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  1. I'm very interested!! I went to the Caregivers Convention which was in Ft. Lauderdale and I go to Golfing for Inclusion every year. Last year I was a volunteer. I would love to have the billfold. Please contact me. Thanks Andrea hi, andrea..billford is available for $95, thanks, david in aventura... HI ANDREA, THE BILLFOLD IS AVAILABLE IF YOU ARE STILL INTERESTED, ...PRICE $95, THANK YOU. DAVID IN AVENTURA
  2. I'm going to close the bidding if no one else is interested? thank good
  3. just received a bid for $40, thank you, ck
  4. we already have an opening offer for $
  5. i don't know what the billford is worth.. i thought i'd wait and see what fans were willing to offer. i just posted it today so i'm waiting ... if you'd like to make an offer post it or pm me. I won't reveal anyone's name. i'll keep everyone up to date on offers. I thought i'd give it a week, so i'll leave the bids open until next tuesday,Nov. 16, 2010 at 8pm, eastern (Florida) time. How does that sound? thank you. p.s. item is in perfect mint condition.are there any Kelley's in the house?
  6. Hello all, A few years ago, Clay autographed a billfold for me in Ft Lauderdale during an appearance for the Bubel Aiken Foundation. Would anyone here at the site be interested in it before I list it on Ebay. If somebody does purchase it here, I will donate 10% to Clay's Foundation. He wrote, "Kelley, Use your voice, Clay Aiken" Thank You.