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  1. I told you guys that she's (ldyj) EVIL! But we love her anyway. Patty T
  2. Sure you didn't. And if you believe that, I've got a bridge for sale... You guys are evil, evil I say! Love ya anyway, Patty T
  3. ldyj, I'm with bottlecap. You are sooooo evil, woman! Love ya anyway, Patty T
  4. I have 3 tickets for tonight, row 7, center stage, for face value ($77), OBO. email me at if you are interested. ETA: I also have 2 tickets for tomorrow night, same seating. SOLD Love ya, Patty T
  5. There will be events going on, being planned by the MNClayFans ( I'll be there with my DD, grandchildren, and some other friends. We are going early (on Monday), so give us a shoutout if you want someone to hang with. Love ya, Patty T
  6. I'll be attending both Minneapolis shows, alone with my daughter, TriciaW, her son, Brandon, hopefully her daughter, Gabrielle, and a couple of friends.
  7. I'll be going to Tulsa, with my daughter, TriciaW, and a friend of ours, Leroy1704. Then my daughter and I will be going to Sterling Heights, MI, with 2 of her kids and another Clayfriend, doddie101. Hope to see you all at one or the other, or maybe both. Love ya, Patty T