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  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Mine is that everyone makes it through this weekend of disasters!
  2. So the realtor went to 35 houses with them? I'd guess the realtor has a good idea by now what the buyer wants. So glad you sold quick. All the houses around us have sold in the past year, but some of them took months with several failed (non-qualifying) buyers.
  3. Miss you all! Working 11-hour days at election office so the Gala wasn't in the picture this year. Have much fun!
  4. When are you coming to Orlando?!? Spending any time here or just passing through?
  5. Sis is still okay this morning-- she checked in safe on Facebook and has been commenting on posts. Still has power and is using cell data since cable/internet is out (but it's being comped by Verizon this week). She is not too near a bayou and just happens to be on the good side of one of the newer flood control areas, so we are keeping our fingers crossed. They are releasing some dams and evacuating some areas but there are none of those in her area.
  6. Sister hanging in there, sheltering in place in her condo. Front yard full of standing water, but has not gotten worse. It's still raining, though, and the constant tornado warnings are nerve wracking. Important stuff moved upstairs. Still has power. She is not near any of the bayous that are overflowing, so it's mostly just hoping that the drainage can keep up with the rainfall. Her house in Sugar Land is apparently okay so far.
  7. Just talked to my sister, who is working today at Shriners and worrying about getting home after her meeting this afternoon. She's in a rental duplex with her pets in south central Houston, but has her home in Sugar Land for sale and her son in her rental house in San Marcos to worry about. They had enormous damage from the last storm (I think it was Ike) and had to replace roof, ceilings and walls. Water damage was inside the walls, so it wasn't immediately evident how bad it got. Stay safe, and hope your boss comes to his senses!
  8. And he's right next to Trae Crowder and the WellRed Comedy Tour! Fandoms collide!
  9. Some airlines will let you rebook earlier or later to miss the storm. I did this once when Frances was bearing down on Florida. I rebooked a day earlier for free. It was either Southwest or JetBlue. Check the website and see if there is a notification for free flight changes.
  10. Yay! This is kimiye fo reals, able to post again! *waves at the FCA crowd!*
  11. This is jmh, in the guise of kimiye, testing, testing...
  12. This appears to be a revised quote from a journalist named Paul Begala--"Politics is show business for ugly people." The phrase has been around since the 90's in various forms, such as "Washington, D.C., is Hollywood for ugly people." Here's a link to a column discussing origins.
  13. Maybe it's interesting in Clay's case, but it said I was an impulsive risk taker who's sick all the time. lol
  14. Be sure to post, since I'd like to see it, too! That video had me leaning way over to the side trying to keep my eyes on Clay, lol. You can see him talking to me but not that he's signing my cup.
  15. Closing Clack Unlimited It's with great regret that the Clack House must shut down Clack Unlimited. We don't have the funds to continue offering an open vault. The server is scheduled to close on 9/17/2013. Thanks to those who supported the open vault all these years, and thanks to everyone who provides the clack to keep our vaults going!
  16. Hey, people! It was so nice to see so many of you at the DC FCA dinner-- really made me miss the old days when we got to see each other more often! I'll be missing all but one venue of the JNT2012 tour (yay for Lakeland!) since tomorrow I'm flying up to New York to kittysit at my cousin's apartment in Harlem for ten days. So, is there anyone in NY or within train distance who'd like to get together for a lunch, a museum, a show or something? You can PM me or email kimiye at, which comes directly to my phone. Like I always seem to say when I meet with my Clay friends-- we don't do this nearly often enough!
  17. Since my whole traveling group is dining with the FCA, then I'd better hop on the bandwagon, too! Please add me for dinner.
  18. Thanks for all the birthday wishes! We delayed going out till today, since son and hubby have been busy. Going to try Tibby's New Orleans Kitchen when son gets home from his jazz brunch gig. Not too late, jmh! And happy birthday to you, too! My presents are the Gala ticket/trip plus my fancy new smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S3). I used to manage servers with far less memory and disk space than this phone. o.0
  19. Yes, it is! But I am still shaky from the ticket tango! Really happy to be able to see so many folks after way too long! Was this tango any worse than others? Almost as bad as some, but a good outcome with effort. I couldn't pull anything at all in the Mezzanine for the first 20 minutes on line. I was also on the phone and talked to Bernice, who said Mezz showed unavailable and took about 10 minutes to set me up with Row N center. I bought because no one seemed to be doing any better. Then I heard that the National may not have made the Mezz available right away, so i called back to customer service, where a very nice agent wasn't the least bit surprised that the seats may not have been released on time, and set me up with Mezz Right Row A, aisle. She seemed much more competent than the first lady, but if she manages to correctly bill my AMEX, it'll be proven. Seems to be a pattern where additional or thrown back seats become available 20-30 minutes into the sale.
  20. Yes, it is! But I am still shaky from the ticket tango! Really happy to be able to see so many folks after way too long!
  21. Just so y'all know, I had nothing to do with cutting Arsenio out of Lean On Me, even though I've been "thanked" for submitting. I worked hard Monday morning to clip the full performance and provided the original. I've been at odds with various admins before over cutting stuff out but some will continue to do it because they believe it spares people's feelings. The copy of LOM that I watch will remain intact. I like Arsenio just fine, and hope that he feels guilty enough about his win to have Clay on his new show (heh) lots of times as guest, performer and guest host. *waves at the eHP*
  22. Oh, hey, evil Houston posse'. I'm going to be rolling into town Dec. 29 to visit family again. PM, email, text, or tell me what thread to meet you in if you wanna get together.