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  1. Glad I'm not the only one couchie. And heck, I'm Canadian. If I was going to get interested in politics, it wouldn't be US politics.
  2. Yeah, the Linda Loveland tweet kind of seals it for me too. I guess it's happening. I can't even bring myself to read the articles, I'm just not into politics at all. Good for him though. I really hope it works out.
  3. Hmmmm, interesting. I'd like to hear it from Clay.
  4. Oh wow. I'm a bit surprised that he would go this route, just because I know how nasty it could get. This would make sense of all that's gone on recently, though, and I've already made my peace wtih him not singing to me anymore. I am not political in the least (plus I'm Canadian!), but I will follow this with interest because it's Clay. I wish him all the luck in the world (he's going to need it). Not that I don't think he would be a great congressman....I do. But politics is brutal. He sure has balls.
  5. Really? Now I will have to watch it. Sorry I'm a day late but Happy New Year everyone! Spent a quiet day yesterday, baking & rewatching season 3 of Downton Abbey in preparation for season 4 starting on PBS.
  6. OK, y'all made me go look to see what was going on out there. I learned that I missed the Kennedy Honors event on TV last night. Damn! I ended up watching a movie on my laptop because I didn't think anything was on. Maybe they'll repeat it. Otherwise, it's the same old, same old shit that I tired of reading 5 years ago. If Clay blogs, I'll go read it. That's about where I'm at. My mom is happily back in her house again, with heat, and her cat didn't die of exposure. We had to throw out 4 green garbage bags full of spoiled food from her fridge and freezer though. She went to the grocery store yesterday and apparently spent $100 (a fortune!) LOL. I am starting to get geared up for figure skating again. I'm off to Ottawa on Jan. 8th for the Canadian Championships. It kinda sucks that it's held on the exact same weekend as the US Nationals. My PVR will be working overtime at home.
  7. From your first batch of stuff, I'll add a MOAM album, TITN/BOTW single and The Way/Solitaire single if no one else has asked for them. Sorry, I already have a huge bin of magazines and don't need more. LOL
  8. Hope everyone had a great Christmas. I had 7 for dinner last night. Just family plus cindilu2, who is always invited to our family celebrations. There were a few rousing games of cards, Scrabble & Blokus (??) going on, and 4 dogs and 2 cats running about, but I was pretty much in the kitchen 24/7. No stress, just puttering and getting things done. My dishwasher is not working properly so I did about 50 loads of dishes trying to keep everything clean for the big meal. I was in bed before all the kids left last night, I was so exhausted. This morning we are invited over to my middle son's new house for brunch. My mom is staying here until her power in Toronto is restored. The last estimate we heard was Friday. So many thousands still without power there, it's insane. And it's freaking cold out too - it was -16C yesterday. I can't even imagine being without electricity and heat. Well, I'm also allergic to the cold, so I wouldn't last long. I'd be holed up in a hotel or something.
  9. Happy Christmas Eve! I have to work until noon, but I've already been through the grocery store this morning for some last minute stuff (to avoid the crowds later) and I heard Clay & Kim sing Silver Bells! We managed to get my mom out of Toronto yesterday amidst the ice and power outages, and she is safe and warm now, and has a full belly. All she wanted after 36 hours in the cold and dark was coffee, cup after cup. I made her eat a plate of meatloaf and spaghetti too.
  10. I'd take the AIW EP for sure, and the Christmas ornament. I'll pay shipping of course.
  11. We got lucky and the ice storm pretty much missed us. However, Toronto is a nightmare, 250000 people without power, and my mom is one of them. They are saying they might not get the power on until Wednesday. I can't convince her to leave her house. We were ready to go and get her today, but she refuses. The highways are ok now, it's just the side streets that are icy. There are so many trees and power lines down, and the winds are high, so it's making it difficult for hydro crews to get things running again. There are two major hospitals without power as well. So far, they haven't declared it a state of emergency yet, but that could change tomorrow, depending on what happens tonight. I think we will not give her a choice by tomorrow evening. She was supposed to be heading out here tomorrow anyways for Christmas, but there's a good inch of ice on her porch, her stairs, and her car. I think the kids are going to head in to get her. She is worried about leaving her cat without heat, and also worried that her pipes might freeze. I really hope that the power comes on by tomorrow so she doesn't give them a hard time.
  12. Hey couchie, so glad to hear you are virtually stress free now! Happy to hear it's all working out for you. I'm trying to get as many things done this weekend as possible, so I am not stressing Christmas Day. I have 8 or 9 coming for dinner (including myself). I don't think I've ever been in the stores so much in one week. Every day I realize I've forgotten something. Today it's onions, carrots & paper towels. So far. LOL. It's amazing to look back and think how many times I managed to get myself to a Clay event, as cheaply as possible (which sometimes wasn't very cheap). I am very lucky to have won that M&G during the Tried & True tour, through the fan club. I will never be the position to be able to pay the big bucks to attend exclusive events, or M&Gs. And honestly, even if I was, I'm not sure I'd ever be able to justify spending large amounts of money on them. There's always something more pressing to spend it on. My house is falling apart around me because it's been neglected all these years. So what to do with all my holidays next year, if there aren't any Clay events to attend? LOL I've gone ten years planning my vacations around him. I've never taken a staycation before. Well, I've already got the first week planned, as I'm off to the Canadian Figure Skating Championships in Ottawa mid-January. That will be exciting, as they will announce the Olympic team based on the results. Can everyone please cross their fingers that my guy, Patrick Chan, doesn't retire after Olympics? I don't think I can take two of my obsessions leaving me within the span of a couple of months. Is it just me who is completely addicted to watching the Arsenio performance? I think I watched it 4 or 5 times yesterday. It's still running around in my head, it's the first thing I hear when I gain consciousness in the morning. I've read that some people (gasp) disliked it! I think, for me, it's always been about the voice, first & foremost, and it's seriously like a drug, I go into withdrawal if I don't hear it. So that little hit just got me going again the other day. Now I want more. I may have to break out some clack later on today when I finally sit down again.
  13. I am not sure he'll never sing, but I'm pretty convinced that he won't be singing in any forum where I will be able to attend. I'd be happy to be wrong, though!
  14. I've always enjoyed Clay getting into a song, singing with his whole being. God I was just giddy watching it. Thank goodness my curtains were closed.
  15. Oh geez, let's not start talking about closing boards already.....that brings to mind the glad I have so much clack backed up. I want to go home and watch the song from last night again. it was so good.
  16. I think every tour since the DCAT, I've been in the "this could be the last one, so better go to as many as possible" mindset. But it's still a bitter pill to swallow. I have friends who are both sides of this equation - some who are still in the Pollyanna mindset, and some who are hurt and angry. I think we all deal with things differently. We are supposed to be getting freezing rain off and on all weekend. So far, just rain, thank God, so I was able to get into work this morning.. I still have Christmas errands to run, and grocery shopping to do, so I really hope that the temperatures stay above freezing for a little while longer. Yesterday, I managed to find my mom a present (not an easy task - the woman has everything and wants nothing!) so I only have a few small things to pick up now. I am working next week, Monday and half of Tuesday, before taking the rest of the week off. Hope everyone is almost ready for Christmas!
  17. I watched it live last night, turned it off after the skit where the girl jumped his bones, and went to bed to sleep on it. I haven't read anything elsewhere, I just wanted to put my thoughts down here before I did. I was so thrilled when he came out singing and swinging! OMG how much do I love full body, belting-it-out Clay Aiken? I was jumping around my living room, I was so excited. This is the entertainer I love! OMG I've missed him! So happy. And so articulate on the couch. I was thrilled with Arsenio as well, for talking about their friendship and being honest about his own feelings. Great, great interview. Clay looked wonderful, those green eyes were piercing. And then the career question happened and that kind of took the wind out of my sails. You know, since gala, I've felt as though Clay was saying goodbye to something. I didn't know what, and I was still very hopeful for the future, for Broadway, for something that involved "fans". These past ten years have been so much fun. I've made so many wonderful friendships. Of course I want it to continue. But I think it's clear that that chapter has come to and end (or at least I'm pretty much convinced that it has, at this point). Perhaps Joseph was meant to be a last hurrah. I kind of wish I'd known. It's like eating that box of Smarties and not realizing you've already eaten the last one, you go looking for I do hope that Clay blogs again, lets us know more of his future plans. Not because I think he owes us anything, but I'd like to know more details, if he is able to give them. We all come to points in our lives where we feel the need to change paths, do what's right for us, and our families. Things change, nothing lasts forever. I'm very sad that entertainment seems to be ending for Clay. He's never shied away from the fact that his first love was working with those with disabilities, teaching, those sorts of things. So I'm not shocked or anything, that he would choose a more philanthropic path. I don't know what the future holds, I don't know that he'll never sing again, but it seems as though there won't be any more inexpensive 'concerts' or events that people who don't have disposable income will be able to attend. It's no secret that I've funded most of my Clay trips with a credit card. There's no way I can do that when the price tag is in the thousands. If I'm wrong, I'll be the first one in line. I woke up with a John Lennon song in my head this morning. It was written after the Beatles broke up, when the fans were freaking out and crying about it ending. It starts off with a long list of things that John no longer believes in, culminating in "I don't believe in Beatles!" and ends with this: The dream is over, what can I say? The dream is over, yesterday I was the dream weaver, but now I'm reborn I was the walrus, but now I'm John And so dear friends, you'll just have to carry on The dream is over Good luck, Clay, in whatever you choose to do. I'm a fan for life. I will follow your path with great interest, and I will also follow my own. Thank you for ten wonderful years, and all the friendships that they helped to form.
  18. So happy the Arsenio gig is finally happening! Can't wait.
  19. Loving the new pictures! Thanks for bringing them over.
  20. Wow Fear take it easy, you sound like you are very busy. I've got a lot on my plate this year as well, as far as worry goes, so I can't even think about worrying about Clay. I'm sure he's fine and busy making whatever preparations he needs to make for the New Year. Tonight, I've invited all the kids & their SO's to come and have dinner and help me put up the Christmas tree.
  21. So I popped over to another board this morning to see what was up. Bad idea. Apparently the private dinnner/concert happened (recently?) but there can be no discussion of it. Nor will there be clack. Ok then. Two of my three dogs have fallen ill with diarrhea this past week. I've been cleaning up shit like crazy, but I think they are both now on the mend, thanks to some meds from the vet. Please God don't let the 3rd one get it. Couchie, even here in the Great White North I've never in my life used chains on my tires. I don't even have snow tires. I just have all season radials. We are forecast to get at least 10 - 15 cm of snow again this coming weekend. Thankfully, the 2 1/2 feet we already had has melted due to some unseasonably warm weather and rain. Today it's down to -10 C again.
  22. I just pulled it from my head. I've never heard him sing it. LOL.
  23. He never sang What Child Is This? I always wanted to hear that.
  24. Wow, it's quiet in Clayland (or so I assume). I had a great mix coming into work this morning on my iPod....All Is Well, then a live version of These Open Arms from Chatauqua (Clay said "ceee-ment floor and a wooden shed" hee) and then a live version of The Music Of Christmas. I really do miss having a Christmas tour this year. Last night I took my daughter shopping for a bathing suit for the cruise she has booked in January, then I took her to my gym to swim and try it out. Thursday we are going to go to Aqua Zumba together. LOL should be a hoot. I enjoy having her home so much.