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  1. Thanks for all the wonderful pictures of Mr. Clay. He is looking so handsome these days.
  2. Hello, have been a member for a long time but been neglecting your great website..happen to think about this today so wanted to check you out (bad, sorry) ...sounds and looks good ...will keep checking in..SOOOO excited about Clay and Celebrity Apprentice...about to have a stroke now and then and seems Sunday will be one of those "Nows" from the looks of it...lol..gonna be good..Our guy is the best...as usual huh? sweetT4clay Bettie
  4. SweetT4Clay...RENO and LA...please add me to your list Thanks Bettie
  5. ldyjocdlyn...thank you so much for the Lyrics to some of the songs. These are nice to have. Looking forward to all the excitement now that the Album has released. Going to Reno and LA Timeless Tour. Cannot wait. Then PBS Special will be so exciting and the Ultimate Tour promoting "Tried and Tour" in the Fall or first of the year..are we tired of seeing him yet as Jerome said said we would be??? NOT! lol IMO..
  6. Thanks for this website...will make it nice to follow Clay News on Twitter...Love the Header title...fitting for "Robin" tweets! lol cute idea.
  7. I love them both. But voted for the smile, innocence, and good times before many changes began to take place. He was having fun with the fans at this stage of his career.
  8. WHEWWWW! HAWT Clay in a suit I agree. Does it for me....
  9. Hello, I came looking for him....Finding Clay Aiken is just what I am trying to do....gosh I miss that man. Cannot wait for the upcoming specials like the one with Tyra next week... Just seeing him on GLAAD just makes me want more and more of him. Think alot feel that way...huh? Received the album...The Very Best of Clay Aiken...still have not figured out how to play it on my puter... but it plays on my TV via DVD Player...Nice. Cannot wait until we get something new once again. But until then.....Still waiting for "The Best Is Yet To Come" it just has to be sooooon! Oops! Not Clay's soon but our soon......lol I just had a Birthday...the big "70th" I cannot believe it for I sure don't feel that old...lol Clay keeps us all younger. Been following Clay since day one on Idol....season 2...cannot believe it is season 8..gosh. How time flies when we are having fun with Clay.
  10. Love the banner, Love the Thread and New Title. Kudos to the designers..... I am guilty also....I always have been, I always will be, and I will be here to see Him though his journey through his life, as long as God lets me. From day one....to present....and beyond........ HE IS.....therefore I Fan.....yes, Clay Is Wicked Awesome Amen I vote for shirt, I vote for pin...anything else we can vote on...? Oh Yeah...how's about a Tour? Now all I have to do is learn how to work this new fantastic board! How does one put the little sayings in Blue at the bottom of your post? Appreciate help!
  11. TAMPA... Clay tells how he would like to have the Theme from West Wing for a Ring Tone on his phone...Like the President calling. Tells Quiana she should have it on her phone and when he calls it would ring. She told him she already had the President on her Phone....she said she cant' tell him what it is...and then says "Cause I am singing on it with you" Clay Responds so cute.....with funny faces....."OK Girls, What ever you say" offers Quiana 1/2 a penny royalties.... DEMOS....THE BRADY BUNCH...With the Audience Singing the words. HILARIOUS!
  12. That Picture is gorgeous...Looks like Painting......
  13. Thanks for Heads Up for tonights Big Show....wish I was going to be a lucky one attending the event, but since I am not, I will surely be watching for all the talented and sharing fans who will be there and sending us the wonderful Clay performance as it happens. Hugs to All who make it happen... God Bless Clay and keeping fingers, eyes, feet etc. that he makes the notes again tonight. Hugs to all, sweetT4clay (bjm14kgold)
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