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  1. Yes I’m loving her new song. I’m really looking forward to her new album!
  2. I enjoyed the latest episode of how the heck… i love how Clay wants to talk to those he disagrees with! I think Clay enjoyed talking to Billy challenging him giving great questions!
  3. Hey everyone it’s been While… I had an amazing time yesterday it was great seeing everyone after so long! The BBQ was laid back chill. Karaoke was a lot of fun! The food was really good I loved getting to watch Clays reaction to those singing you could tell he was having a lot of fun! I thought he sounded great when he was singing! He’s so quick after talking with the folks this table from the Durham camp that’s an NIP partner I can’t remember the name he thought it would be fun if they were judges I think that added to the fun! I loved at the end of invisible he was looking at the folks from the Durham camp and said something like “watch this “ before doing the tug! Ha Yesterday was a nice early birthday present to myself my birthday is 2 weeks from today
  4. That was a great article! I love that Clay is still open to any opportunity that comes his way! thought I’d shareI’m excited! My friend Casey and I are going to be holding Jeopardy for Inclusion August 1st on behalf of National Inclusion Project If you are interested please check out the link below for more info. If you have any other questions feel free to contact either of us! This will be something fun while supporting a cause we love. We will have prizes! Everyone is welcome to participate! If you don't wish to participate a donation of ANY size is greatly appreciated. #Jeopardy4inclusion https://inclusionproject.networkforgood.com/projects/102966-jeopardy-for-inclusion
  5. I love the Ad! I’m really enjoying Clays Instagram stories for that song challenge!
  6. Hi not much going on with me. Registered got the Gala today! I hope everyone is doing well I miss Clay! Brittany
  7. Merrieee congratulations on the house! I’m looking forward to seeing Clay on the Raleigh Christmas parade tomorrow. the National Inclusion Project posted a bunch of Gala info yesterday! registration starts January 15th at noon! https://www.inclusionproject.org/gala/ I’m excited about being able to attend the dancing like the stars event Saturday afternoon I’ve always wanted to go! I’m looking forward to hearing more about this tidbit that’s on the main Gala page Clay did mention the idea of requesting songs during the Gala in May. ; “And stay tuned, we'll be releasing more details on all the festivities (didn't Clay say something about song requests? :)) as we move closer to the event.“
  8. Good morning everyone! I have to go get ready for work I had to post this real quick O Holy Night is in the top of of Clays most popular songs on Spotify with 20,166 streams! The song is also number 5 on Rubens most popular songs
  9. Clay is going to be at the Raleigh Christmas Parade Saturday November 23! A couple of people have told me they heard on our local channel ABC 11 he was going to at the parade. Ive been keeping an watch out I saw a commercial about the parade a little bit ago its the 75th Raleigh Christmas Parade they mentioned a couple of people who would be there and Clay is one of them!
  10. Clays tweet is exciting can’t wait to hear more! I volunteered at the power of play conference Monday and Tuesday! That was a lot of fun and inspiring! Even though I’m not in the field of working with kids I still get a lot out of the conference My friend Casey who lives in Ohio stayed with me for a couple days for the conference. The Champions reception Monday night was inspiring! It was lovely evening! It was great seeing Clay!
  11. I’m pretty far inland being about a half an hour from Raleigh we just got rain all night it got pretty heavy at times. Today was beautiful and sunny. The outer banks got hit hard in some areas.
  12. This news about Clay being in Grease is. exciting! A great way to start the week although Im still on quite a high from this weekend! The moment I walked into the Omni on Friday started seeing folks I knew I felt like I was with family. The pre party Friday night was a lot of fun! I that it was cute seeing Diane wearing a Clay shirt. Then the brunch Saturday morning was great! I enjoyed hearing from Phil Liebson hearing about this accreditation program the Projects working on. I thought it was cute when Clay said I look cute today while he was sitting with Diane and Phil answering questions. I agreed I thought Clay looked adorable! The play date with "National Inclusion Project" was fun! The main event, I was sitting just a couple seats down from Lori I loved seeing her reaction to receiving founders award she was so surprised! That was so deserved! Seeing Jerome speak was just moving real Jeung him talk about what hes been through. The lost concert was soo good! Clay sounded amazing! Some of my favorites were OMWH, As long as Were here, TITN falling, lover all alone. I dont think Ill ever listen to Falling or Grace Of God the same way again. I liked the suit Clay wore.I enjoyed spending time with new and old friends this past weekend. fear it was great getting to meet you on Saturday!
  13. Hi everyone, hope your having a great weekend! It’s been a rainy day here in N.C. it looks like it’s going to be raining all next week. FearofH2O thank you for the suggestions for getting to Charlotte I think I may have it all worked out! I miss Clay!
  14. Hey everyone, My brother got married this past Thursday it was a beautiful day for a wedding! Morgan my now sister in law doesn’t like the heat wanted a winter wedding it was warm on Thursday like mid 70s. The Venue was beautiful a nice place for small weddings it has a rustic feel to it. RJ and Morgan had a nice simple ceremony in the afternoon. It was nice getting to see my sister joy and her husband who came from from the Charlotte area. We ate around 3:00pm Morgan wanted breakfast food we had eggs waffles with different toppings, sausage bacon, fruit they had coffee hot choclate juice. Instead of cake my mom had made different cheesecakes. It was a nice day. so the gala is In May this year I’m excited! The Only problem I have is getting to and from Charlotte since I can’t drive Charlotte is like 3 hours away from me I’m hopeful that maybe something will work out and I’ll get there. I hope everyone is having a good weekend!
  15. Happy New Year! These last few months have been really fun with Clay! Besides the fact that it’s a new year I feel like the Christmas show with Ruben started a new chapter on this journey I’m looking forward to seeing what happens this year!
  16. Hey everyone, the scavenger hunt sounds like fun! I saw Hamilton with my sister in Durham Friday night it was soo good I loved it! Enjoying all the promo for the Christmas show the Larry Flick interview was fun!
  17. This is all so exciting! I’m so excited even though I won’t be able to go see the show. It makes me happy to see Clay so excited about the show!
  18. i sort of love this picture! I’m still pretty shocked!
  19. Happy Anniversary 15th MOAM! I remember going to a CD release party at RaleighWood, I went with my Friend Amanda her mom and my sister Lacey then later Amandas mom went home my Sister Darice stayed with us. I remember staying after midnight watching Clay on Jay Leno. I couldnt wait to open that Cd.
  20. this past weekend was incredible! The pre party Friday night was a lot of fun! I loved having it at Marbles l liked having it in a big opened room. The food was really good i liked that Clay stopped by for a little bit. Clay talked about the IT setlist debating wether or not I Survived you was in the setlist the whole tour, maybe going anther Challenge next how he didn’t think we were actually going to get 400 attendees. Diane did a heartfelt speech then Clay said something about now he should do a heartfelt speak naww “you know I love you” Then went one to thank all those who make the gala happen. The luncheon at The pizza place was great, the food was good I liked hearing a couple of people from Marbles talk about what there doing for Inclusion. The reception was nice I can’t wait to see my photo with Clay and Diane! The main event was wonderful going down memory lane for the 15th Anniversary! I thought Marbles and DJ were great honorees I loved that DJ’s was a surprise. I was shocked when I heard my named called for the first founders award! I still am! I thought Dancermom was deserving of the other she really does a lot for CV and the vault.while introducing Kim Clay I believe more then once said he hates the word fans. The live auction is always fun to watch. Even though Clay was losing his voice seeing most of the IT setlist was fun to watch it lookedlike Clayvwas having fun! Clay didn’t do a shirt tug until the end of invisible it was a shirt tug! of course everyone screamed. the Galas feel like a family reunion to me. I felt like I was with family all weekend, hearing Clay talk at the pre party then talking about Kim I’ve known before,I really felt like I could see how much Clay does care about us knows what’s going on. This weekend was my favorite Gala experience! One I won’t ever forget!
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