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  1. That's great, penguin. Did you get to see it in person, too? If not and this is your first taste of the awesome that was that taping, then that's even awesome-er, lol. Don't erase that tape! I did not get to see it in Raleigh so this was my first viewing. I won't erase the tape and I have it on DVR also but no equipment to get it off.
  2. I watched the PBS special on my Charlotte station this afternoon. All I can say is it really is an OMG concert. Clay and the orchestra, lighting and everything was so fabulous. He is really in his element and he was so personable in the interviews for this station. They even had the bobble head of Clay sitting between him and the interviewer. Charlotte concert is Feb 23 at the Blumenthal and he said this would be the only T&T concert in NC. I read back a few pages that a capper was needed for this show. I have a copy on video tape if that is needed. Thank you to all for the pictures,
  3. I went to bed but cannot sleep. Those snippets keep going through my head. decided to check the boards again to see if anything else has happened.
  4. I am loving the piece by piece picture reveal. That man is drop dead gorgeous.
  5. Congratulations to all who got tickets and good luck to the ones who still have to try.
  6. The only way I would watch Idol is if Clay were on.
  7. I never did figure out how to enter this bracket thing but it's just as well. The only team I have left is Duke. I always pull for NC teams and the ACC.
  8. That article about the photo shoot is fantastic. It sounds like Clay has been very involved with all parts of this album.
  9. The pictures are fantastic. Clay is a very handsome man.
  10. And that's exactly what I'm expecting. Sure, there are songs that I think he'd be great at singing, and I like reading people's suggestions (for example, I'd never thought of "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes," but he'd KILL on that). At the same time, though -- my realism sets in, and I tell myself that I have no expectations. OK, that's not quite true. My expectations are this: Clay will sing, he'll sound great, and I'll be a happy camper. What more could a girl (or guy) want? What a surprise to see that song mentioned. My teenage grandson was showing me what he had on his ipod just last
  11. Well my Christmas is over and everyone has gone home so now my life will get back to normal. It was really fun and nice having my entire family together for 2 days but I am ready to get back in my rut. Hope all of you had a nice Christmas and will have a great New Year.
  12. I have a twitter accout but I never tweet. I might re-tweet something if I like it. Mostly I use it to follow Clay and a few other famous people. Now facebook I really like. It is a great way to keep up with my family and what they are doing. In the past sometimes it seemed I was the last person to know anything going on with them. My grandson started college this year and I told him if he doesn't want me calling him every other day he should just post something on his facebook so I know he is okay.
  13. I just downloaded the calendar. It is fantastic. By the way the Boston Herald has picked up the school board blog. Seems that when Clay speaks people pay attention. (unless it is about his music or good works).
  14. I agree. Donated to the Giving Challenge for NIP and also sent a small donation for this board.
  15. My grandson who is 18 and has a ton of allergies, also asthma; was given the flu shot and the H1N1 last week. He is back in college now and seems to be doing fine. They only gave my younger grandson the flu shot as they do not enough H1N1 for everyone. Hopefully he can get it later if they get some more in.
  16. I am so glad to be a member of this board where everyone appreciates Clay for being who he is. It has been so disheartening to read some of the other boards and all the criticism. The gala sounds like it was wonderful. Thank you for the recaps and the clack.
  17. Let me add my thanks. This has been a fun contest and I looked forward to it every day.
  18. I have been voting on that Tweeterwall poll ever since we found out about it. Will be so glad when it is finally over.