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  1. Hello FCA! It's been some interesting and fun to read the latest ventures here! New blog time! Christmas is coming--really fast! Do take some time out from the shopping and cooking to relax and enjoy the Christmas tidings. Features: Clay Aiken Christmas video montages Little Drummer Boy and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Ashes and Chimarie62. Plus graphics and a new Clay maze, all by Bsrefong. AshesClay the MAN - Virtual Duets
  2. a WP version of the above graphic is at: Clay Aiken The Spirit of Christmas/Mary Did You Know Clay Aiken introduced me to the Christmas song -- Mary Did You Know. The classic Clay passion and love shines when he sings MDYK, making it one of the most beautiful of the carols. The blog has a true story that has the meaning of the Spirit of Christmas, graphics and of course a Clay Mary Did You Know montage. Thank you for your visits and comments, I love sharing my blogs with you!!
  3. A new blog is up all bright and cheery with Clay being very Christmasy. Memories of Beautiful Star of Bethlehem - Sweetest Song Ever Heard -- when Clay sang for his Papa in Raleigh are in this new Christmas montage. New graphics, and Christmas decorating too. Thank you all for visiting and leaving me comments, it is really appreciated! AshesClay the MAN-Sweetest Song I Ever Heard
  4. New! Clay Aiken - Christmas is a Comin'! Get in the mood - montages Christmas Waltz by Clay & a fun Christmas one, audio by Bing Crosby. CW credits: Concert audio thanks to Gerwhisp Photos: Gerwhisp,Toni7babe, JTgranny, Fivegoldens, ShineinNC Also a new puzzle maze from Bsrefong in honour of Clay's Birthday, new graphics. Ashes Clay-The MAN-Christmas is a Comin' & Birthday Wishes Thank you everyone for your visits and comments at Clay the Man!!
  5. A Happy Thanksgiving from Canada to My U.S. friends! new blog includes a new word puzzle, and Clay flashback montage. Ashes Clay the Man - Clay Aiken Spreading Blessings Ashes Clay-The Man Blogspot
  6. Hi FCA, Anyone up for a bit of Christmas cheer? There are things that never go out of style such as candlelight, beautiful music, and Christmas cheer. Clay Aiken goes with them all like mistletoe and kisses! -- a new montage - Christmas Fun Medley audio by xxx4clay, graphics and smiles are waiting for you! Ashes Clay the Man - In Style Many thank you's to you all for your visits and comments to my blogs! Ashes Clay-The Man Blogspot
  7. I have a new blog up - Evidence There is plenty of evidence to prove Clay Aiken is adorable, handsome, kind, caring, a true humanitarian, and of his incredible singing talent.. Plus new Clay cluzzles, a new montage, and Inclusion Project fundraiser information. Ashes Clay the Man - Evidence :loveclayssmiley: Ashes Clay-The Man Blogspot
  8. to Caro's post! "Your hits, comments, tweets, retweets connected to specific blogs lend them weight with Google and other portals. It's important that you mention "Clay Aiken" in the comment. My previous entry was picked up not by my lead but through a fan's remarks:" I quote that statement as it's so true. A blog is like a book, TV show, movie etc., -- without people watching/reading it goes nowhere. Visiting more than once is a very good thing too Happy Wednesday FCA! for your visits to Clay the Man!!!
  9. Ashes Clay the Man - Cyber Bullying - Cyber Stalking Bullying comes in many forms. It's been a problem throughout history--- This sad but true topic is at my new blog. There is also something nice! A new montage with Clay singing "I'm Not Supposed to Love You Any more" Have a great week!! AshesClay the MAN- main link
  10. More donating incentive in new blog! Clay Aiken - Halloween Causes for Inclusion You've all been great at promoting this event, please visit my new entry and I hope it gets picked up by the weird Google engine fast!
  11. Clay Aiken - It's All About Inclusion Hi FCA - I'm spreading the word at a new blog! Clay Aiken fans are spreading the word about Inclusion Project fundraisers happening now until Christmas. One of the projects is America's Giving Challenge. Another is Deck the Halls... :04: AshesClay the MAN- main link Ashes Clay the MAN- It's All About Inclusion
  12. Thanks for the recaps and photos and of course clack! All such a treat to enjoy. New clack means new graphics of Clay, so here's some of my latest playing in Clay the Man-Gala Lovin' It includes the new montage of the Gala by SueReu and more. Thanks again for everything you do, I love lurking here!! Good luck on the Challenge fund raiser, I'd love to donate for it, but it's just not possible. I can work at advertising it though.
  13. Scarlett -- GAH ... AWESOME ... GAH!!! Thank you ... Caro Scarlett THANK YOU!! I've had MR on rewind for the last two hours I love 'em all LOVE the new photos!
  14. Happy Thanksgiving weekend to everyone here in Canada! A new blog for the holiday, with a new montage ALAWH Thanks for your visits!! Clay the Man - Happy Thanksgiving Canada
  15. Claygary, I'm happy to see I wasn't the only one hanging out there waiting for the announcement! Many Thank You's to everyone here visiting my blogs! After a rough week of the body adjusting to the seasonal weather changes, Clay the Man is back with a new blog! Clay Concert Flashbacks - graphics with PermaSwooned's Gala photos, a favourite SRHP video from Orlando-IWTKWLI with Clay, Quiana & Angela having fun & Clay showing off his amazing vocal range. There should have been a montage-medley of Clay's 2003 Wilkes Barre concert, but the YT bulldog zapped it..SO, there's a download for it instead.Of course the reminder to vote for the National Inclusion Project at Christie Cookie Giveaway is there.