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  1. I was thrilled that "Glee" won!! Avatar, too. And you are absolutely right about Ricky Gervais. Brutally funny.
  2. If you have time for a garage sale, do that by all means! One man's trash and all that!! And for items you don't sell: Goodwill is your FRIEND!!! Take the unsold items there rather than shoving them back in the closet. Use the next two months to organize and clean. Moving is NOT easy no matter what, IMO. We sold our house to the very first people who went thru three years ago and moved out of state. Within a year, we realized that was a mistake and moved back!! We were lucky to find a buyer that time as real estate wasn't moving as quickly. If you watch any of the HGTV shows about moving, yo
  3. This is a very difficult thing to become involved in. She's an adult who should be able to look out for herself. If you try to intervene, she may jump to her husband's defense and treat you as though you're the troublemaker. To complicate matters, it sounds as if she doesn't live nearby so you don't see firsthand what is going on--not that you might see it even if you do live nearby as people certainly can and do act much differently when no one else is around. IMO, no one has the right to tell a spouse where s/he can go and with whom or monitor phone call times, etc. etc. Sounds like a patte
  4. :00000441: :00000442: :04: :09: [PAR-TAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All over Clay Nation!! I just am loving this!! It's time to have fun again. Someone put on that new CD and let's listen to a few tunes. Oh, that's right. Not quite released yet.......... DJS--loved your post!! Yeah, good times rolling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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