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  1. OH MY GOD!!!!! Can I vote for them both????????
  2. I'm so glad #1 is ahead. I just think is really looks so much like the "real" Clay. Not that #2 is not a great pic, it doesn't show his whole face and I love his face!
  3. We'll I love Clay in a suit and #1 is a beautiful pic but the snowflake pic just does it for me! He looks so happy to be there!
  4. Well, I can see how you all might like the bearded Clay, however it just doesn't make me feel like it's the real him. I really like to see his eyes, even though there's only just one in pic #1 so I went with that one.
  5. Nights in White Satin Moody Blues
  6. Funny how #2 got everyones vote, I'm going with #1!! Love that smile and he looks so happy!
  7. Goodbye Yellowbrick Road - Sir Elton John
  8. The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) Simon and Garfunkel
  9. Can't help falling in love - Elvis Presley
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