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  1. So if I hit the more reply options, I get a list of Warnings-cannot modify headings. Going to try photobucket options
  2. Thanks for info. Will try later today. Have a few goofy pictures of Clay that I would like to post in that topic. My summer passion is my flower garden and other people's gardens plus I follow someone on twitter who posts amazing scenic photos. Are those ok to post? I lead a boring life-my excitement for the summer is a picnic today for my part-time job. Even going to paint my nails! Sooooo excited! Figure Clay will periscope while I'm gone.
  3. Totally not in topic, sorry! Love to post pictures, but just can't seem to make anything work. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
  4. Haven't posted in forever, even forget to log in. I loved Sunday's periscopes, Clay was in rare form. Like his apartment. Do wonder about "going downstairs to eat". So now we know how he's keeping busy, will hope we "soon" find out the topic! Merrieeee-have a safe trip. Love to drive, wish I were going with you.
  5. Thought yesterday's interview was really great, Clay and Chinn had a good relationship. Wish I got that station. My twitter finger is getting antsy, needs something to do.
  6. Have to say, love snarky Clay, but also would not want it directed at me! (green, cuz it's St. Paddie's)
  7. In the upper 30s today, 50 by Tuesday. I LOVE MUD!
  8. That is a gorgeous picture. Can't wait to see what will be at the site. The campaign site is still functional. Freezing rain here this morning. Can't wait til it's finally April
  9. The OFC is gone, although someone said they got in this morning, no one else can. Sometime after Runner Up, the two sites will merge. It will be open to the public, but the message board is definitely gone for good.
  10. Was a liitle concerned, clicked on the top link, got beluga whale
  11. Thanks, his part goes by too fast! Love when he doesn't shave (or when he does)
  12. Love the jeans, was really tired of the kakhis. I have a question. When I write a post, everything in the post's header is light and not available for use. Is this normal or another disadvantage of my tablet? Thanks.
  13. Love today's picture so much. Hope there's more! Happy Saturday!
  14. Wow, forgot I have an avi! Clay, playing ping pong. Wish I could be there!
  15. So it turns out I post a lot! I'm freezing, getting a different dryer, and the front door is open Well, I only meant to do one, but then again, it is cold, just not snowing
  16. Finally stopped here yesterday. Roads are still a mess
  17. His number of hair styles always amazes me. Think I've had three as an adult, all bad Going to snow all weekend here
  18. I actually downloaded the clip so I can watch him dry his hair over and over
  19. I got a new tablet for Christmas, the battery on my old one died and was not replaceable. I hadn't uploaded to my PC for months cuz it would upload all graphic and I would have to erase them. So I lost a large number of Clay pictures, so I need more Can't have too many!
  20. Think Clay always looks fine. But I want to know how he manages to be aging backward! Went to the site, thanks for the link! I try to be embarrassed by the number of pictures of Clay I save