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  1. Then help yourself to anything you want here goldarngirl @ Luckiest1 Productions :thbighug-1: THANK YOU!!!!!!
  2. and a big thank you to luckiest1 too!! You make an amazing team. I have no vault access, but I truly enjoyed that video from Pala. He was so wonderful that night!
  3. goldarngirl I just have to say I found your video of the banter and Clay singing When I See You Smile at Pala and I just wanted to tell you that it is BRILLIANT!!! THANK YOU!!!! Pala was my favorite concert that I got to attend during SRHP tour and it's always fun reliving the moments. You did an amazing job putting those clips together. :wub: I just lerve him Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th!!
  4. HAPPY 4TH EVERYONE!!!! Happy Birthday Muskifest I just love him
  5. I love that picture, wish it were me!!! I don't think I'll ever get a Clay hug, so I'll have to live vicariously through others!
  6. I can so relate to this!! I went to see Jackson Brown and fell asleep at his concert. This is someone whose music I love, but he was so boring! He just sat on a stool and sang - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. On the flip side, I went to see Carole King and, while I love her music, I was very concerned about it - just figured she'd sit at the piano and sing. WRONG!! She was funny and charming and wonderful in concert. The first time I had the opportunity to see Clay (other than AI2 tour) was at JNaT - Merrillville 2006 (can I pick them or WHAT!?!). He just walked on the stage and I w
  7. Cindilu - I also agree with you. But I have to come clean, one time I photoshopped Clay with a Cat
  8. I've seen many many many people in concert - everyone from The Ramones to Barry Manilow (I actually saw The Brady Bunch in concert *insert blushing emoticon here*) What Clay has that no other performer I have ever seen has is his rapport with the audience. I have never seen anyone interact the way that Clay does. He pays extremely close attention to the audience members and makes them part of the show. He's not just someone standing on stage, singing his songs and then getting the hell out. He puts on an amazing show every night - not by using fancy flash pots, or lights, or half naked
  9. all for the nice comments on that blend!! they are just about the two cutest people on the face of this earth (oh alright, they ARE the two cutest people on the face of this earth, don't tell my son) Fromclaygary I didn't get teary eyed about the beauty living on, but now I am - I'm just so thrilled for Clay. Ashes I just love your blog - Clay singing O Canada is just priceless!!! ETA: cindilu2 I love that!
  10. sneaking in one tiny little blend (which is embarrassing because I know there's REAL graphic artists here and I'm more a slap it on the page kind of gal) but I just gotta put this out there because they look soooooooo so so so much alike
  11. Morning all and welcome Cognitogrrl I just noticed old avi (must change) I was at Spam in January too and I don't see how anyone could have missed anything - Mr. Aiken was absolutely glorious that weekend and I miss seeing that gloriousesness live and in person. Late to the discussion, but my phone plays ATD ring tone and Falling call tone No comment re: Simon Cowell (off to change my Avatar) ETA: If gif's do not make good avatars please let me know and I'll change it oh, and happy belated birthday FearofH20
  12. Hi FromClaygary, Calurker, Desertrose & FearofH20 thanks for the welcome!!! I just watched Bring It On for the 500,000 time, I just love that movie. No Clay content (except maybe he was the high school mascot when he was like 5 years old - that's all I got) Maybe I'll just say and leave it at that (and thanks merrieeee for your opinion on the netbook, I am seriously thinking of getting one)
  13. I wish it was fascinating and sexy (although we could probably MAKE it fascinating and sexy) When you change any video, rendering incorporates the changes into the original clip. So if you change the lighting on a video, or add an effect, the computer has to mesh it all together. I've rendered Clay many times, and it's always very satisfying!!
  14. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see Clay until Christmas 2006 (and he'll probably never come back to Oregon *sob*). During JNT05 I didn't know you were never alone at a Clay Aiken concert (but now I do and hope to never miss another one). I actually can relate to rendering, but it's a necessary evil!!
  15. Happy Saturday everyone (of course every day is Saturday when you're unemployedandshouldbelookingforajobbutyou'reonlineeverydaywaitingforclaytoshowup) Scarlett thank you for the welcome!! and no, really, THANK YOU!!!! Ashes you will always be ashes to me, sorry (although "hey you" has a nice ring to it) I never believed the molestation accusations against Michael Jackson - just "felt" wrong. I'm buying a ticket to the Gala, we'll see if I actually make it. If not, it's a donation to a very worthy cause. Hope everyone is having a great day - it's perfect weather here in Oregon and I