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    hi I'm Cathy Walker mid 40ish, I am happily married with one university student daughter. We live near Windsor Ont. Canada. Love Clay!!!!!!
    family thinks I have a taken leave of my senses lol.
    I have 5 sibs scattered all over Ontario.
  1. My home is the Clayboard and I also have a Clay fan page on FB... Strictly for Clay fans only.
  2. Thank you (^-^) This is not my kitty but I have an orange one and he has to endure my listening to Clay's music.
  3. No it wasn't my bad. I think I FINALLY got it right. Nothing like taking up the whole dang thread.
  4. That was the email address I send my picture to, ldyjocelyn.
  5. Hi I was FINALLY able to send a picture to ldyjocelyn. I sent it thru YAHOO, I hope you are able to put it up.
  7. No ldyjocelyn I can't copy and paste, it won't let me.
  8. oh great, a link but still no pic .
  9. so apparently it didn't work . : (
  10. this is my pic , I hope it worked
  11. I was able to add my birthday but still can't add a picture.
  12. I swear I must NOT be the brightest crayon in the box. Now I can't find out where to add my birthday. Can anyone help me plz.
  13. A pparently I am listed here twice, so I will go by the username CATSCANADIAN :)