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  1. Nice tweet from Quiana, thanks for bringing it over. I do have instagram but haven't been on it in a while. Crazy busy weekend here....Friday took a personal day to drive into Toronto to pick up my daughter. Visited with my mom for a while and then drove home in horrible rush hour traffic across Toronto, took twice as long as it should have. Yesterday my son moved into his very first house with his girlfriend, so we all chipped in and helped. They had their very first dinner in their new house last night which was so exciting for all. Today hopefully I'll just putter around, do some shopping etc, maybe watch a movie. It's December so I guess I'll have to give in and try to start getting into the Christmas spirit. The other day a cashier wished me Merry Christmas and I forced a smile. It's not my favourite time of year, but it's worse when it starts in November! LOL However, I am so happy to have my daughter home (unexpectedly) so I will enjoy it more this year. ldyj, lovely post above. I hope Clay is also having a wonderful weekend.
  2. And another one Clay Aiken ‏@clayaiken16m I have rewound the SeaWorld float six times to keep listening! I know its all lipsynced, but @TitussBurgess and @DWTSsinger were GREAT! #nbc Ok so this one took me a minute to decipher. Not everyone is at home watching the Thanksgiving parade on TV! Here it's just another work day, complete with another few inches of snow. Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends! ETA: Sorry your DIL didn't respond, Fear. How rude. I am happy that my daughter is flying home tomorrow for the holidays, and my son takes possession of his new house today.
  3. I may make a turkey & sweet leek pie in your honour. I found out today that Lindsay is coming home for Christmas.
  4. Luckily yesterday was Sunday so not until this morning. By that point the plow had been by and my son had had enough time to dig us out. The main roads this morning were ok. Doesn't take us long to dig out from 2 feet of snow around here!
  5. Evan Parker? WTF? I don't know anything about his Facebook profile. Did it used to say Clay Aiken? Temps here have been between -8 and -11 C (so about 13 - 19 F) but are supposed to get as high as 2 C or 36 F this week. Doesn't look like we'll be getting rid of this snow anytime soon!
  6. Checking in from the freaking North Pole....or it seems like it, anyways. We got upwards of 2 feet of snow dumped on us overnight. I was housebound today until my son got the car dug out and the driveway shovelled late this afternoon. The plow has been by so I took the dogs out on the road for a bit of a walk, but everything under the snow is solid ice. Thank goodness I had nowhere to be today. Hopefully, the salters and sanders will be out in force tonight, and no more snow will fall before morning! Love that picture! So nothing new in Clayland over the weekend?
  7. Ah Fear, that's too bad. So much easier on the joints when done in the water. Lovely banner!
  8. I love Jason Brown! Had a chance to talk to him briefly on the concourse at Skate America in Detroit, and what a nice young man. Ok, so I attended my first zumba class yesterday. Aqua zumba. Loved it! Never thought I'd say that. I am uncoordinated (to put it mildly) but no one can see what you're doing in the pool!
  9. Fear, Patrick Chan is indeed golden this season! *fingers crossed* I watched the NBC coverage on Sunday as it didn't conflict with our CBC coverage, because i wanted to hear Johnny's opinions (and let's be honest, I wanted to watch it again!) One more competition to go next weekend before they head to the Grand Prix Finals on Dec. 7 & 8 (to be held in Japan).
  10. OMG ldyj I had no idea! Glad you are safe but sorry to hear of the damage and loss of life. We have had really strong winds since last night, things blowing around in the yard kept me up with all the racket. Supposed to die down by tomorrow. I saw that new photo when it came in on twitter and to be totally honest, at first glance I didn't recognize Clay! LOL
  11. Here in Canada, the government is matching donations made by private citizens to registered charities to benefit the Philippine relief effort. I also donated yesterday, through Red Cross.
  12. couchie, that was basically it at the beginning. There was one part later where you could see Clay during a press conference, but he didn't speak.
  13. Pretty cool to see Clay as the third mentioned in that AI clip. Here is a cute video of Billy Porter and Clay pops in in the first 10 seconds or so:
  14. Glad to hear Ruben kept it up once he got home. I was so sad that he got booted this week. I felt better that I could fill in that gala survey about my experience this year. I hope if enough people take the time to do that, perhaps they will adjust the format next year back to what it used to be. For the skating fans here, NBC will have a couple of hours of coverage on Sunday of the NHK Trophy in Japan featuring Daisuke Takahashi. From what I read this morning, he is back on form and killing it.
  15. It was a worthwhile watch - the rest of the show I mean. Glad I didn't turn it off after Clay's part.
  16. Well, you sure don't have to wait long to see Clay in the episode! That was great, much more than a "blink and you'll miss it".
  17. I've been in the Broadway car for a while now, so this just cements it even more. Love the pictures!
  18. I, once again, decided to skip Halloween. So I went out at 5:30 and came home at 8:15 and the only trick or treater I saw was in the grocery store with his mom. LOL. I left the dogs home with the curtains drawn, lights out, and loud music playing to mask the sound of kids outside. My son was in the basement and said 4 or 5 of them knocked and set the dogs off, but he didn't answer. I feel bad because I used to love seeing the little ones all dressed up, but it's just not worth the hassle anymore. Couchie, I hear you about getting rid of stuff while your mom is away. I need to get rid of so much stuff from my basement, but my son won't hear of it, and if I start going through anything, he starts taking stuff back out. I have to do it when he is not home. Sorry to hear about your aunt. I think there are some factions of the fandom that are just toxic these days. I avoid them. I have some close friends in the fandom, and I keep in touch with them privately. I'm engrossed in the skating season. This weekend is Cup of China (the third of 6 grand prix events). My kids keep me hopping. This morning my daughter was feeling pretty blue, so I was facetiming with her at 6:00 a.m. My son is shopping his mortgage around. My other son keeps me busy, driving him back and forth to work, and last night I took him to find some used clothes as he is dressing up like Johnny Cash for a party tonight.
  19. And that's why I have been hanging out here. *blissfully unaware* Son is now having trouble securing a mortgage, after being told he was "pre-approved". Daughter is having trouble securing employment overseas. These are things I worry about. Clay will be fine without my worry.
  20. I'm excited about what's to come! I've been busy with life lately, the figure skating season is upon us, my mom was here for the weekend and now work is getting busy. I check in every day to see if there is any news. I have yet to watch the Zap2it interview, but glad to hear it's great!
  21. Thanks, I'm wondering about those wedding bells myself. What a difference a year makes! Just goes to show you that when it's right, it's right.
  22. So, an update on the house situation: My son bought it. In his name only. He moves in Nov. 28th, with his girlfriend. They are ecstatic.
  23. I think it's pretty cool if Clay is in NYC hanging out with the bros from Joseph. And it might bode well for the future.
  24. Well, my newest drama is my older son has decided to buy a house with his g/f of 3 months. Seems rather quick to me, but she is a sweetheart. He has asked me to walk through it with them on Friday, before they commit. And I got a juror questionairre in the mail. Eeep! Clay related games? You know me, I'm all about the music, so I'd prefer listening over pictures (but I may be in the minority on that!)
  25. Oh, I hate kitchen renovations! I mean, I love the results, but it's hell going through it. Yesterday, I had to deal with my furnace. I had no idea how to replace the filter! We finally figured it out (took 3 of us) and I had heat before I went to bed. Good thing as it went down to 2 C. There are flurries in the forecast this week.