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  1. jmh, yes I DO know delu, she's from Memphis, and we've hobnobbed at the Tennessee Sweet Teas gatherings. Delightful lil ole gal. Last I heard, tho', she was nursing her husband after a stroke or other crippling injury, so I doubt I'd get her on the road to Grand Prairie. Memphis was probably her only option. I so appreciate everyone's condolences and encouragement to go to Grand Prairie. Until yesterday I thought I could do it. However, my daughter and son-in-law are splitting up -- she phoned me last night from a Holiday Inn Express where she'd gone to escape his harassment. They have two children. I don't think I could take off and not feel I'd left her without support. I'd be worried about them, too. I don't want to think he'd harm her or the children, but he's been irrationally jealous and suspicious of her ever since they married. They've gone to counseling numerous times, but nothing changes. When he found out recently that her ex and his 2nd wife are splitting up, he decided that she would leave him to get back with her ex, *of course.* No evidence to go on but it doesn't stop him, so this is where she decided she's done. This is so painful -- needing to be here for her, but I so wish I'd be in G.P.
  2. Ya twisted my arm, OK that's enough, I think I will! Thanks for the support and hugs, Luckiest and jmh. I work part time doing transcription for 2 clinics, and have for years, and hub's always said, "My income is the household income, and what you make on your little jobs is yours." Well hey, I betcha I can come in under $500 even if I go solo and don't split a hotel room. I'll update as to whether I pull it off, so fingers crossed, thanks again.
  3. Hi all, I've not been in here posting in a while, just reading and enjoying all the EEEEEE's and clack links and purty man pix. I'm one who had a ticket to the Memphis show for Monday night, and I'm just crushed to find out it's been canceled. The ONE time he would perform in a city I'm right next door to -- the sole show I'd be able to attend for this tour. :em0900: While I was screeching my anguish, my hubby and son were trying to comfort me, and it suddenly hit me -- GRAND PRAIRIE might have some seats left? It's *only* a 6 hour drive from here? I could do it and snag a cheapo motel room and drive right back next day -- surely my wonderful boss would understand altho' I'd have to bug out of work *very* unexpectedly to do it??? Hub said he'd want me to take a rental car IF I went, which he discouraged saying we shouldn't spend the $$$. Guess my hope of swinging that is Waaahhhhh.
  4. EEEEEEEEEEE!!! I got my tickets in the WKNO reserved seat section, hooray -- only cost me $100 a ticket, but for their PBS pledge drive supporters, you get to sit in a section up front! :nana: Yeeks, general admission. It's gonna be a crush I betcha. This will be the easiest concert for me to get to coz it's only 20 min. from my house. Clay hasn't been to Memphis since the AI2 tour. Now if I could only fit one more show in. It's a 4 hour drive to Knoxville from here. Hmm!!
  5. Hi gang, I've been away for about 2 weeks, and that's Too. Damn. Long. (Treenuts, feel free to jump in there GF lol) I've got sooo much catching up to do and Clack searching and downloading. Does anybody know if there's a sendspace up anyplace of some of the Chicago PBS show? After falling in love with Clay's duet "Crying" with Linda Eder, I'd luuuv to see them singing it there. The way they pop in and out of lead to harmony with each other is amazing!!! Mom was in hospital and then there were family goings-on, and I've just not been to the board. I felt as if one of my arms had fallen off -- missing being with my Claybuds!! I got up to page 22 last night, and I must say, the recaps from Broadway in NC have been heaven to read. Hope I got the name right but JustClay12 (??) gave me shivers, and I so * SO admire* your 9 1/2 hr. drive to get there. Reminds me of my marathon solo drive to Wichita to see Clay at the KS state fair, when I got lost as a goose at Tulsa. What grit we Clay fans have, huh? Back to reading!
  6. "It's Impossible" is an earworm to me too. I get this mental image of Clay crooning it to Reed -- then Reed says "Dance with me. Don't worry, I'LL lead." LOL Also agree that he smiles when he sings "Ask a baby not to cry, oh how impossible." Got plenty of Parker's crying spells to remember, no doubt! UM is just sooo amazing to me. I've looked forward to a recorded full-length version of that for so long, just as I did "Moon River" after it *almost* made it on the Primetime Live show he did with Diane Sawyer. Oooh how cheated I felt when it didn't! but now we have it. UM is just exquisite, and the big BIG changeup and belting just leaves me limp, satisfied and happy. Exactly how it sounds Gals!!! LOL
  7. I really enjoy Clay's version of MTK altho' I miss Bobby Darin's "EE!" after "body just oozing life." When Clay did this on AI2, I thought it was a trap even tho' Paula said she chose it coz she felt he could do it -- then Clay came out finger-popping and cool as a cucumber and sang the fool out of it. When he sings "the shark has pretty teeth,dear," I wanna sing "You do tooo" LOL and I love when he gets into the sassy part about the wimmens lining up for Mack -- "Tawdry-EEEE!" Naturally that last lonnnnnng note leaves me going
  8. Very wise words, and I get that feeling as well. Show business is the type of place that chews people up and spits them out at a very rapid pace. I'm thankful that Clay has been able to navigate through the highs and lows and is still here. IMO it's because of his charm and talent, and I love it. Bolded part. Love this, but I'll also say that I'm willing to share him with anyone who may not know him... Off to an all day off-site meeting. I didn't get my chance to do yesterday's song of the day, and I may not get to today's as well! Anyway, song of the day is: Misty Hey, can I nominate the bolded above for a thread title???? I like it! I finally listened to the loonnggg Larry Flick radio interview last night. It was great and I learned a lot about Clay and about his journey. I got a kick out of hearing him use gayism's that I'm sure he censors much of the time. I have a feeling that his second week will be decent, since he has been doing a lot of interviews and more and more people are going to be interested in the cd because of them. He's really shown his personality. Omigosh, YES, Liney, you can nominate my sentence for a thread title! I've got nobody around here to bubble over about Clay to, and I just overflow. I'm tickled pink and about to do a Sally Field here -- "You LIKE me, you really LIKE me!" Lovely hearing from both you and ldyjocelyn. Y'all are a great bunch! Last time I was at my old board, the negative picking and pecking at Clay and TNT just got my goat. I thought, I wanna be where fans can express their differences of opinion without sounding like they frankly don't know "why they're still here." MISTY -- Love all of it but for some reason "Don't know my right foot from my left" leaves me giggling about Clay's continuing claim that he can't dance.
  9. Now I KNOW I can listen to this one (have that particular station programmed in my car), and as I've been listening to this album, I've thought that it would fit perfectly on the Sinatra station. I guess I'll be home late Monday night! EEEEEEE! I don't get Sirius radio, but I'm EEEEE'ing along with you. It just fills me with joy to read, people who *seriously* love beautiful music write "he’s become a star in his own right." No matter *what* Clay's "next big thing" is, I still wanna pinch myself sometimes and say "Baby's STILL a STAR!" After all he's been thru, and we've been thru with him, I'm still thrilled that he didn't get squashed right out of the starting blocks or fade away after coming out. He's still beautiful, sings beautifully and he's still OURS. Yep, Bon's a bit gone on the man LOL
  10. Catching up. Just passed page 3 but gotta put in my 2 cents on WKOFAI -- I was thrilled the minute I saw it was on the playlist coz I knew he'd nail this one. The two soft, plaintive words "... I am" at the end were different, and very good in portraying the emotion in the song. The delicious sound of his voice when it's soft and the glorious juicy glory notes just slay me every time. Totally agree, "Why can't I fall in love?" might have been Clay's lament ... before Reed anyway! Now back to browsing page 4.
  11. When I was growing up (back when Noah got off the boat LOL), I loved "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You." I was not anybody's baby yet, but that song put me in the mooood. When Clay started on my first listen, I thought "Aw, how sweet." Then once he got into Full Cry -- and how I LOVE BF in Full Cry -- I was gasping, EEEEE'ing and :Thud: That mental image of a music video of Clay watching and singing to Reed, followed by Reed watching Clay singing, is perfect, agree completely!! I had similar thoughts.
  12. My bud Treenuts told me to come here coz she was, so I did and LOVE y'all. Now how do I put up an avvy???

  13. Ooo Cindilu, THANKS for that biggie pic of Clay's TNT Live cover!! I saved that beauty immediamente you bet!! Yummmm he looks so FIIIIINE!!
  14. Helloooo sistahs, I've been away waaaay too long! Got the album at a *record store* altho' without participating in a CD release party. Dunno what's happened to the Memphis group I used to do those with, but some truly ugly emails got traded back and forth after Clay came out, so possibly they dissolved. I miss the midnight fun! Smacking myself, been a bad fan! Life was so bizzy the past few weeks that I'd not been reading here and I MISSED seeing Clay on GMA and The View!!! Aaiieee!! Thank God for YouTube Clay Aiken Channel so I could watch what I missed, and OMGawwwd but Baby was SO HUNKY on The View !!! Just perfection, I'd like him to look like that forevah. And doing UM with that amazing new arrangement. Just blew me AWAY on my first listen to TNT. Seriously doubt he changed it coz he can't hit that big falsetto note any more. So, I must confess, I'm more in love with the man than ever. Happy ears. Happy eyes. Can't wait for my show in Biloxi!!
  15. It's so lovely reading about everyone's plans for the Timeless tour! I'm only going to the show in Biloxi, probably, but oh how I wish it were more. Treenuts, I'm happy to see you're going to Reno -- good for you GF!! Haven't heard from you lately but wishing you the best and some prayers going up, too. Anybody heard whether Clay & Ruben are going to swap off being headliner, as he and Kelly did?