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  1. Thanks for a great contest and for giving me a reason to rush to my computer when I got home from work. Loved all the pictures...they were all winners!
  2. It's getting so hard to choose.......I vote for that handsome guy in the banner!
  3. Until now I've had no problem stopped me cold, because I love both pictures. However, he stole my heart for the millionth time when he sang Solitaire that night, so pic #2 for me.
  4. The "Sexiest Man Alive" picture made me vote for #1,,,,,he was so amazing in everyway that night. "If you have to make the sandwich too...." Love the look he gave after saying that.
  5. He looked so HAWT that night....long hair, vest, perfect shirt and tie, and the rest of the to die for suit. Plus he snarked Kelli Ripacrit!!! Pic #2 for me.
  6. Splendor in the grass....nothing more to say....he just is....splendor wherever he is.
  7. If anyone didn't know differently when we say "snowflake" picture it kind of implies he has dandruff, but snowflakes or not, I love that long hair, that smile, and those sparkling eyes. #2 for me.
  8. Clay walks on stage looking gorgeous in that long coat and red tie , then the music starts softly and the pure sound of his voice singing "O Holy Night'........UNFORGETTABLE!!!!! #1 for me.
  9. Pic #1 raises my temperature, but pic #2 melts my heart. I don't like the beard, but I love the guy wearing it. #2 is my choice.
  10. As cute as he was at Wango Tango, Clay's profile is the world's most perfect specimen. Pic #2 for me.
  11. He was so handsome when he walked on stage with that gorgeous smile and then he killed us with his rendition of Solitaire. Unforgettable!!!! Pic #1 for me.
  12. Clay was so adorable on Tyra and in picture #2, he looks as if he'd rather be somewhere else. Pic #1 all the way.
  13. Mr. Sexpot looks so cool in pic #1, but today I'm voting for what's inside that gorgeous body...a heart of gold.
  14. Love, Love, LOVE that long coat on Clay...BUT he's never looked sexier than he did that night on Leno. Picture #2 for me. In fact that very picture adorns my refrigerator at this very moment.
  15. Usually I would vote for the profile, but that guy in picture #1 is just too, too, TOOOOOO handsome.