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  1. The scavenger hunt was fun, not something I'm usually good at. The quiz after was more difficult. Love the Ruben and Clay clips.
  2. Love the pictures! Those two together, too funny!! I see the banner ad often when I'm online
  4. From Backstage Relive the glory days of 2003. In news that will make all your early aughts dream come alive again, Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken will bring a limited engagement holiday show to Broadway this season. The second season “American Idol” winner and runner-up, respectively, will present “Ruben & Clay’s First Annual Christmas Carol Family Fun Pageant Spectacular Reunion Show” at Broadway’s Imperial Theatre beginning Dec. 7. A portion of proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the National Inclusion Project.
  5. I'm not seeing that anywhere, have as android, not an iPad. Great pictures from Gala mmm
  6. A friend was channel surfing a few nights ago and saw Clay on some show. I figure a rerun. Anyone see him?
  7. I remember watching John McCain get off the plane when the prisoners finally were released. I also didn't agree with most of his political beliefs, but had nothing but respect for him. May his family find solice in knowing he is finally pain free.
  8. Glad we made it in time! Thanks for doing this Ldyj. Sent you a PayPal message.