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  1. I'm really liking Fringe! and I totally love the new CW dramedy Privileged...I checked out the new 90210 just out of curiousity ended up watching. Tuesday will be full for me with House, Fringe, Priveleged and so far 90210...hee Can't wait for heroes next Monday... Ace of Cakes is just so great to me. What a simple concept yet the great natural characters and the great editing, truly makes this show pretty absorbing. What I love about Canadas Food Network are the British and Australian shows. I love the Australian Food Safari. For people that love ethnic dishes...I highly recommend this. I
  2. Welcome Dediclaytion and HippoGA!!!!! hope to get to know you better!!!
  3. Welcome Peyton! Glad to get to know you!
  4. I don;t think NFNS is on in Canada yet ...but its coming. I also hated Flay after that Iron Chef episode...but still haven't changed my mind...I do watch throwdown cos he loses there a lot. I loved it when ing Tsai beat him handily in the duck battle. Deen...I always liked her cos I though she was down home and sweet. I am curious to see if she will also turn me off. Top Chef is on its 3rd episode here in Canada...spike is sooo arrogant and Richard looks like he will poop his pants at any time...hee I am curious to see how white chocolate and wasabi taste like. We often mix sweet and spice
  5. Welcome Chardonnay...
  6. hey drmchaser...welcome...thanks for sharing your story. I hope you join us at main...we're very casual around here...hee
  7. welcome grammarian....
  8. Oh yeah Lizzybutts...I think we were sitting together with couchie and another fan whose board name is escaping me right now. I remember having a lot of fun that night with you guys cos you knew how to just partah in that table...hee! glad to see you here...hope you like it and looking forward to getting to know you better.
  9. Welcome Bella and sididenak!!!
  10. I'm here for the WTF. :lmaosmiley-1: oops sorry canfly...was doing it really quick.. welcome deyabird...I do recognize your CH sn...hope you can join us at the main thread!
  11. thanks so much for sharing your stories justclay12 and calurker
  12. Hey that greeter guy!!! welcome to all the newbies...great time to get to know new people when Clay is AWOL...
  13. Congratulations to them! Think Clay will sing at the wedding? Awwww sweet!!! I hope so...
  14. Its realy better if you watch it. Check out one of those sites that show past episodes cos the scenes and acting was gut wrenching. Very powerful..IMO
  15. That was the best House episode ever IMO. Great acting all around and no wonder House Kept following what Wilson wanted, he knew he was at fault. I am sooo happy though that in the end she was just doing a good deed for Wilson and not having some affair or flirtation with House. So 13 was positive for Huntington's?
  16. don;t watch but you got me curious...what happened
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  19. That is sooooo strange!!! Yeah too scary for sure!!!
  20. Welcome freckles...glad you found us. Hope to get to know you better!!!
  21. welcome sorry to hear about your loss. I hope things settle down for your board and I hope you can find a second home here in FCA. Looking forward to getting to know you.
  22. Perfect explanation. I don't know if there is really a no fanfic rule here. Just never started a section for it and now there is the creative writing.
  23. Welcome footloose...hope you can join in on the discussions or just say hi on main.
  24. I think they are basing this on sales of CDs. She didn;t release her CD yet so she wouldn't be in the list. Its really interesting that the no. 2 of season 5 was outsold by several people that finish lower than her. Country music has been very good to AI alums.