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  1. From CH, Clayboard, Clayversity, etc.
  2. Does this go in here or the movie thread? I'm not sure. Hi-res pic from GOF movie Ooh! Lots more pics on MuggleNet! Cho Chang Cedric Diggory Gryffindors Bloody Harry Mad Eye Moody Dumbledore at the Pensieve Harry
  3. Oh man. I loooove the twins. And here comes a really big gripe about the movies; which really doesn't belong here, not really: how do these directors make Fred and George so boring??!@! The twins rock so much in the book and in the movies, they just kind of fall flat. Bleh.
  4. I just finished reading last night. I just love this book to pieces! And I haven't loved one since POA. Some thoughts. Hmm...I guess I'm the lone Ron/Hermione shipper in this forum. I love them. And Hermione had been my favorite character all along. But in this book, I actually forgot all about her and remembered that the series is called Harry Potter after all. Heh. I never really liked Harry much. Thought he was just there really. But I really liked him in this book. Much much MUUUUCH improved from the prat (PRAT!!! my favorite new word) that was in OOTP. I love the Weasleys so much. I usually don't do spoilers or even speculation for fear that someone may get it right and guess correctly. But for this book, I want to hear everything! Gah!! I want Book 7 NOW! *stomp stomp* [/veruca salt] I know there's been rumblings about Obi Wan/Dumbledore and Luke Skywalker/Harry parallels. I thought about that when the Dark Mark went up and that whole scene went down between Snape/DeathEaters/Malfoy/Dumbledore with Harry watching the whole thing. Just reading your posts, I thought about something. Could Draco have been talking about Snape stealing the Hand of Glory that left him with the only one who can see in that Darkness powder thing? It's probably nothing. I can't even remember right now what else I wanted to post. I guess that's all for now.
  5. Hi All! I'm Attic244 on all my boards. Have been a Clay fan from the beginning. Am currently pretty unintense--of course I can't promise that once the concerts start--yay, I'm going to the first one! I'm mostly on ezPROC, but sometimes I need a little more fangirlying than what's going on over there. *waves to everyone* *impersonates purple stapler*