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  1. Not that I know of, but I'd be happy to meet up for breakfast or lunch! I can't do dinner, either... I was able to get my M&G rescheduled.
  2. *sticking head back in for first time since forever* Two shows down, one to go. It was supposed to be "one, maybe two to go"; but after Memphis was cancelled**, SF went from possible to definite. **Which SUCKS! I was supposed to be on a Greyhound on the way there right now. Double suckage in that I had a M&G there! Never meant to be, I guess! WAAAAAA!!! Some have suggested I contact the OFC to see if they can shift it to SF. I will. Please keep your fingers crossed. Thanks. The people I really feel bad for are all fellow M&Gers and those for whom Memphis was to be their only concert and can't change plans to attend any of the remaining three. {{{Cognitogrrl}}}, it would have been great to see you again! Yes, go to Grand Prairie! As for Fort Wayne and Waukegan... they were fantastic. I only decided the night before/the morning of to go to Fort Wayne and I'm SO glad I did. shortyjill and ldyjocelyn, it was great meeting you both; and aikim and jazzgirl, it was great to see you both again! I had watched almost no Clack, so although I've heard most of the cellcerts, I didn't realize how insanely funny the Who's Sorry Now bits are, or just how mesmerizing Clay has been on stage. He deserves so much more exposure than he gets!
  3. Is there room for one more? If so, I'm interested. Thanks!
  4. Hi... very long time no post or even see... I hope I'm still welcome here! Still loving Clay. Still a fan. I'll be in Raleigh for the taping and looking forward to seeing so many whom I haven't seen in over a year. Hugs and prayers to all needing them -- will that blanket of good wishes work?
  5. Just dropping in to send best wishes, prayers, and hugs to everyone in Ike's path. Be safe and take care!
  6. Awwww, Perma. No love for Chicago?* *(Don't worry. I really hate this place sometimes, too.) And interesting that you preferred Charlotte to Raleigh... other way around here. With apologies to those who like Charlotte, it was okay... but it just felt more ... generic ... big city but not much local flavor... whereas Raleigh seemed more Southern, more green, not so frenetic, yes big city but not TOO big -- and everyone down there seemed so nice. Even the guy I accidentally cut off on the road at night didn't get nasty with me, at least not outwardly. As for Florida last summer -- I thought I was somewhat prepared for the heat and humidity... uh, no. Not when it's still miserably hot and humid at 11 pm, blah blah. Don't know how my aunt and uncle stand being there then. (Cotton, sorry I missed meeting you, even if you were sick... how did you get through it? You are tough to have been able to.) But for the BAF Gala the weather was gorgeous. *is GLAD no one got a picture of me going flat on my back into the drink. No wonder you can't drink sea water!* And are y'all TRYING to kill me with those gorgeous pics?! *drool, soak drool bib, wring out bib and put back on, drool...* The perfect relief for sore, tired eyes. Thank you SO much.
  7. Iseeme, congrats on your new job! And IMO, cold-clocking the lady in the beauty parlor would not have been a loss of sanity... she was asking for it! As for me... everything I want to say has already been said, and some things that have been said were things I didn't think of but I agree with. So I'll just say that I'm firmly strapped into and tightly hanging onto the handlebar of the roller coaster ride called Clay Aiken's Fandom, and I'm not even tempted to get off it and go on any of the not-so-fun rides or play the games designed to turn me against Clay rob me blind without even a flimsy little trinket to show for it. (Does that make sense?)
  8. Happy birthday, Fear! :00003653: Unfortunately, or is that fortunately, I have not a creative bone in my body. The best I can do is to write the occasional song parody and make bad photoshops. So you all are spared seeing my efforts. I applaud everyone who can quilt, knit, take Clack, etcetera! I can, however, cook well enough to keep from starving.
  9. *tentatively waves and peeks up over keyboard shelf* Hey everyone. I've been mostly lurking around the boards lately due to RL and one of the boards where I've been lurking is here. This looks like a fun place -- thanks for admitting me! I recognize lots of names here! Now all I need is a dog to walk -- somehow I don't think my Oscar would let me try to pass him off as a dog! So as not to be an ungrateful, inhospitable guest, I've even brought a bottle of this pomegranate martini stuff. It tastes pretty good. I've also brought some glasses to serve it in. Enjoy! *shuts eyes, prays post will go through intact and poster will still be allowed on board, and hits add reply*
  10. I'm in! *dropkicks Yahoo for sending my registration and validation mails to spam folder while allowing junk to get through* Thanks for approving me. I'm PoisonIvy and I post mostly at CV and a private board. I also post very occasionally at CB and OFC under a slightly different name and at a Chicago-area board as PI. I see lots of posters I recognize here! *waves to aikim, grammarian, lizzybutts, oh just a lot of people* I probably will mostly just lurk these days due to RL, but I wanted to break the ice here and say hi. This looks like a fun board - looking forward to being part of it!