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  1. Caro mentions it coming up a couple of times for her right in the post I quoted. And, yes, you may have to reformat your hard drive, but it won't be literally destroyed, so if you don't mind losing all of your computer files, no biggie. I saw the "thing" one time, and I know a couple other fans who did, also. I have posted the warning in all the threads where I know people are voting. I also included info in the current blog. However, as goldarngirl said, we haven't seen the spyware/virus for several days; and we've been at this for over a week. According to a tweet tonight, a ticker will b
  2. Yes, I still can't get in this morning. There's a thread on CB where someone included a couple of posts from DM at the emergency board about the server work.
  3. All righty then. There were some conversations going on at CV that I wanted to catch up on. I just came here to see if anyone but me was having a problem getting in. I don't really "know" anyone here anymore, so guess I'll find somewhere else to wait.
  4. I can't get in either. I read yesterday that they have been having some problems. Funny, I have no problem getting into the CV vault. Karen I enjoyed your blog on the way in which Baku movers pack up, especially the kitchen. I hope you get your pictures and wall hanging back. What is a BillyBoy? The picture on the box looks like a cartoon of a juggling penis! I can't get into CV either - I've been gone for two days and really, really need to get my fix.
  5. This was me too - except I didn't know about right clicking and saving and I just watched, every day, several times a day (I'm sooooo sorry about that too). I was such a computer dummy and had never been to any kind of message board site. In fact, I just read the Guestbook for the longest time before taking the plunge into the forum part. And even after finding the forum, I just read, for months - finally joined when I wanted to contribute financially to this wonderful thing that provided me so much entertainment. And then I moved on to a few other boards, stil mostly just reading, and I s
  6. I would love it if this is true and Clay really is writing another book...goes to stake out a spot at the corner of Staff and Only (waves to Jamar!) Kim I read this over twice, and to me, I don't see where it's saying that a new book is in the works....just the author's theory that he would make more money if he wrote another one. Sorry, not trying to burst any bubbles. Yeah, I read it the same way too. I hope he does write another one.
  7. DH and I saw that today also - and thought it was excellent.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving, FCA! Loved Clay last night, the rest not so much. Anxiously waiting to see him this morning!
  9. The mouse rollover (or whatever it's called) for hidden message in the banner?
  10. Yes. I like them better than the regular oreos, but prefer the blonde oreos. If I'm going to eat regular oreos, I'd rather they be pieces in vanilla ice cream.