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  1. BWAH! I saw those this morning, and one of the ladies pictured in the fan shot flew from Ontario to L.A. and phoned in sick for 3 days, using the excuse "I've got the flu". I wonder if her boss has seen it?
  2. Sure, Amy, schedule the listening party for the only two Fridays I won't be here. Heh, I'll forgive you while I'm laying on the beach in Cuba, listening to Clay sing to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
  3. *plunks self down* *hugs all around* It's good to be home. *heads off to check out contest forums*
  4. So, am I the only one who is, like, actually reading the book????? So far, it's not exactly cheering me up. But I'm determined to get through it! It's a pretty good read, but not exactly the thing to lift one's spirits. I can definitely see why he might identify with it, though.........
  5. Ooooh, I do love me some Denzel Washington, too. He can be my #9. I'm sure I'll come up with someone for #10 soon, too. Both of the Clay pictures I posted were from the Cary JBT. I absolutely adore the off-stage one. Unfortunately, I have no idea who took it, so I can't credit it.
  6. Claywright, that sounds interesting. I am a huge Jeffrey Deaver fan. I've read everything he's written. I love the Lincoln Rhyme series the best. I also collect Steven King, although in recent years he seems to be recycling themes. Still, I just finished his most recent book, "Cell", and it was pretty good. Some new twists. I was disappointed that he didn't write his usual little rant to the fans at the beginning, though. I look forward to those almost as much as the stories! One of my all-time favourite books is Clive Barker's "Weaveworld". He can be a bit gory in his other books, but this one is more fantasy than horror. Another author I really enjoy is Tami Hoag. I am currently in the middle of "The Messenger". I loved her "Ashes to Ashes" and "Dust to Dust" sequel.
  7. KAndre, were you trying to kill me with that David Cassidy pic? Seriously, he is almost the prettiest man evah. Almost. Other than Clay (obviously), my all-time favourite pretty man is Elvis. Next comes another Elvis. Stojko. Heh, I like him a lot. Another pretty, pretty skater boy is Britain's Steven Cousins. Paul McCartney still makes me swoon, but he was soooo pretty in his younger days. Teenage crush. Eric Faulker from the Bay City Rollers. *waves* to ldyjocelyn I have an affinity for older, British men, too. Lately, I only have eyes for Clay. Movie stars? Pffffffft. Aaaaaaaaaaand that's it for me. You do not know how long it took me to compile this silly post.
  8. No kidding! I started after work, and I've been alternating between FameGauge and Rate the Music all evening. I got Clay after about 500 on FameGauge....also had Kim, Ruben, Bo Bice, Fantasia and Carrie. I was kind of suprised to be asked about Elvis Presley and the Beatles, though!
  9. Yep, did anyone figure he was doing anything other than working hard on the CD? Still nice to get confirmation, though. There is also a rumour flying around this morning that either EW or ET is going to announce the CD and the single this week. No source, just someone got an email. Grain of salt, and all that. It's like the whole fandom is collectively holding it's breath lately. Sings: I've got this feeling, that today is the day..... I have never done Rate The Music or Promosquad. It's hard to find two consecutive hours on the computer.....can you stop and then start again, if something comes up? I would like to participate, if I could.
  10. *squishy hugs* back to ldyjocelyn & cindilu2 *waves* to everyone who welcomed me Back to watching clack.......
  11. My best guesses: We will get a release date, with some general CD information (producer, genre, DualDisc, title, title of first single) within the next week, by March 3rd at the latest. We will get a single to radio by the end of March. We will ferret out unofficial tour info (i.e. rumoured venues, dates) before the end of March. We will get an official list of TV appearances by the end of March. We will get the first TV appearance before the end of April. We will find the track listing and album cover artwork sometime in April. We will get the CD and official tour info in May, as well as lots more TV appearances. We will get a tour in late July, running through the beginning of September. Things I know for sure: 1. I will not have paid off all the debt I accumulated in the last two years doing Clay-related stuff before it's time to buy CDs, concert tickets, plane tickets, and merchandise again. 2. I will not have enough room on my hard drive for all the clack that will be gathered. 3. The new CD and tour will be awesome!
  12. Somebody's making a fortune, Selling emotions to fools like me who, Relate to what they're saying, Obsessed and can't stop playing *wink*, No use in changing stations, no-o, Cause it's everywhere on the radio, The radio, the radio-o! Hey y'all! I thought it was about time that I started posting instead of lurking. Some of my favourite peeps are here! I can't wait to hear Clay on my radio again. I miss him, but I'm keeping busy with other things, and of course, clack. I have so much clack that I would never be able to watch it all, no matter how long the drought. I think next week is going to be the week. And, it's going to rawk! *waves to ldyjocelyn*