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  1. AUSDON, since your time zone is different, and I'm going to guess, are you from Australia??? My time zone is a bit diffeerent than most of the posters also, since I live in Hawaii and in winter I'm 5 hrs. earlier than the East coast, and 2hrs earlier than the WEest coast. We don't have Daylight Saving time so when that happens I have to add an additional hour earlier. LOL Now all that was "off topic"" LOL SMITTEN, have you started your "new life" in Calif. yet??? Sure wish you all the best. As for that good lookin' man we all talk about, I sure hope we hear from him soon (not his soon) and hope he lets us see a picture of that adorable little boy of his. I bet Parker is really growing fast and starting to do fun things to see. CLAY, I'm sending messages to you, hope you hear them!!! BJ
  2. (change of subject)--Hi SMITTEN, did you get moved and how are you doing???? I see your name as on here, so thought I'd ask. Makeup - no makeup, he's mighty fine lookin' inside and out. BJ
  3. Thanks for the welcome JMH123. I'm not always good at posting, since I'm not familiar with a lot of you, but I'll be back off and on. Sure glad to see you don't delete posts that are just a little so called "off topic" like some boards do. BJ
  4. Oh, my goodness, you mean that picture was construed as "grabbing" "gropping" or whatever??? He was just being playful, I'm sure, like most men are. Anyway. IMO Clay probably is Bi not Homo and doesn't realize it or something, cause he sure does like females. LOL
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