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  1. This is the most difficult choice for me...but I'm thinking I have to go with #2. *sigh*
  2. #2!! I'm such a sucker for that profile!
  3. #1 for me! I gotta agree with muski on this. There were lots of fine stage door pictures, but I love his expression in the first one too.
  4. I've always loved #1 and would have chosen that, but Clay and that little baby just turned me to mush.
  5. #1 for me! I still think it's the best he's ever looked.
  6. I have to go with #2 too....those broad shoulders!
  7. It's been difficult choosing for me as well. My choices don't often win, but I love seeing pics that I haven't seen for a long time!
  8. aikim, I honestly don't remember those Jaded Journalist interviews. I guess I'm going to have to search them out and decide for myself. I do remember reading about it and that some found them funny, and others not so much. Scarlett, thanks for the explanation about I missed it somewhere along the way, but glad I know now! idyj, I'm really loving the photo contest. It's fun to see some of those old photos of Clay that I've forgotten about. When I see the progression of the older photos to the new, it's clear that Clay is maturing fabulously! He looked so, so young back in the day and no
  9. Well crap! I love both photos so much...I'm so torn between the two. I must think about this for awhile.
  10. As adorable as he looks in #2, I just had to vote for #1.
  11. Definitely #1 for me...Good Lord, those eyes! I'm having a fun time with this everyday...it's brought me out of lurkdom a bit, which could be dangerous.
  12. I had to go with #2. Such an emotional moment for him.
  13. Happy Birthday Annabear!! Cindilu, your calendar is great!
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