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  1. Love the new banner! Gorgeous!
  2. Stole from another site. Hope everyone is having a great day!
  3. They both sound incredible!
  4. Got to see Pickler and Ben. Was a cute 15 minutes.
  5. Only about 7 minutes, but great!
  6. Wondering if the current cast will be on tour. They seem so funny. Loved their impressions of Ruben and Clay.
  7. Looking forward to the View today and the show on Monday. Going to start saving my pennies in case they come near enough to go. What a great Christmas gift!!!
  8. Love this! Just how much do I love this guy? 4th hour of the Today show will be on here at 2 am
  9. I enjoyed the Adam Corolla peice. I'm always surprised by the things I don't know about this guy. He bought a house in North Carolina? Who knew
  10. The scavenger hunt was fun, not something I'm usually good at. The quiz after was more difficult. Love the Ruben and Clay clips.