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  1. No worries, I had someone send it to me by email. Thanks, I am very out of the loop as I don't read at CV very often anymore, so knew nothing about any of this. I rely on FCA to bring me my info.
  2. So Clay is having a live band at gala, how cool! Of course this would be a year I don't plan to go. I also missed that great year in 2011 when he did the mini-concert. Murphy's law, I guess. But I'm going on a cruise in October, so there won't be enough money to go around. I put my iPod on Clay random this morning and got Fantasy followed by Solitaire (both post-AI performances). OMG talk about blow your mind.
  3. I spent last evening in the ER with a friend, where we watched the tweets roll in about this. So shocking, and such a weird turn of events. I am sorry for his family's loss. I am glad to read that he told his aides he was going to concede today, though. I didn't want this to turn into "Clay only won because he died" in the press.
  4. I have already decided that I can't afford gala this year, but I do hope for the sake of those going that he sings for the "cheap" seats as well as the VIPs. I hope to send in a donation in lieu of attending.
  5. I've kind of gone the other way......I thought I didn't care one way or the other about this election but it turns out I really do. I will be pissed if they recount and he ends up not winning! I think it's the Claymate in me coming out. I don't think that's going to happen though. I think this time he's really going to win. I don't know how many times I've watched the "walk away Renee" clip at this point, but it never fails to bring a huge grin to my face. I even put it up on the big screen yesterday and made my daughter and my mom watch it. I've seen it described as a "transformation" and I agree - you can see the old Clay come shining through. He's still in there.
  6. Ok now that video made me smile. I didn't know he mouthed the words!
  7. So, what happens now? We wait to see if Crisco demands a recount, or concedes? Or is it possible that there will be a mandatory recount based on the numbers?
  8. Third time has to be the charm! I can't believe I care about a US election......
  9. Wow, just catching up here, looks like I'll have some clack to watch this weekend!
  10. I hope so, and I also hope that when he does figure it out, it's not out of my price range. I agree with most of what you are saying, except the first part. I think Clay looks so much more comfortable surrounded by voters than he ever did surrounded by fans. I think he's having the time of his life and has finally found his true passion (other than teaching which is I think he is equally passionate about).
  11. It makes me feel as though we didn't make him feel relaxed...maybe because he didn't understand our fascination or our obessession or whatever you want to call it? I am glad he's found the path that seems to make him happy and relaxed. Sure wish I lived in North Carolina though. I have a sinking feeling that I'll never hear him sing live again. Yes, I'm jealous, I fully admit it. Thanks for posting the clip merrieeee. Sorry to hear about your cat.
  12. Sorry to hear about your cat, Fear. Couchie, sounds like our moms are two peas in a pod! Yesterday, we had to leave her alone for 2 hours. We forbade her to get out of bed. I have no idea if she did or not, but if she did she didn't hurt herself. We do have a baby monitor on her in the night.
  13. Good for you couchie, you do what you have to do! I'm so glad to hear your mom is well enough to come home. My mom has made great improvements over the last couple of days. This morning, even though she knows she is not supposed to, she got out of bed by herself, went to the bathroom, went back to bed and pretended to be snoring when my daughter went to check on her. I'm glad she has such a drive to be independent, but I also don't want her to fall. Wow, it's already the primary? I hope he does well. He really seems to want it. ETA the signs are pretty.
  14. When the video is available to all can someone post a link please? I tried to watch the WRAL interview but I had to turn it off when he started talking about having "retired" from entertaining. Sorry. Couchie so glad to hear your mom is improving daily! My mom is doing well, she seemed to turn a corner yesterday and is much more herself now. Physio is going well too.
  15. merrieeee, you are better than me. I just look at the pictures now. I assume the Chicago rumour is to do with a political event? Mom is doing well, and should be released tomorrow morning as scheduled. I am getting the car packed, and it's going to be a tight fit! The cat has a lot of equipment LOL, and Mom needs the entire back seat to stretch her leg out. Thankfuly I'm not driving my little green bean, but rather her larger sedan. My daughter, her g/f and I will all be taking shifts caring for Mom in the weeks to come. If need be, I'll drag the boys over too to cover some hours. She won't be wanting for company!
  16. Spent 12 hours yesterday at the hospital with my mom (knee replacement surgery). All went well. I'm hoping that they'll release her by Friday so I can head home with her. She is going to recuperate at my daughter's house where she can bring her cat (and I"ll take all the dogs to my place).