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  1. Thank you! The medley sounds awesome. I cannot wait to see this in June. I'm praying it isn't delayed until August! EEEEEEPS! I'm gonna be toast.
  2. Excellent top two! Both are perfection, but one has a little more of the sexy going for it so I had to vote for #1. Thank you so much for brightening my mornings LDYJ! I appreciate all the time you've spent on this. It was a blast!
  3. I voted for the shoulders. I love those shoulders! And I love that outfit in #1. Schmoopie expression? Gorgeous #2 photo? I didn't notice either until after I had voted.
  4. And babies! Clay and babies is just plain sexy. There is probably something wrong with that statement, but there it is. Hand him a baby and I think about procreating. Lord, he's beautiful.
  5. Yep. Difficult choice (a testament to the amazing photographers we have in this fandom) but I made it quickly. Even more elemental than the singer is the beautiful man.
  6. This voting thing just gets harder and harder! I had to step away and return to the thread after I arrived at work because I just couldn't make up my mind. I finally decided to go with #1 because there is a little something extra in his eyes, along with a charming warmth in that sliver of a smile. I wonder if he was surprised at how quickly he bonded with Tyra? That was a very good day. #2 is phenomenal, but a little less personal. Kinda scary how much thought I put into each day's decision.
  7. Kids or no kids, I cannot vote against #1. *g* I'm shallow that way. Love, love, love that entire set of pics from Beverly Hills. #2 is fantastic also. He looks gorgeous, he's with kids, doing the work he loves. What a smile! This will always be a favorite. But... I'm shallow. There is a confidence and sense of success, a star factor that puts #1 over the top for me.
  8. ldyjocelyn I apologize for cursing at you just now. As I quickly scrolled down to reveal #1, I was thinking what an adorable early picture it was and how could I possibly resist that lovely vulnerable expression..... until I saw #2. He is freakin' adorable in #1 and I would vote for that pic if it were up against almost anything from the JBT, SRHP or CITH tours, but I can't resist the look of that Kimmel appearance. #2 for me. Sorry precious, adorable, beautiful #1.
  9. Fast vote for me. I'm kind of surprised how quickly I voted for #1. Love #2, great memories of the trummy and RS article excitement, but I love the way he has matured, as evidenced by $1, even more. The blond was really working for him in the California sunshine that day. Great set of shots. (despite the mandals! BWAH!) Gorgeous man, all confident and trendy without trying too hard.
  10. Easy choice for me today also. Those lips! #1 is an absolutely slurpable pic.
  11. I'm showing #2 some serious love this morning! Love #1, but #2 is one of the better stage door smiles. Sexy but goofy. Rawrrrrr....
  12. That whole set of pics from the #2 sighting were slurpilicious IMO. Had to give #2 all my love. Easy decision for a change! There is just something about #1 has always seemed a little "off" to me.
  13. Oh damn. I always vote within seconds of arriving here, but this one is going to take some time. I love both looks! I'll have to think about this one over breakfast. cruel, cruel woman. *g*
  14. I love the blond, but there is something about the composition and color in photo #1 that makes it a work of art. Stunning photograph no matter who the subject is, but the fact that it's Clay puts it over the top for me. ldyjocelyn, waking up to this photo contest every morning starts my day off with a smile. Thank you!