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  1. Major thanks to anyone who helped inspire our man to sing!
  2. so why did he tweet that? ??? And no CV to find out what's what...
  3. Thanks ldyjocelyn for the alert. I posted a link in the CV index thread to the post you mention above. I did retweet in last few days about he promo, so at least that is OK to retweet. I've been emailing friends who might not know about the documentary too, so that is alright too. I know CAp brought in more men -- just after that I saw more couples/more men at the concerts and had some men say positive things about Clay on CAp at Joseph in Ogunquit, so it isn't that far fetched that this different type of exposure can bring in more males who learn Clay is smart as well as talented. apparen
  4. ah, Good Omens with Neil Gaiman. I will never forget the four riders of the apocalypse getting to that tavern and Famine complaining he didn't get any pretzels. Gaiman is also a true gem. do you think he uses the apple corer to just cut up the apple to eat? I don't really think he was baking. I just thought how nice it is he wants to talk to us. Maybe he has news but can't say yet, so he has that want-to-talk-urge but can't? One can always HOPE Great you got an A. That's the way to do it. When you want to learn the information, the grade isn't the goal and that is really how you get A's.
  5. I heard about Terry Pratchett here. So sad. He is so brilliant. I remember sitting at the bus stop -- I had to take two buses to get to post office where they held my mail -- reading The Light Fantastic because I was so excited to get it. I had waited for the sequel to come out for The Color of Magic (1st discworld book) and waited for each one after that. I have read them all. LOVE HIM. So much joy he brought to my life over the years with all the characters and books. Didn't realize how upset his passing would make me. I wish him peace. Let's hope we get more discworld books in Heaven...