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  1. No you can fix it ... and my Profile photo isn't showing up either? I'm new and I'm not sure how this board operates just yet ... and about the fan-fic sorry if I over step my boundraies I wasn't sure I thought if you have creative writings then the fan-fic should of been allowed ... I can post my link if you wish to post it for others ... it's this link under this thread ... Clay Aiken Fan Fiction the story can be found here .... enjoy! entitled "American Idol 2003 Trilogy" by Krazy4clay2009.
  2. I'm new and I was surfing and found this website...when you had a TOPIC of Creative Writings I thougt this would be the perfect place to share my "Fan-Fic" stories with other Clay fans. But then I read "NO FAN FIC"allowed .... Why? Why would you call this "Creative Writings if you allow blogs, poems, paradies, skits and other stuff but "NO" fan fic stories it makes no sense to me. Could someone explain. I think Fan Fic needs to have a place too. Confused: Wendy