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  1. luckiest, don't know if you are aware of it, Paul McCartney will also be performing in Montreal on July 26th & 27th at the Bell Center. I've got tickets and can't wait to see him, as I missed out the last time he was in Montreal.
  2. Couch Tomato, I came across this post, which was brought over to CH by Ms Marmalade, where BFS brings up the subject re: the name change.
  3. What a fantastic night. to all the cellcerters. Now bring on the CLACK........
  4. What a fantastic post! In my eyes, Clay has done nothing wrong. I still love, respect, and support him, and I don't ever see that changing. I don't drop in here that often, but the times that I do I always get the feeling of this being such a kind and caring board. I'm glad to see that that hasn't change.
  5. Hi! I'm fairly new here and I'm mostly a lurker on all the boards, but I just had to post my very favorite picture of Clay in glasses. Isn't he just gorgeous?!