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    singing, dancing, computer, needlework, listening to Clay's cd's, watching AI & GLEE, singing in my church choir, reading threads about Clay.

    hi I'm Cathy Walker mid 40ish, I am happily married with one university student daughter. We live near Windsor Ont. Canada. Love Clay!!!!!!
    family thinks I have a taken leave of my senses lol.
    I have 5 sibs scattered all over Ontario.
  1. My home is the Clayboard and I also have a Clay fan page on FB... Strictly for Clay fans only.
  2. I wouldn't mind some of the memorabilia (SP) Couchie, I live Canada tho. What is the cost of some of these things.
  3. Up on the Clayboard I have a picture that says CLAY AIKEN ,HOME FOR THE DELUSIONAL-----> LOL
  4. Ok this is so strange, now I am logged in. Goofy
  5. Hi Gang sorry I haven't been here in a while. No idea as to why but anyway, the reason dogs are attracted to 'kitty poop" is because of the ammonia in it as well as the fat content. I know, sounds gross. Hope everyone is surviving the heat. Sunny but hot on the LAKE today.
  6. I really wish I could vote, but I have a person on FB that votes for me. Being Canadian I can't vote.
  7. Am I too late to jump on the "pets" bandwagon, Five years ago we got Sadie as a 5 week old puppy, and NEVER knew she would be attracted to kitty poop and literally eats everything that isn't nailed to the ceiling. She is a LAB/shep mix and doesn't know enuf to stay off the road. One day about three years ago before we got the yard fenced I had to take her outside( REMEMBER Dagwood Bumstead with his dog). The only way to get her to stop running was to hit the ground, well she would not let me get up off the ground, I started screaming until until the post lady came by and asked if I needed hel
  8. Someone sent me the picture but it won't load, I tried to attach it and it wouldn't work.
  9. Recently I saw an old pic of Clay wearing a pink and said striped long sleeved shirt. I have been challenged to post it BUT I CAN'T FIND IT NOW . Does anyone know of the pic I am talking about Plz help if you can thank you
  10. Thank you (^-^) This is not my kitty but I have an orange one and he has to endure my listening to Clay's music.
  11. No it wasn't my bad. I think I FINALLY got it right. Nothing like taking up the whole dang thread.
  12. That was the email address I send my picture to, ldyjocelyn.
  13. Hi I was FINALLY able to send a picture to ldyjocelyn. I sent it thru YAHOO, I hope you are able to put it up.
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