I wasn't laughing at particular posters but more how attitudes and opinions changed when the TMZ story was proven to be true. I've been told that it's healthy to have a different opinion and state it. It doesn't feel very healthy! In fact it gets damn uncomfortable to buck the trend here. I honestly don't know why I bother sometimes.....and I don't disagree with most of you MOST of the time. And to defend your opinion or yourself is not making a mountain out of a molehill. It's the apparent need to defend yourself that creates that mountain. And I truly am exhausted and I really need to logoff. Clay sweetie, I hope you're gettng some rest and are able to get up from the toilet!!! Goodnight - again.
  4. I was not throwing anything in anybody's face. I was not laughing at anybody in particular but more the general sense. I did not say you have to be with a child 24x7 to be a good father. Using the word "sure" was as inflammatory as when I used the dreaded word "fairytale!" It would just be nice sometime if the overall feeling of a post was considered rather than keying in on one word and going off to the races with it. And if you read back through days of posts here and elsewhere - people are pretty convinced that Clay will not leave little Parker in Raleigh at all. Maybe that's true. Maybe he will drive. Maybe he will fly. Maybe he'll charter a plane or rent a limo. I.don't.know. and neither does anybody else - which is ALL I was trying to say when this started a few hours ago. I have no idea how this got so out of hand. But I'm going to bed. This ain't fun. And I"m tired.
  5. Yes - apparently. I never said Parker would never be in New York. My thought process was that he was too young right now. I was merely responding to many posts that were sure (use whatever word or phrase you want here - it's all semantics) he was going to be with Clay. I don't agree that all an infant wants is to be fed and changed. I think very early they get familiar with their surroundings and react when those are changed. That's also why I kept stating that Clay and Jaymes would decide what's best AT THIS TIME for their child. I don't think the fact that Clay was lacking a father or wanted a baby so badly that he would put his needs ahead of his own child's. But that opinion isn't shared and that's okay. I was suggesting something Clay could do to see his little guy IF he was still in Raleigh while Clay was in NY. My guess is as good as anybody else's. But if someone says anything that goes even slightly against the grain it's like heresy around here sometimes. It's too bad it's that way because I think alot of good discussions go by the wayside because some won't even consider the alternative. I was VERY careful how I stated all of my posts. I don't know squat about Clay and his family - just like the rest of you don't. I never read where Faye was going to New York when Parker was 6 weeks old but somebody did so it was probably true. I don't think anyone would deliberately make it up. Clay DOES interchange I and we regularly and usually speaks of himself in the third person - so, I have no clue what he meant in his blog either. For the record.....I'm sure if Parker isn't with Clay for even a part of the NY gig that Clay will miss him dreadfully. It would be really sad if he missed out on some of the "firsts" that will be happening in the next 4+ months! Heidi - I realize you can't remember the exact context but I NEVER automatically assumed anything! And I don't see any anecdotal evidence pointing toward anything...just alot of conjecture. And I have certainly gone on record MANY times that I don't care if I'm disagreed with - a fact you always seems to conveniently forget. And yet again - stating an opinion has created a mountain out of a molehill. I'll sure be glad when Spamalot starts so that there's something really important to talk about. It will be alot more fun around here.
  6. I am NOT trying to change anybody's opinion - just stating my own. If it were my child and he was only 4-6 weeks old I would not be uprooting him from what is familiar until he was a titch older. That means no long car rides, no nasty airplane air full of germs, etc. And until Clay either tells people where his baby is or someone sees the baby - we.just.don't.know! And that's all I was trying to say.
  7. I'm kind of laughing here. Months ago when this news first broke I shared my feelings about absentee fathers, etc. and many of you, MANY of you commented on the fact that many fathers are not with their children 24x7 because of their jobs and that doesn't make them any less loving or nurturing. And then there were scenarios cited to back up that opinion! It's interesting to me that now many of you can't picture Clay ever being without little Parker. I personally think Clay will do what's best for Parker - not what's best for him. If that means he drove up from Raleigh with child, so be it. IF it means he spends some time in NY by himself because he doesn't want to move Parker around - so be it. It just bothers me somewhat when people are soooooo sure that something is going to happen - when they really don't know for sure. But I do think the child's comfort will be foremost in his mind. As much as Clay has wanted to be a father, I can imagine some scenarios where it would be difficult to have the little guy with himall the time. Can any of you mothers imagine a toddler on a tour bus for an extended period of time? I expect Clay and Jaymes will work it out for the best. In any case - it's nothing to argue about. I don't really care as Clay will do what he thinks is best.
  8. Well - all the above disclaimers. I think everyone is just assuming Clay will have Parker with him in New York right now. I would hope he would wait until the little guy is a bit older before he starts taking him on airplanes, etc. and disrupting whatever schedule he's in. Jaymes probably has alot of help in Raleigh with Faye and other relatives and friends, too. I was thinking that with the theater dark on Mondays and no show until Tuesday night, it wouldn't be that difficult for Clay to go home to Raleigh every Monday to see him. BUT - none of us really knows yet and maybe we won't know! Just talked to Scarlett and she sounds very upbeat! She's having a spam and cheese sandwich for dinner! She says it's been interesting watching the city kind of come back to life and that there haven't been as many sirens today as before. Still no power and she hasn't had to go to go back to work yet. Hee - she almost sounds like she's having fun!!!
  9. Woo! Hoo! Don't have to report for jury duty tomorrow! Annabear - congrats on your condo!!! Will this be the first residence you've owned? Always exciting! Couchieeeeeeeeeeee ----------------- I got my pins, too! They are verra verra niiiiiice! (tm Tim the Enchanter)
  10. Good morning. Oh Lotus - thanks for bringing that clip over. I wondered how Drew Lachey was doing as Patsy. Eh! But the little article under the video caught my eye: Hmmmm....wonder if there's a part in there for Clay! Don't know if Clay would be interested in another Broadway play but I would sure love to see him win a Tony for an original part! James Taylor is on GMA this morning and I swear his voice hasn't lost a titch since he first started. So pleasant. Like an old friend! Basements - my grandparents lived in old Sacramento and their basement was on ground level because the rivers used to flood regularly until the dam system was built in the Central Valley. Their living quarters were on the second floor of the house. The problem was resolved way before I was born but I have to tell you that basement was skeeeery. It always smelled damp and musty and there were creepy crawly things down there. But I'm with everybody else - I wouldn't go in that water until the electricity was turned off. What about storm cellars? Don't they have them in the midwest, etc. for tornado protection? Are they the same as basements? Clay content - none, so I"ll just post a pretty picture: :013085001176249046:
  11. Kim - I changed the word from "hated" to "dislike!" Point taken. But - no matter what you call it - to blame Jaymes for whatever the mythical "they" think is wrong with Clay's career is yet again treating him like a country bumpkin that doesn't know his own mind. I just can't buy that! I really, really don't see her pulling Clay around with a ring in his nose! I would like to think that he's been a willing participant in most of the decisions about his career. Because I see him as a very intelligent man who makes it his business to learn the business he's in. I think the people that get disappointed in him or think his career is in the toilet are the ones sometimes that are still expecting him to play the role of pop superstar. That might be a gross generalization, but I do think Clay knows what he's doing or doing what he wants to do. I personally don't see that as a comfortable fit for him! I don't know what happened with OMWH. It's a beautiful, beautiful CD and in my mind - quintessential Clay Aiken. It could be the times, it could be the music isn't what people want to here, it could be alot of things. But my guess is Clay will have learned from whatever happened or didn't happen. By the way, saw on the Comcast homepage this morning that Ruben Studdard owes the government $200,000 in back taxes. That made me sad.
  12. And another day of doing manual labor at the nursery! Hee! Sales are sooo tough. Everyone wanted to buy the trees in the 15 gallon cans. I feel like i've been lifting weights all day! I was watching MSNBC on Friday night and they had a spokesman from the power company in Houston. If I remember correctly he said that everyone with "overhead" lines would take longer to restore. But that the first priority is hospitals, police and fire department, etc. (probably government buildings, data centers and utility companys) Then they would have recovery crews driving through neighborhoods and assessing damages and coming up with priority lists. They also said they had called in quite a few 100 additional workers to assist in the restoral. BUT - he said it would be at least 2 weeks before all power was restored and maybe more depending on the extent of the damage. At that point the power was out (because I was talking to Scarlett on the phone and relaying the information) and the storm had not touched down yet. So the power company may have been expecting the worst with their plan and maybe it wasn't as bad as they thought. Haven't really paid attention since then. Just a comment on the folks that apparently still look on Clay as someone who needs protection or guidance or whatever words you want to use. They are seriously underestimating him - that's all I can say!!! I think when he was first on AI he was not very world-wise, but there wasn't anything lacking in his intelligence. I can't quote this but I know I've read where Clay always wanted to know how things worked with the tapings and recordings, etc. I think he got smart to the industry very, very quick! That doesn't mean to say that he has complete control over his career, but I'll bet he has a say in pretty much everything he does. The label might still be able to insist on "stuff" but as for his appearances, etc. I would bet Krispy Kremes to dollars that he has the final "yay or nay" on that. I also never thought he was the goody-two-shoes or sheltered invididual that many thought. That doesn't mean he can't project a wholesome image - which is what he's always stated he wanted to do. I think by now we're all aware of the fact there's the Clay on stage and the Clay offstage. We just don't really know Clay "offstage" because that's his private life. I guess I haven't read anywhere that some people dislike Jaymes and want her away from Clay! But then I've always thought that any woman who got close to Clay was going to be disliked by some. But quite frankly, isn't that true of any male celebrity that has a fanbase made up of women? Part of the gig is the fantasy....or at least it seems like it is!!! Having a woman come along makes it pretty hard to fantasize about him. I think it's going to be interesting over the next year to see what actually comes out - if anything - about Clay's relationship with Jaymes. There certainly are alot of "ifs" that could take place. And I just want to go on record yet again that I am extremely jealous of the Spam-goers!!! Happy for you - but damn jealous! :F_05BL17blowkiss:
  13. Kim - I could really have heard wrong but I don't think the Houston stadium has any power! And the street lights were still out as of last night, etc. Hotels don't have power, restaurants, and all that. Unless somehow miraculously they've cleared the damage and restored everything.
  14. Good morning. Wow - I went to bed at 08:30 last night and just died. I was sooooo tired. Big plant sale at the nursery. On my feet for 7 straight hours. I did hear from Scarlett again last night. She sounds a little more 'relaxed' than in previous conversations. I still don't know how someone is going to stay some place without power for several weeks or more. Hoping that was just an exageration and that power can be restored to the Houston area - and elsewhere - alot quicker! Ummmm - have to agree with CG. I don't think having Parker - whatever the circumstances were/are - will make any difference in Clay's acceptance in the industry. Don't believe the two are even remotely connected as to me it's never been about Clay's maturity! Somewhere along the line the media decided to make him a whipping boy for sensationalistic reporting. Radio decided early on they didn't like his music and wouldn't play it. I think doing gigs like Spamalot are what's going to get him the credit he deserves for his talent - not little Parker. Clay made a decision or a set of decisions to sing the songs he wants to sing and live his life the way he wants to live it (not play "the game") and it seems - again to me - that's what has caused his lack of so-called acceptance or acknowledgement among the critics and industry . He isn't cool - but then, he doesn't try to be! Just my opinion, however!