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  1. I can't keep up. I'm just so very proud of him.
  2. Isn't that the truth? It's crazy. "Be gone, you have no power here!" (TM Glinda)
  3. I agree the focus will be income inequality and jobs. I live in an area where the economy is is a service economy...restaurants, big box stores, etc. Rents are high and people aren't making enough to survive without food stamps and Medicaid. I find this to be incredibly sad. Calurker, I do remember Clay saying this. You haven't lost it. *g* What's surprising to me is that Clay was so protective of his privacy, and now that he's considering running tells me he's very passionate for change to be willing to go through this process. I also enjoyed the Larry Flick interview very much.
  4. Hello all. If Clay has thought this all through carefully, then I say he should go for it. I will miss the voice terribly, but apparently he is more passionate for change than for entertaining at this point in time. I had a tough time sleeping last night, so I got lost in YouTube...great memories. I've often thought sometimes that somewhere along the way, Clay just lost interest for singing. I think our low temp was 12 last night and were supposed to get to 43 by Thursday. I'll believe it when I see it. Stay warm!
  5. Happy Holidays everyone. I sort of stopped posting because most everyone was feeling so optimistic about Clay's staying in entertainment, and I wasn't. I didn't want want to depress anyone or bring down the board. I'll still check in from time to time to say hello. I hope the board doesn't go away. Have a wonderful Holiday!
  6. I'm not one of the cool kids and have never been privy to the back channels, so in that regard I'm glad the clack was made available to all. However, I'm not downloading very much. I did watch the YATS snippet, and immediately deleted it. That was something I never want to see again. Totally different body language, and I'll never forget the look on his face as he was backing away. Wow. I'm thinking it's getting fairly late to be scheduling those intimate "events". Maybe it was the piano concert, dinner and balloon ride? I think Clay just doesn't want to perform at the Galas anymore. Anyone remember the remark he made several years ago about "whoring" himself out? I don't remember the context of the remark at the moment, but I remember at the time it upset some to hear him refer to it like that. Glad skating has started! Our little 7 year old starts lessons tomorrow too, so that's exciting!
  7. Thanks so much for the reports and pictures! I can imagine the mood for some mood be a bit subdued this year. Hopefully everyone still has a nice time. Busy day today. Got GD all signed up for her skating lessons this morning and we skated for about an hour and a half. So much fun! She informs me that we're going back again tomorrow...alrighty then!
  8. I just saw the pics on FB. Is Ethel sniffing Clay? Lol!
  9. Invisible as a ballad?! And he may record it? Loving all the reports!
  10. Well, no vacation for me, but speaking of grand babies I will be taking our 7 year old GD to register for skating lessons tomorrow. Can't wait! It sounds like a lot of fun. Free skating, exhibitions, etc. Then it's back home to clean the house...blech.
  11. Congrats on the new job Shortyjill! I love Kohls, even though we don't have one yet. We''re getting one soon though...the ground is broken. The first and only Kohl's I ever set foot in was Houston 10 years ago. Loved that store. Will be interesting to see how much of a role Clay will play on Law and Order. I love that show. Hope everyone that's in Charlotte is having a good time!
  12. luckiest and everyone attending the Gala, I hope you all have a great time!