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  1. Took longer than a heartbeat because I wasn't logged in.
  2. Sparky

    Name That Tune

    I don't know what is more confusing, the instructions for using the board or the clues. I got the multiple quote thing. That's a start. Think I got the image thing. Apparently you guys have different brain wiring. Like Canfly, I still didn't understand the Grease clues once it was guessed. And I have definitely heard of grease monkeys. A clue for Grease would be "oil" or "obtained by a squeaky wheel" or "bacon product". Canfly, your friends are scaring me. Hold me.
  3. #1 Better hair, better jaw - although jeans in #2 made it a tough choice.
  4. Canfly said I should come over and vote. Now I see why. Two all the way baby (note by siggy)
  5. Sparky

    Name That Tune

    I keep quoting instead of just replying. How do you select quote. How do you post your own images. How do I understand the clues here. Is there a FCA Name That Tune For Dummies book? Think I got the avi. I notice no pics in siggy's. Is that a rule? QUOTE: That's IT. I'm starting a Name That Tune thread for Dummies and I'm just gonna go sit there and give myself clues. UNQUOTE See, can't find how to quote. CF, I'll play with you. You're friends clues are hurting my head. Oh jmh is it. Please don't call CF dumb. She prefers moron. Although she has called herself dumb and fol
  6. Get an avvie woman!!! :smack:

  7. Sparky

    Name That Tune

    You people give weird clues. I haven't a clue. Well I have two clues but I haven't a clue. What's "pulling a Solo". Other than smacking people who call her Solo in public. :-) (I'm in trouble already aren't I?) Oh. I'm Sparky. Blame Canfly for me being here. I would have posted earlier but I only just found the post button. (If that's not proof I'm a friend of Canfly's I don't know what is). eta - note to self, get avi.
  8. Sparky


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