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  1. Caro mentions it coming up a couple of times for her right in the post I quoted. And, yes, you may have to reformat your hard drive, but it won't be literally destroyed, so if you don't mind losing all of your computer files, no biggie. I saw the "thing" one time, and I know a couple other fans who did, also. I have posted the warning in all the threads where I know people are voting. I also included info in the current blog. However, as goldarngirl said, we haven't seen the spyware/virus for several days; and we've been at this for over a week. According to a tweet tonight, a ticker will be added to the poll tomorrow counting down the final days. Stay safe. This is a good rule to remember when traveling the Net anytime anywhere. Caro I haven't voted in that poll or been to the site - just read posts from others who have - but my DH had the same pop-up appear on a harmonica site he was on. He didn't remember exactly what he clicked on but said it looked like something was downloading and he managed to get out of it someway. He told me about it afterwards. I had neglected to tell him to be on the lookout for something like that - I usually tell him when somebody posts about some virus or strange pop-up appearing here and there but didn't this time. He ran a scan immediately and everything appears to be fine - sure hope so, since this is a new computer!
  2. Yes, I still can't get in this morning. There's a thread on CB where someone included a couple of posts from DM at the emergency board about the server work.
  3. All righty then. There were some conversations going on at CV that I wanted to catch up on. I just came here to see if anyone but me was having a problem getting in. I don't really "know" anyone here anymore, so guess I'll find somewhere else to wait.
  4. I can't get in either. I read yesterday that they have been having some problems. Funny, I have no problem getting into the CV vault. Karen I enjoyed your blog on the way in which Baku movers pack up, especially the kitchen. I hope you get your pictures and wall hanging back. What is a BillyBoy? The picture on the box looks like a cartoon of a juggling penis! I can't get into CV either - I've been gone for two days and really, really need to get my fix.
  5. This was me too - except I didn't know about right clicking and saving and I just watched, every day, several times a day (I'm sooooo sorry about that too). I was such a computer dummy and had never been to any kind of message board site. In fact, I just read the Guestbook for the longest time before taking the plunge into the forum part. And even after finding the forum, I just read, for months - finally joined when I wanted to contribute financially to this wonderful thing that provided me so much entertainment. And then I moved on to a few other boards, stil mostly just reading, and I still mostly just read. I hadn't watched the first season of AI until the last couple of weeks, when my daughter, who watched, said she couldn't believe I wasn't watching this music show. So then second season I watched from the beginning and was hooked on Clay immediately. When an article about the finalists appeared in People magazine, it gave a couple of websites, one of which was the Clayboard site. I thought Clay's voice was just the absolute best, then I read his answers to the AI application questionnaire and fell in love with the man as well as the voice. And I love him more every day. He has taught me so much. Even though I know I would have loved his music anyway - because the type of music he sings has always been my favorite, even when I was little - I firmly believe God made me a Clay fan because He planned on giving me a grandchild with autism - and it was because of Clay's involvement with children with developmental disabilities that made me more aware. My littlest grandson (little boytwin who is 4 years old today) is on the autism spectrum. And it's because of Clay that I knew even a little bit about the disability when Noah was diagnosed. I also have to say that I love this board. Oh, I love (some of) the discussions on other boards, but when I get frustrated with the picking, picking, picking, I come here and find no picking, just respect for Clay. I don't really know anyone personally on any of the boards, in fact have only met one person, and have never met Clay or been closer than several hundred feet from him. My concert buddy is my daughter and we've only been to one concert per tour, well only when he's been to Columbus, except we did drive to Cincinnati for the 05 Christmas tour. Hopefully, next tour, I'll be able to actually meet some board fans.
  6. I would love it if this is true and Clay really is writing another book...goes to stake out a spot at the corner of Staff and Only (waves to Jamar!) Kim I read this over twice, and to me, I don't see where it's saying that a new book is in the works....just the author's theory that he would make more money if he wrote another one. Sorry, not trying to burst any bubbles. Yeah, I read it the same way too. I hope he does write another one.
  7. DH and I saw that today also - and thought it was excellent.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving, FCA! Loved Clay last night, the rest not so much. Anxiously waiting to see him this morning!
  9. The mouse rollover (or whatever it's called) for hidden message in the banner?
  10. Yes. I like them better than the regular oreos, but prefer the blonde oreos. If I'm going to eat regular oreos, I'd rather they be pieces in vanilla ice cream.
  11. Ohio is having lots of wind today - many in Columbus area without power, plus lots of damage from downed trees. Luckily, where I am, no power outages (yet) that I know of. So far no rain.
  12. Love the pin, cindilu2! And will want 2 or 3. Since I'm new here, how long do you take orders? (I'll be gone all day tomorrow.)
  13. Iseeme, so sorry to hear about your mil. I grew up on a farm and we always hung clothes outside to dry - my mom didn't have a dryer in the house for years. I remember many times having to hurry to get everything inside after they were dry and before it rained. And also having to rewash stuff because of bird poop.
  14. Congratulations to Clay and Jaymes! I am thrilled for them, and love the way the announcement was handled too.
  15. Continued good thoughts for your friend. I have a nephew who was born at about that same weight - 31 years ago - he's now about 6'5". His mother (my sister) lost a baby boy at 5 months, had Jason at 7 months, then 5 years later, another boy at 8 months (he's pretty tall now too). Then they discovered the reason my sister wasn't able to carry to full term was she had one ovary and two uteruses(sp?), and one kidney. Had they discovered all that in the beginning, they (doctors) would have advised her to not get pregnant at all (mainly because of the one kidney). I also used to watch all the entertainment shows all the time - not anymore, and rarely any news. I get most of my news on Clay boards.
  16. My family always told me I worried too much - about anything and everything. Then I married my husband, who worries about nothing at all - he's a why-worry-about-something-you-can't-control person. So I've calmed down a lot. [it still bugs me though that he has no concerns when a tornado warning is in the area and I want to know whether or not to hide in the bathroom or closet. And I worry about one or both of my 3-year-old grandtwins falling off or down the open staircase that goes to the loft in their living room - that makes me nuts.] I don't worry about Clay - I get mad about the crappy stuff that's happened but don't really worry. Is anyone besides me watching CNN hoping to get a preview of tonight's broadcast?
  17. Was anyone watching The Today Show this morning? For the past few days, I think, they've been talking about replaying one of their concerts this morning and you could vote between five or six or so - well, Kenny Chesney won, so the lead-in to replaying his concert was "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy" - and it reminded me of Clay, of course - and that I'd much rather hear Clay sing that song than Kenny Chesney! Because - for me- once Clay sings something, it's pretty much his!
  18. Happy Birthday to muskifest! And Happy 4th! We're going to a picnic at DD's house - hope the weather cooperates (since it's raining this morning and supposed to off and on pretty much all day) - maybe we can manage to eat in between showers - or move everything inside.
  19. That bigger picture is very nice! Love the stubble. Wonder why the red knuckles?
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