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  1. A week? A whole week? Doesn’t Clay know how long that can be to a crazy fan 🤪 This.😋 helps
  2. I’ll 2nd that thx, Fear! Ldyj, don’t work too hard today! Love the reviews! Makes me want to hear those songs even more now.. esp, the opening number. Why aren’t they doing the Saturday night show? 😟So sad if no podcast. I was hoping they prerecorded. I loved last week’s because when the lady said that Clay is unique, and was going to live his life his way.. she nailed it 🥰
  3. That suit looks totally like a backsplash! 😂 I love how merrieeee proclaims every year how he has insurance coverage ..every dang year- so funny BAD FANS UNITE !?! Probably not the best new thread title 😝
  4. wha..? Nice toast. Well if they get hungry... hee, he is so cute. Ldy, if you’re a bad fan- that makes me the worst. Sometimes all you can do is love him❤️ No video for us non streamers, right?
  5. Hey Ldyj, you feeling a bit lonely in here ?? So busy and I’m missing it . Whoa the pants.. are those zubaz? Remember when those were the rage? 😂. Oops look, a coat to match! Can I just say he looks extremely handsome tonite!?
  6. Sorry jmh, I only watched a little of that rising stars show. I did see the young man sing that won. One thing is for sure those kids in the triangle are super talented! okay.. so maybe I freak easy, but I so dislike daytime outdoor concerts. So hard to drool over Clay Aiken with a camera in your face :0 I would have this dorky look on my face and he could see it- oh hell no. But just look at him up there just doing his thing.. with his 40 yr old guy shoes, kornaki khakis, little poochy tummy and slicked back gangsta hair. Gah I just ❤️❤️❤️ him
  7. Clay was snarky and told stories!?!? Lordy, I hope some peeps managed a bit of video out of there. Thanks to dancermom for the recap.. I’m a bit surprised they don’t keep their entertainment out there, instead of taking the chance they may not make it back in, Ive heard that the LI expressway is a mess. I loved the ‘sit the EFF down’ I’m afraid I would have said it out loud.. nicely of course 😏 There is no doubt Ben and Clay have a great musical connection. Clay is lucky to have a friend that can bring the talent the way Ben does. ❤️
  8. Only 125 seats! Wouldn’t that be cool!? I read somewhere that someone from CV will get us some clack... 🙏🏻
  9. Clay was just mentioned by Meghan, on the View, as one of her enduring, loving, best friendships of her life.. never been much of a fan of hers, but now I’m just jealous of her 🤢 😜
  10. 🤣I seriously just asked my husband, wth do you think that means?!
  11. Good investigative work on the game show! Unfortunately, I will be sitting on the top of a mountain in WY when it airs 😥 The word ‘fruit’ has a negative connotation for me.. I don’t like it, but I have to say it’s kinda funny. i was sad to hear what Clay had to say about the fans Spamalot was due to end with or without him anyway, right? Interesting perspective from him.. I want to hear more, write that book! Awww Clay is nervous- come to Mik hon, I’ll be willing to hold ya 😝
  12. Hold on to something sturdy Clay, it’s gonna get windy 😬
  13. Dang, I knew it.. she’s been missing days on the show these last few weeks. Rumors have been flying on social media. Not saying she totally deserves it, but a little.. she gets a lot of crap on that show surrounded by progressive women. Is she leaving for her mental health? That’s my guess. *in a nearby town w WiFi- still on vacay in the sticks, having some fun :))
  14. *.I think I phrased that wrong, but nonetheless Clay and I are finally on the same team 😁
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