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  1. Yeah, what she said. (I went all thru the list and didn't see a "yeah, that" emoticon - did I just miss it?) And I love the man's shoulders. And are those sunglasses sitting on his head, or something else? - Okay while I was typing this, I see someone else commented on the sunglasses.
  2. Congratulations on the job Iseeme! I was gone all day yesterday and most of today - visiting with the grandkids then staying to help get the twins on the schoolbus this morning (little boytwin has to go to summer school because of the autism and little girltwin goes as a typical child). DD and I went shopping and took the twins with us, so while we were driving I suggested we listen to OMWH. My daughter always says she doesn't have time to listen since she's usually on the phone, or when #1GS is in the car he wants to listen to Hannah Montana. So since he wasn't with us, we listened to Clay. Little girltwin was bopping along keeping time to the music in the back seat. I must admit I've only listened to the "new" recording of WINY once, even though I do love the song, especially Clay's singing of it. But I just always listen to my OMWH CD.
  3. ldyjocelyn, absolutely, you can call me Tay! That's actually a childhood nickname, started by a cousin when she said my first and middle names, they kind of ran together and came out Tay (to her) - so it stuck. It's most definitely not short for Taylor though. Favorite Clay song phrases - I pretty much like the way he says everything, but off the top of my head - "so cold" - "perfectly perfect love" - "inta this" - "well, now" (sounds like to me, but whatever it's supposed to be, I like it) - "down, down, down" - "round, round, round" - and I love his growls and grunts too.
  4. Hi, Iseeme! Yeah, I kinda remember saying "ditto" a lot following your posts!
  5. Another one here who went looking for a happy place to hang out. I've been lurking and reading here for a couple of weeks and I sure do like the atmosphere here. Dog walker seems appropriate for me too - I baby-sit my grandchildren several days a week (9-yr-old boy and 3-yr-old girl/boy twins - little boytwin has autism) - they just got a new puppy last week, so I get to tend to the puppy too, even though oldest GS is supposed to do it. Anyway, I'm glad to be here - see a lot of names I recognize (people I most always agree with), so this looks to be the place for me! And I love the cutesingerguy to pieces. Yikes, it's storming here - hope I don't have to shut down.
  6. Yay, I'm here! I can hardly believe I've actually registered for another board, but this one seems more my kind of place than some others. So I'm very happy to be here, though I tend to be more of a lurker than a poster - just not real talkative in real life, though I do love to talk about Clay.
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