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  1. ... JtjAdEj098
  2. Actually, that's the first article I've read where it acknowledged the hand over the mouth was in jest.
  3. I fell asleep while waiting, so saw it later. Was an amazing week to be a fan.
  4. I try to get rid of the excess every year, but it just seems to multiply on its own, I swear. Good luck with selling your house. Drop the Mic was funny and just what I needed.
  5. Merrieeee, I'm sorry, I stole your post and put it on Facebook private groups and CB. I just copied your post and ran with it. Everyone thanks you.
  6. Thanks so much Merrieeee for the Drop the Mic info. He is Seriously cute!
  7. Hey from snowy Iowa ( not that much, 8 inches at the end of 2 storms) Never really got the ice and sleet. Ken Arpino had a nice article in what looked like a local paper. Good article.